Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews (May 2020) Is It Safe?

Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews 2020

Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews (May 2020) Is It Safe? >> In the above article, you read about face masks being sold by a vacuum cleaner company, which claims to offer the best quality.

To deal with COVID-19 pandemic and other health issues, we all want to use the best possible facemasks to protect ourselves. What if these masks are available with multiple features, that too at reasonable prices?

This article is about Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews, facemasks that are being sold by the vacuum cleaner company, Stark’s.

Customers all across the United States are buying these masks which are available with features such as anti-microbial cloth, anti-fogging, waterproof, etc.

Read the following article on Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews, and go through all the necessary details which will be helpful before buying these masks.

What is Starks Vacuums Masks?

These face masks are being sold by the brand Stark’s famous for its vacuum cleaners. The masks come with three layers, namely, water-resistant, 3-micron filter layer, and moisture-wicking. These masks are also equipped with nose guards, which prevents the glasses from fogging. Their anti-microbial fabric makes it safe for the users as it repels the bacteria from its surface. 

These masks are available in two sizes, in different colors

 and patterns. Various offers are available on the purchase of multiple masks. They also offer free delivery on orders above $49 within the United States.

Specifications of Starks Vacuums Masks:

  • Product: Face Masks
  • Price: $12.95
  • Sizes: Regular and Small
  • Dimensions: Regular – 5.5”h x 7.5” w with cloth ear loops, Small – 5”h x 6.25”w with elastic ear loops and adjusters  
  • Colour Variants: Available
  • Features: Triple-layered, Nose guard
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2 (if purchased online), 1 (if purchased from retail stores)
  • Shipping Time: 7-12 days
  • Shipping Cost: Paid, free if the order is above $49

Pros of Starks Vacuums Masks:

  • Size and color variants available.
  • The mask comes with triple layers, nose guard, and anti-microbial fabric.
  • Bulk discounts available.

Cons of Starks Vacuums Masks:

  • The minimum order quantity for online orders is 2
  • Lesser variants are available in terms of size
  • Regular masks come with cloth ear loops, which might make it difficult for the users to adjust the mask according to their face size.

Is Starks Vacuums Masks Legit?

It becomes essential to judge the authenticity of the products such as face masks, which are a crucial part of our lives, especially after the advent of COVID-19. Thus, before using any facemasks, customers should go through their specifications. 

These facemasks come with superior features such as triple layering, waterproof, nose guards to prevent fogging, anti-microbial fabrics, etc. Based on the provided specifications and customer ratings and Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews available on the website, it can be said that this product is safe for its customers. 

Customer Reviews on Starks Vacuums Masks:

Customers seem to be pretty satisfied with these masks. Based on Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews found on the website, it can be deduced that the customers were happy with the quality, delivery, and sizes of the masks.

The customers appreciated the fabric of the masks. It was found neither too thick, which would make it difficult to breathe for the users, nor too thin wearing which the customers will have a fear of infections. The nose guard was also found to be soft and appreciable. Customers were delighted by the anti-fogging feature of the mask.

However, some users complained about the limited size availability of the masks, which some customers found unfit for their use. Few customers also complained about deceiving them by not mentioning the restricted number of washes before they bought it. 

All in all, most of the Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews were positive on the website with ratings of 4 & above. Users have said it to be one of the best Non-N95 masks available in the United States market.

Final Verdict:

Based on Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews and customer ratings, the product surely delivers what it promises to its customers. It is equipped with features such as triple layers, anti-fogging capacity, etc. which makes them very convenient for the customers to use. With all these features, it is a value for money deal.

However, the customers should notice the size dimensions of this product, and order only if the size fits them well. The company refuses to accept returns due to safety issues, and using masks of improper fits might prove harmful for the customers.

Thus, after reviewing the same, we can conclude that the product is safe. You can purchase the same after being entirely sure of it.

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0 thoughts on “Starks Vacuums Masks Reviews (May 2020) Is It Safe?

  1. I put an order in to you people July 17th for masks!!! Are they on their way or what’s going on…64.75 …5 masks!!You have yourmoney! I have no masks!!

  2. starks is a scam ordered a month ago and they took my money and have never heard from them since every email i sent just comes back with a automatic return can not get a number to call or anything

  3. They were touted as a U.S. product but they are NOT made in the United States!. The delivery was fast but even after soaking them in hot water and soap, they still had an unpleasant smell. There are local people selling masks everywhere and I will stick with them as they are cheaper and can usually be made to order. I would rate them as a 2 for fast delivery but that’s about it.

  4. My partner ordered two of these masks for me and they work great for me. The mask fits a little on the large side but the most guard makes them comfortable and helps to keep my eye glasses from fogging up. The price is reasonable. I also feel safer than my other masks do because of the micron filter. I recommend these masks.

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