Texas Mask Mandate Expiration (Sep 2020) Know The Facts!

Texas Mask Mandate Expiration

Texas Mask Mandate Expiration (Sep 2020) Know The Facts! >> This article will tell you about the recent events regarding the mask mandate in Texas. Please go through the details now.

We’re all aware of the present situation and how the ongoing pandemic has affected our lives. It has affected several areas of the USA; one of them is Texas. After the continuously increasing number of patients, several protective measures were taken as safety measures, and some regulations were passed. One of them is the Mask Mandate. 

It’s compulsory for the citizens of the state where this mandate applies to wear a mask every time they go outdoors. Recently, some concerns were raised regarding the Texas Mask Mandate Expiration

Texas has suffered an enormous loss due to this pandemic and is said to be one of the worst affected states in the United States. The mask mandate is also applicable in this state. Keep reading this article to know more about the mask mandate and the response of Governor Abbott and the likelihood of a possible shutdown.

How has Texas’s Governor Abbott reacted to the mask mandate?

The response of Governor Abbott to this pandemic initially wasn’t received well. Members of his political party have been critical of his response. The following is his response to the Texas Mask Mandate Expiration

  • Governor Abbott recently spoke in support of the mask mandate statewide.
  • He cited a recent study as evidence that wearing masks had helped slow down the spread of the infection.
  • Against the suggestion of experts, he suggested that social distancing and masks can help decrease the daily cases, and didn’t speak in favour of a possible lockdown in some areas.
  • Masks have slowed down the speed of spread of infection slightly but haven’t eliminated it.
  • Experts suggest that a lockdown must be imposed in the worst affected areas of Texas.

What are the experts saying about it?

All the experts have advised against the removal of the Mask Mandate. Particularly in Texas, which is one of the worst affected areas in the United States, the removal of this mandate can be extremely hazardous. 

Regarding Texas Mask Mandate Expiration, the experts advise that it should remain in effect for the foreseeable future. At the same time, a lockdown in some worst affected areas should also be considered an option. Wearing masks cannot eliminate new cases, but it can lower the daily count of new patients to avoid the hospitals from being overwhelmed by the number of patients.

Final Verdict

At the moment, the only cure for the ongoing pandemic is prevention. Self-safety measures are most crucial if you don’t wish to fall prey to this disease. Wearing face masks is an essential part of it. It makes you less likely to be infected and also decreases the chances of others being infected by someone who’s suffering from this disease. 

Studies have shown us that masks are very effective in reducing the spread of this disease. So, Texas Mask Mandate Expiration is not a good option keeping the current situation of Texas in mind; it most likely will be applicable for the time being.

9 thoughts on “Texas Mask Mandate Expiration (Sep 2020) Know The Facts!

  1. No more masks!
    Everyone is sick of the masks!!!
    Scientific evidence has proven that homemade and cloth masks can’t stop covid. Only N 95 mask has a 75% effective rate.

    Do the research

  2. Why can’t we have someone who speaks Texas? Is there not anyone in Texas who can speak regular English? Please!!!

    1. This article is BS! Masks are worthless! Stay out of our healthcare selfish greedy corrupt government! WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE. NOT YOU.

  3. The masks are a government overreach and Case numbers in health reported for non-symptomatic people is being USED as a way to keep this overreach going. Rioters love it because it’s much harder to identify them (coincidence?) . Small and even medium size businesses are closing down leaving Amazon & Walmart as the big winners!

  4. Masks are not effective in the real world. N95 masks are effective if worn properly but most people do not wear them properly and by the way they protect the wearer and not others. N95 masks are designed to keep bad stuff out and not in.

    So don’t give me this BS that you are wearing a mask to protect others.

  5. This article has not been fact checked, because much is false, such as”all experts” saying mask wearing is necessary to stop spread blah blah blah… That is NOT true, several TEXAN medical doctors ACTUALLY SEEING PATIENTS have said the contrary, along with other medical research experts. Get a fact checker who isn’t paid by left liberal or GS

  6. This article is a huge crock of crap and I’m sick of the fake hysteria!! I’m ready for Abbott to be gone over these masks. We are turning into China.

  7. i don’t have a problem with wearing a mask,because i don’t wear a mask(although i carry one).
    if a store emplyee tells me to put a mask on,i’ll comply,on my way out
    the door(no arguement,no “scene”,
    but i won’t be coming back).

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