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Tdealshop com Reviews [August 2020] Is This A Scam Site?

Tdealshop com Reviews 2020

Tdealshop com Reviews [August 2020] Is This A Scam Site? >> This article sheds light on a store that provides different essential items, and we figure out the authenticity of the same.

The e-commerce platform is consistently changing and emerging too. The most significant changes in this digital era are online reviews about such websites that provide products across the world, covering all areas of the United States

We are going to review such an e-commerce site and pop-out all aspects that are important from the buyer’s perspective. 

It is necessary to know all ins and outs of the website to prove the authenticity of the website. Also, people have some doubts in their mind regarding Is Tdealshop com Legit or not. So, we need to clear this out. 

Let us have a look at the Tdealshop com Reviews

What is

In simple words, this is an online store that is an addition to the e-commerce website. It has a lot of top-notch quality of products, and it comprises of a broad range of products available on the site such as a folding shovel, inflatable aeroplane, bunion corrector, dumbbell set, messenger pouch, irrigation system, phone bracket, and so on.

The site is all secured through HTTPS Protocol and SSL Integration. All items are of premium quality and ensure customer satisfaction.   

Let us take a peek at the Tdealshop com Reviews.

Specifications of the 

  • The URL of this e-commerce website is
  • The physical address of the store is 2192 Lakeside Avenue, 72764 Springdale, France.
  • The email support is available at
  • A broad range of products available on the site such as a folding shovel, inflatable aeroplane, bunion corrector, dumbbell set, messenger pouch, irrigation system, phone bracket, etc.  
  • The return policy of the online website states that the product return can be accepted within thirty days after the product has reached the customer. 
  • Various currency options are available like USD, CAD, AUR, EUR, and so on.
  • Payment options are available on the store such as Discover, American Express, PayPal, Master Card, Visa and Diners Club.    

What are the advantages of buying products from 

  • Online payment options are available to make instant payments. 
  • A broad range of products are available to fulfil the demands from across the globe. 
  • The site has secured by SSL Integration, and the presence of HTTPS protocol is also there. 
  • There is no need to commute to the physical market as they provide the product at the doorstep. 
  • Worldwide delivery is available to fulfil the needs of the customers, no matter wherever you are living.  

What negative points do we found on

  • Lack of “about us” section and phone number 
  • No social media interaction to market and interact with the customers. 
  • The office address is misleading as it indicates a residential area. 
  • The site has no mail server. 
  • The domain name is two months old.

Is Tdealsshop com Legit?

The website is looking right at the very first sight, but it has loaded with a lot of complexities. The first thing is that there is no well-defined structure of the website as the information has categorized in different irrelevant sections. So, it isn’t delightful to find out the desired information with a few clicks.   

Some negative factors include lack of “about us” section and phone number, no social media interaction, the office address is misleading, no mail server, and the domain name is two months old. Because of all factors, the site lacks trust and considered as a hoax. 

What customer’s review about the

No Tdealshop com Reviews and ratings are available on the site, and we failed to figure out what type of products or services has provided by the website. Moreover, the site lacks a level of trust due to non-existence of review section. 

Wrapping Up

While getting into the crucial question: Is Tdealshop com Legit, we get to know about all aspects of the website, and it offers a wide range of products that are enough to meet the demands of ordinary people. But the site looks suspicious due to some loopholes that decrease the chances of purchase. 

Some setbacks include lack of “about us” section and phone number, no social media interaction, the office address is misleading, no mail server, and the domain name is two months old.   

Based on all such negative aspects of the site, we have declared that the site is a scam.  

Please do not forget to write all your dubious and questions relating to Tdealshop com Reviews below in the comment section. 

We are happy to assist you.


  1. I purchased three tennis ball dog launchers. They deducted my payment . Of $14.99 for payment on my discover card. This was July 18,2020. I guess it is time to put in a claim with the discover card fraud depatment. The tsdeal company hasnt responded at all. Nancy Ostrander, 2755 Troy Schenectady Road, Schenectaday, New York 12309. Phone 518 421 3577. Email

    1. I ordered the same on Facebook about the same time you did. I suspect fraud and have reported the charge to American Express. Hopefully, I will get a refund.

  2. I keep emailing and I got one response but nothing else. The last email that was responded to was sent back on Tuesday and I sent another this morning and it still hasn’t been replied to. This site makes me feel uneasy and frustrated. I need an email back asap because my packages should have already been delivered.

  3. I just noticed that I am being billed $12.27 on a monthly basis after TRYING to order the dog ball launcher in July. The ball launcher hasn’t arrived although credit card charged was charged July 17, 2020. When I went to the account it does indeed show that the ball launcher was purchased — no shipping information available!! I will tell you I think this is a SCAM!! Call your credit card company NOW

  4. I ordered a Mat weeks ago!! Conf# 190880!! Give me the Mat or my money back!! Tired of all these scams!!

  5. I ordered a floating mat on August 3rd & yet have not seen it or any email regarding my purchase.
    I would like for someone to get back with me.

  6. I order something over a month ago and still have not received it. The website is no longer working. I will be requesting a credit on my card and reporting this company as fraudulent.

  7. I ordered two floating mats off this site two separate orders they took my money right away but I have not received anything a shipping acknowledgment from what I read about the site is it that the items ordered are coming from France?

  8. I purchased the floating matt 8/07/2020, Confirmation #186932, and they took the money out of my account that day, and still have not received it yet. I guess I will turn it in to Fraud with my bank on Monday too. I think I finally learned my lesson of purchasing anything off facebook.

  9. I purchased a Floating Mat on August 5th, 2020, confirmation # 185495, money was taken out of my account that day and still have not received it yet. I have been emailing them regarding status of order. They keep using COVID 19 as an excuse, but it is now 6months later and stilll no word on when to expect delivery. at this point I am truly believing this is a SCAM. Also, back in Oct 2020 I had a charge on my MC bill I noticed forTDeals that I didn’t place. So I have MC working of the fraud charges for this transaction.

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