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Tackess Website Reviews [May] Is It A Scam or Legit?

Tackess Website Reviews 2020

Tackess Website Reviews [May] Is It A Scam or Legit? >–> This site mainly offers a range of fascinating kids essentials, stationery, room decor lights, and items.

Tackess Website Reviews are what you still hunting for? Still confused if it is a reliable website or not, then stick to this article and decide on your own. 

This website, though, offers a unique and fascinating collection of kids essentials from room decor to stationeries and simple toy needs. But not much is available in terms of options within the segment. 

The pictures displayed appear eye-catching, and curiosity building though appears little more copied from other websites. Pricing also has a specific range for almost all products being offered.

It provides deliveries all around the globe, including the United State although being the UK its mainland.

What is Tackess website?

This website offers a fascinating collection of kids essentials like chairs, quilts, pillows, room decor lights, stationeries, and other decorating items for the room.

The range of decorating items in itself is variable from unique candles and candle holders to frames, planters, trays, diffusers, cushions, and pillows, etc.

But there are not many reviews available online to test the parameter of it being genuine. Which in itself raises some concerns of doubt like Is Tackess Legit or not. ? 

It might have gained the attention of several customers online. However, most of them are still looking for more information about it, especially if it delivers the product or not.

More about specifications of Tackess website:

  • Website type- It offers fascinating kids essentials, including quilts, some pillows, stationaries, room decor light, and other items.
  • Shipping time- It might take 3-5 days for deliveries within the UK. But for heavy items like furniture, it might take from 7-10 days excluding holidays. However, deliveries outside of the UK might take more time.
  • Shipping charge- It is charged as per the country and postal code; however, within the UK, it is free until next day delivery is selected as it is chargeable.
  • Return- Return and refund details not available
  • Exchange- No information available
  • Contact details of the website-
  • Phone# +12563695004
  • Address: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106


  • A form pops up, and a person can also contact the portal through that after entering the details.
  • Payment method- Online using various cards, either debit or credit, and other online wallets like PayPal, etc.

Is Tackess legit?

Tackess websites cannot be claimed fraud entirely since there is available information in its contact section. 

However, looking at the price range between $ 50 to $ 70 of most of its products irrespective of its stationery item or decor or kids essentials. 

That raises a concern because some products appear expensive and are charged less, whereas other items appear cheap and are charged more.  

So it cannot be judged if Tackess is legit in real or not. Besides, with minimal reviews available online, it becomes more challenging to support that.

Is Tackess website good for its customers or not?

Well, this question might appear a little tricky since the site has no return or exchange details. So it seems not so customer friendly as a shopping website.

But the real truth can only be judges after more reviews are available or until one tries it out for own. Besides offering free shipping to its UK customers, it can be alluring for the crowd residing there.

What are the benefits of shopping from Tackess website? 

  • It provides fascinating kids needed products.
  • It ships all over the world.
  • Free shipping option is available, especially for UK customers.

What are the disadvantages of shopping from Tackess website?

  • No clarity is available on the return or exchange of the product.
  • There is no COD option available, so paying online can be risky and even does not appear safe for transactions.
  • Minimal review data is available online to confirm its credibility


Tackess website offers a good range of kids essentials that are unique, but the pictures appear not so real. Also, the lack of more reviews makes it less reliable for the customers to try it out.

Although, it does show proper contact details from its email, address, and phone number. But still faking is easy in this era. So reviews are what everybody looks at.

So it cannot be claimed as genuine since there are some facts which the website still needs to clarify. That certainly can make it an official shopping website for all.

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