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Tanned AF Reviews (May) Pros & Cons of Shopping Here

Tanned AF Reviews 2020

Tanned AF Reviews (May) Pros & Cons of Shopping Here >> The article consists of information, specification, pros and cons, and exchange the policy of the Tanned AF.

There are many advantages from e-commerce; they perhaps on account of the accessibility of thousands of items at one spot or free home conveyance administrations. The reports state the level of online purchasers has expanded in the previous five to six years. Purchasers incline toward web-based shopping as opposed to shopping from a retail shop. 

Several reasons are to be noted down where the web-based shopping needs are from trick sites and sites who give lousy quality items for the sake of a markdown. In this article, we will cover the Tanned AF Reviews and the website.

On the off chance that we play it safe before buying the item from an online shop, we, as a person, as well as the entire network, can stay safe from these malicious sites. There are numerous malignant sites still dynamic in the United State that are defrauding the purchasers.

There are billions of websites that web index has prohibited and expelled from the server due to there false activity. Yet, at the same time, there are a few sites accessible over the web, which are bogus and proceed in misleading individuals. 

What is Tanned AF?

Tanned AF is a spray by which you can get the tan skin, and you can also keep the darkest tan in the world as a claim by the company. The claims that it is skin-friendly and will not harm the skin, the product is pure vegan, and no products are used other than natural. The spray has no fake smell, and it is paraben-free.

The product is 100% natural, and palm oil is not used during its making. According to the company, apply the Tanned AF spray on the area where you want to apply for and keep it for at least 30 minutes then wash rinse with Luke warm water. If you wish to dark tan and then you can keep it for one hour and then you can wash the applied area.

Tanned AF reviews before and after says before applying the Tanned AF makes a gap of at least 48 hours after having shaving or wax. When you apply the spray, it is advised not to use any deodorant or any moisturizer cream. The company says that after applying on skin, you should wear loose-fitting clothes, keep the skin moisturized


  • It is paraben-free
  • It is 100% natural, and no animal products are used during the manufacturing of the product
  • No palm oil is used in the ingredients

Pros of Tanned AF

  • Few customers have given positive Tanned AF Reviews that they realize that the skin became soft and smooth after applying the product.
  • The product gives you natural tan look instantly, no need to turn your skin on the sun.
  • The product is available at a reasonable price, and you can also buy other products from the same company.
  • No harmful chemicals were used during the making of this product, and it is natural and skin-friendly
  • Take a small number of drops for elbows, wrists, feet, and hand; use gloves during applying the spray if you don’t want any tan mark on palm or hand.

Cons of Tanned AF

  • Most of the customers are satisfied with the product, but few of them have an issue with the bottle, it stops pumping out when the liquid reaches half of the quantity.
  • Few of the customers reported that the tan does not stay for long; they have to use it often to keep the effect.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The product can be return within 30 days of the purchase date, but the original receipt is required.
  • The product bottle must be in good condition at the time of returning
  • The company will not be liable at the time of delivery because of not providing an appropriate delivery address.
  • You can call the customer care number for more information on how to apply or for the related query.
  • The company will not provide gloves, and you have to purchase on your own.


The product is found legit, and most of the consumers are satisfied with the product and given positive Tanned AF Reviews. You can also consult with doctors for this product if you have any sensitive issues. We never endorse and never defame any product; our mission is to provide you the best possible information related to the product and website. But the choice is yours.

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