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Tesyhnet Mask Reviews [July] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

Tesyhnet Mask Reviews

Tesyhnet Mask Reviews [July] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam -> It is an e-commerce company that claims to deliver you the best quality mask.

Masks have become new essential these days. Are you also the one who is looking forward to buying a high-quality mask? Then, you must come on this platform, as here we are sharing Tesyhnet Mask Reviews with all our buyers.

It is essential to keep ourselves from viruses, so wearing mask is crucial. The market is flooded with so many mask selling websites, and we cannot trust every panel

The company has started its office in the United States. Most probably, this company may plan to extend its business in the future. 

Here, with the help of this article, we are trying to put forth all the company’s necessary points.

What is

With this article’s help, we are trying to put forth all the relevant points regarding the company. It is an online company on which you can buy high quality masks at an affordable price.

Can you tell us about all the specifications of

The specifications of are:

  • Website Hosted By
  • Payment Gateways: American Express, Paypal, VISA, Mastercard
  • Shipping Services: Free Standard Shipping For order cost above $100
  • Delivery Timing: It will take around 7-10 days
  • Return Policy: You will get 30 days to return a product if you do not satisfy the product quality. 
  • Shipping Cost: The customer will bear this cost. 
  • Country It Deals in: United States

List down all the pros of

The pros of are:

  • Here, you will get the masks of every quality.
  • This website was created a month ago.
  • You will not see many reviews about the company on the website.
  • Moreover, they ask people to put their reviews on their social media handles rather than have promoted themselves on social media platforms. 

List down all the cons of

The cons of are:

  • The company has put the collection of all the premium range masks on its website.
  • The company claims that it has promoted itself on various social media pages.
  • Even the website does not have a user-friendly interface.
  • The website only covers up all the United States regions, rather than expanding their business to other countries.
  • This website only accepts its payment through PayPal. So you may face a lot of trouble if you are planning to make the payment via cash.
  • The company has strict policies regarding refund and return policy.

Is a legit place to do online shopping?

No, is not at all the legit place to do online shopping for mask. This website has got its domain name recently, and it somehow takes us time to build up trust in such companies. Even the trust score of this company is awful, which is less than 1%. We have not seen any positive reviews about this company so far. 

This website is highly suspicious for every buyer, so we advise you to be aware of every aspect before heading for the payment. 

What are the customer’s reviews when they bought the product from this website?

There are a lot of customers who are not really satisfied with the quality of the masks. According to them, there are a lot of customers who found that the product quality was not as per the expectation level. 

So, we need to check it out properly from every angle and see if this is the right place to do online shopping or not. After all, it’s our earned money, and we should not let it go wasted. 

As the internet reaches every nook and corner of the country and attracts lots of customers on its panel, it has become evident that we know the viewpoints of those people. 


Here, we have put forward all the necessary information about the website and told you whether you should go ahead with shopping or not. As per the Tesyhnet Mask Reviews, we do not find it as a legitimate place to do online shopping. 

Well, after checking it out from all the perspectives, we found that this website is not at all an authentic place to do the online shopping. Rather, we advise you to go on any other website, which is a renowned one and has a very good customer base. 

If you have purchased anything from this website, then we suggest posting your Tesyhnet Mask Reviews as it helps a lot to all those buyers who are looking forward to doing their shopping from this portal. 


  1. Wow! I so wish I had known about this site before I ordered a mask from these pirates. Does anyone know how I can cancel my order–or does anyone have any advice at all?

  2. I ordered 3 masks totaling about 36.00 on July 1, 2020, and cannot track the order. I haven’t received them either. I have sent several emails to them and have not heard a thing from them.

  3. I ordered 3 masks and a package of 10 filters on 06/29/2020. Have not received any reply on shipping. Credit card has cleared for $44.83 paid to HealthCareWanchai HK. Unable to get a customer support number from Tesyhnet. Have emailed with Tesyhnet replying that I received shipment during the month of May which I did receive, but that was a previous order. Is were any recourse to get my order or money refunded?

  4. I ordered masks from them and was told i would receive within 10 days. It is now 18 days and still no masks. I asked for a refund they said no.

  5. Scam artists. DO NOT BUY FROM TESHNET!!!!.
    I ordered 10 masks July 3rd….here we are August 13th and no masks!!!!
    They do email back and providea tracking number but it is fake. Also they are a China company.
    Do not BUY there masks!!!!
    I did get my money refunded back from PayPal.

  6. I purchased 3 mask July 15, 2020 Just received Today August 21st getting your order in 7- 10 days is a lie. I advise Not to order from this company mask are not good Quality as advertised. They claimed to be in America perhaps 🧐but the mask were shipped from China not to mention their website is ridiculous to navigate. I’m gonna give this Junk to my grandkids. I regret I didn’t know about this website, People beware of false advertisement. never again

  7. I ordered masks for them and received them in the mail, it too more than 7-10, more like 30. It did take a month to receive them, a lot of the exterior air filters seem to be cosmetic more than functional. I received 3 masks but felt I overpaid for them.

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