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Are you looking for a site that tells you about the insides of the county’s business and local events? If yes, you are on the right page because today, we will discuss one such site

As per the Reviews available online, it is one of the oldest sites in the United States, briefing the public across Washington regarding exciting happenings. Let’s read this interesting article, find out more information, and see what the website offers other services. 


The site is a combination of directory and articles written about local events, businesses, and items of interest. The website is operated by one of the counties of the United States. The owner of the site is Bob Luther, and the editor is Reba Winstead. It has articles and photographs which were contributed by local writers and photographers. Services Offered by are:

  • Google PPC (Pay per click) Advertising
  • Social Media marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / CW Network Listings
  • Website Designing 

 (Note: These services are mentioned in their Contact Form)

 About Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma, Washington, is the mid-sized port city and business community-based in Washington. It is also known as the “City of Destiny” with an exciting gateway to the Rim of the Pacific and the world. 

Tacoma has all the necessary amenities that a big town has and all the charm of a small city. It is surrounded by Puget Sound, the Olympic Peninsula, and the Mount Rainier National Park.

Tacoma is the second-largest city in the town and the third-largest in the state. It is the center of the business for the southern part. There are many colleges and universities in this town, such as The University of Puget Sound, The University of Washington Tacoma and Tacoma Community College. Reviews say it has fantastic art galleries and communities, groups of musicians, theatres, and many opera companies including The museum of glass, Tacoma Art Museum, The Washington State History Museum and many more. 

Specifications of

  • Service- Local Directory 
  • Website Link-
  • Owner- Bob Luther 
  • Editor- Reba Winstead
  • Contact Number- (253) 591-5000 (For General enquiries)
  • Time- 8 AM to 5 PM (from Monday to Friday)
  • Address- City of Tacoma, 747 Market St., Tacoma, WA 98402
  • Country- United States (Washington)
  • Toll Free Number: 1-888-881-3320

What’s unique about

  • The domain name has a commonly used TLD
  • The domain name- was registered 26 years ago
  • This site uses a valid HTTPS secure connection.
  • The site has an excellent trust score of 86%
  • The site has a blog section that keeps the public aware
  • The site has a unique photo gallery to know more about famous places in Tacoma

Structure of the city Government of Tacoma

According to Reviews, it follows a council-manager form of government where the mayor is elected along with eight other council members. They meet every Tuesday at around 5 PM and discuss the critical issues. 

The city has a fantastic website as well –

For any general information, you can connect from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM at the below-mentioned address City of Tacoma, 747 Market St., Tacoma, WA 98402

Local Tour of Tacoma

  • School- There are 30+ elementary schools, ten middle schools and nine high schools, in the beautiful city of Tacoma. Some of them are – Arlington Birney, Blix, Crescent Heights, Downing, Edison, Fawcett, Fern Hill, Gray, Jason Lee, Meeker, Stewart, Lister, Lowell, Lyon, Manitou Park, Mann, McCarver, Northeast Tacoma, Point Defiance, Reed, Roosevelt, Sheridan, Sherman, Truman, Foss, Lincoln, Mount Tahoma, Oakland, School of the Arts and many more.
  • Parks: Tacoma is bordered with many beaches and numerous parks. Whether you’re looking for a campsite, boating, hiking, fishing, picnic spot, or a swimming beach, you are most welcomed at Tacoma Parks and Wildlife areas. Some of them are –  
      • Taidnapam Park has 68 campsites 
      • Mossyrock Park has campsites
      • Mayfield Lake Park has 54 campsites
      • Alder Lake Park has 173 campsites


Based on an algorithm and analytical tools we conclude that site is designed to give information to the public living in the United States about local events and business so that they can become aware of the happenings across their county. It was a great initiative taken by the owner several years ago.

Thus, we suggest you sign up today with them just by filling a simple form available on the home page.

Dear Readers, please share your experience with in the comment section below. Your feedback matters to us! 

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