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Stratton Medical Supply Reviews {June} Is There Any Risk?

Stratton Medical Supply Reviews 2020

Stratton Medical Supply Reviews {June} Is There Any Risk? -> In this review post, you will get to know about the details of the online website offering disposable masks. Read now!

Are you in search of disposable face masks? If yes, then visit It is offering premium quality disposable masks to protect you and your loved ones in the United State.  

Due to the emergence of COVID-19 disease, it has become mandatory to wear masks. They keep you and others safe from the impure airborne droplets & particles. These masks serve as protection against people who are suffering and can spread illness through the contaminants that may produce out of their mouth.

Stratton Medical Supply Face Masks are very much useful when the patient comes in contact with other people.

But, firstly let us understand under this Stratton Medical Supply Reviews post – what Stratton Medical Supply is? Where does it available? What does it offer? Is it genuine or scam?

About Stratton Medical Supply

Stratton Medical Supply is an online store offering disposable face masks. It is available at The face masks provided by it are FDA approved, which shows its legitimacy. The significant features & advantages of these face masks are as follows:

  • These come with a metallic nose bar that is flexible.
  • The masks are manufactured using Spunbonded and Melt Blown Polypropylene.
  • The outer & inner surfaces are visibly recognizable.
  • Earloops are present.
  • These masks are resistant to splash.
  • These masks are soft and are very much easy & convenient to wear.
  • The filter paper used in these masks provides prevention from dust & air permeability.

Specifications of Stratton Medical Supply

  • Type: Online Medical Supply Store
  • Available at:
  • Secured: Yes, https connection
  • Products offered: Disposable face masks
  • Processing Time: within 2-3 business days
  • Refund & Exchange Policy: Within 30 days 
  • Certifications: FDA approved
  • Address: 910 Striker Ave, Sacramento CA 95834
  • E-mail:
  • Contact Number: 877 219 – 6275

Steps to wear Stratton Medical Supply Face Masks

  • To start with, wash your hands and then differentiate between the front and the back of the mask. It is important to note that the medical strip portion should be above the face mask.
  • Then press the metal strips on both sides of the nose.
  • Keep the mask tight to avoid the wrinkles after straining down towards the mouth.

Shipping Policy

The average or standard processing time is between 2-3 business days. They don’t ship the orders during holidays or weekends. You can contact them via phone or e-mail if there is a significant delay in the order.

All the Shipping charges are calculated at the checkout. Stratton Medical Supply Sacramento offers its delivery to the US and its territories and FPO/ DPO/ APO addresses.

You can quickly track your order via the tracking number that gets activated during the 24 hours.

Payment Gateways

The multiple payment options used by Stratton Medical Supply are as follows:

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • JCB 
  • Discover Network

Positive Aspects of Stratton Medical Supply

  • It has safe https connection that protects it from specific MitM attacks.
  • It has opted for other security measures also such as Norton Secured (powered by Symantec), McAfee Secured and TRUSTe certified. 
  • It offers a vast range of disposable face masks at affordable prices. The prices are as low as dollar 0.69 per face mask.
  • The face masks offered are very easy & quick to wear.
  • They ship the products all across the globe.
  • 30 –day Return & Exchange Policy is available.
  • The mail server is present that is a good sign.

Negative Aspects of Stratton Medical Supply

  • It does not own the responsibility of the taxes & customs for your order, and the buyers have to pay the fees by themselves.
  • It does not have its online web presence.
  • Information about the owners & establishment is missing on their official website.

What are customers saying about Stratton Medical Supply?

On their official website, the testimonials speak positively about Stratton Medical Supply. They stated that these masks are great to use & wear. You can wear them the whole day that too, without any inconvenience. They are also of the view that they would not be able to find such masks.


Under this class of Stratton Medical Supply Reviews, we have provided you with a clear & concise picture about its features, working, shipping policy, positive and negative aspects. Now the choice is entirely yours!

We will be delighted if you will share your experience with us. Thanks!

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  1. Funny, Abigail, that your reviews are exactly the same as those written by “Alexis Alden” on other sites. I’ll bet I could find more sites yet which would contain those same reviews under even other bylines.

    Australia? You might live there, but I doubt it. Your command of English grammar and syntax suggests you are originally from an Asian country where English is commonly taught, but not usually correctly. My guess would be Singapore.

    I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that you are not at all what you wish to be seen as. My opinion is that the “reviews” you write are nothing more than marketing pieces for scam sites and “popup” websites which disappear as soon as the authorities get too close.

  2. I believe the Stratton Medical Supplies website is very likely fraudulent. I checked out the certificates posted on their website in relation to their KN95 masks. They are, most definitely fakes. Buyer beware.

  3. I actually ordered from then and got mine in the mail. I ordered on Thursday and got them on Monday, today.

  4. I received my order yesterday. In reading review sites I felt that I had been duped and tried contacting Stratton, to just get a recording. I did not get a confirmation email or shipping notification and was heading to the bank to change my credit card number on the day my masks arrived in the mail.

  5. I ordered some KN95 masks from Stratton Medical Supply and I received mine within a week. No problems whatsoever. They even emailed me to let me know how many I had ordered cause I wanted to make sure.

  6. They say they will ship in 7 business days. On the 7th business day they print a shipping label that give you a tracking number, but they don’t give your product to the postal service, and claim that your order has shipped.

  7. These So called N-95 masks are FAKE! They have huge lines of holes on both sides to make it easy to breath. These masks will not stop COVID -19. Run, do not buy these masks!

  8. BEWARE! Please read through to the response from the company. This company has an “ALL SALES FINAL” policy. I purchased $70.00 worth of mask. I received my mask and the cloth mask DO NOT FIT your face in a way that provides protection, there is no way to fit the nose piece securely. BEWARE once you receive your package YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN IT ONCE IT IS OPEN. The product is inferior, once purchased AND OPENED to see what you purchased you will not be able to return it if you find it unacceptable. Please check my reviews, this is the first negative review I’ve left. It was for good reason.
    Here is the response I received from the company;
    “Hi Mark,
    I am extremely sorry that is how our policy is set up. We do have to enforce this strict policy due to the nature of the products. Again, I apologize once again for this.
    Please let me know if you have any further questions. Stay safe!
    Rachelle @ Stratton Essential Supply
    Sacramento CA 95834”

    The response states “Due to the nature of our product”. Shouldn’t the nature of your product shine as a quality product that you stand behind?

  9. I received these masks . They are not up to my expectations . Would like a refund back to original payment . Order number is 51750.

  10. Would like to send masks back. Not what I thought they’d be. Refund back to my original payment. Thank you.

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