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Temoiw com Reviews [May] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Temoiw com Reviews 2020

Temoiw com Reviews [May] Is This A Legitimate Website? -> This is an article based on the authentic reviews of a kids and home entertainment online store.

Are you planning to chill at your backyard with the whole family? Why don’t you buy some fun-stuff to spend a perfect holiday at home? Have you ever heard of Temoiw? Well, they have one of the most significant collections of inflammable water parks for kids and beautiful pergolas for your garden.

According to the Temoiw com Reviews, the sellers have a good inside of their buyers’ minds. 5terfeore, almost all their products are fit to all. 

Being a part of the busiest rat race, we are running out of time. Therefore, people these days want to spend their collected holidays with their families. To make the holiday remembering, they prefer to purchase some of the fun products online. Most of the people in the United State these days are shopping online from the website where they will get a lot of collection of home entertainment as well as kid’s fun products.

Several websites have mushroomed with kid’s fun elements like the Water Park, slides, swing set, and pergola. is one of the most loved sites for entertainment products.

What is Temoiw com?

Temoiw com is one of the online stores where you will get all tailor-made products for all. They are well equipped for the quality tasted industrial solution. All of their products come under your pocket.

Is Temoiw com a scam?

With the advancement of technology, the digital platform becomes a crowded place of ecommerce websites. It is tough to find out the illegal activities of tech-savvy hackers. Therefore, a lot of users become victims of scams. Here, in this article, we are going to reveal all the possible secrets of this website.

Specifications of Temoiw com:

  • Product: Tailor-made fun product for all
  • Website:
  • Email id:
  • Contact No.: Not mentioned
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Shipping: Free shipping 3 to 7 business days
  • Delivery: processing time + transportation time. time varies according to products
  • Return/ Refund: 7 days from the purchase days (except some products)
  • Mode of payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard

Why choose Temoiw com?

  • most of them are bespoke products
  • a vast collection for all- kids to old
  • A perfect place to buy home entertainment products.
  • all products are valued for money
  • They have individual security for the kid’s items like inflammable water park, or inflatable slides.
  • No complaint about shipping and delivery 

What are the drawbacks of Temoiw com?

  • have no authentic information on the website
  • people do not find any review section 
  • zero availability on the social media website
  • no cash on delivery available

 Customer review of Temoiw com?

One of the prime drawbacks of the website Temoiw com is the lack of the previous review. Inside of the detailed product description, you cannot find any review section of the previous buyers. Therefore, it creates trouble for the first time buyers. From out insight and referrals, we come to know that people have issues with the shipping and delivery process

People who are living on the outskirts of mainland America have to wait for a very long time for their delivery. Plus, many people complain about kids’ products. The water parks are not up to the mark in quality. Also, the swings are not long-lasting.

Another red flag about the website is the absence of social networking sites. People are very much active in social media sites. Therefore, most trustworthy companies want to grab their customer’s through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. However, this company is a mission in any of the social sites. This could be a sign of a scam. Some of the authentic but new sites are also absent from the social website.

The final verdict

Honestly, we do not point out the website Temoiw com as a scam. At the same time, there is missing information that makes a site autunitic. From all the inside stories and referrals, it is clear that it is purchasing items from the site might be risky; especially the kid’s products. As it is hard to get past buyers who are 100% satisfactory experience of the website, you must not try buying from the site if you do not want to take any risk.

Social media buttons are not available on the website; it is one of the prime reasons to avoid a site these days. Covering up is one of the main tendencies of the fraud sellers. Authentic online sellers always try to grab attention in social media.

We do not declare the website as a scam. At the same time, we do not suggest buying here.

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  1. Ordered two items from this website on May 3rd. Payment was processed. Their shipping policy recommended 1 day inspection time for one item, but possible more for multiple items. I tried contacting them trough the website on May 8th to get an idea of when to expect the next step in their shipping process. No response. On May 10th I receive an email from PayPal stating the item has been shipped. I then Checked out the tracking number attached to the email. There had been a label created but the item had not yet made it into the system. This is still the status as of today May 15th. I emailed the address attached to the PayPal account, again, just requesting a time frame, not demanding anything or pointing blame, no response. If this package ever arrives, and items are as they were described, we will be thrilled, but I’m afraid the prices are too good to be true. The website is already at fault with their 24/7 customer support advertisement.

  2. I just received my order from them…. No, for the price of what I was ordering I wasn’t going to be surprised if it never showed. Processed thru PayPal thinking that would at least get me my money back. It also took a while for my item to show up in tracking vs just a label created. I ordered 6/11 and just received the item today. I ordered a blow up water slide for just under $100. I received a pair of socks. So, going to go with scam….

  3. I ordered a water slide in May hoping to have it for the 4th of July. It never came! I’m still waiting for it to be delivered! My payment went through and it appears to have shipped. So bummed! I got scammed out of $100

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