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With summers around the corner, it has become vital to bring a pool home for summer pool parties with friends and family. So are you thinking the same? Then you must have a look at Stadium Sporting Club then.

Nowadays, the weather is turning out to be very moody. The summers are getting hotter than ever, and winters are getting cooler than ever; in this case, it has become necessary to enjoy different climates with a bunch of fun and sportive activities. So what are your plans for this summer vacation apart from resting on your couch and watching television?

Oh yes, so you are planning for the amazing summer pool parties, kudos to you for that buddy. We have found this amazing store in theUnited States, which will bring up the most affordable and perfect above ground swimming pool for you!!

We recently stumbled upon this brand new website, so we thought of sharing Reviews with our readers before they choose a perfect pool according to their preferences.

In this review, we will inform you about its trust score and answer the most frequent question about the website- ‘Is Legit?’

What is Stadium Sporting Club?

Stadium Sporting Club is an online store based in the United States; it claims to provide different types of above the ground swimming pool such as easy set, metal frame, prism frame, and ultra-frame. Each of the swimming pools has its own merits and demerits. These points are meant to be understood properly before purchasing any swimming pool.

The website has a professional and user-friendly interface that might help you in purchasing your product smoothly. You would also find a few essential information about the company and its products; but those claims true or Is Legit.

Let’s find it out further in our Reviewsthat is unbiased and based on fact and figures.

Specifications of Stadium Sporting Club

  • Company URL-
  • Company Address- Unavailable
  • Contact Number- Unavailable
  • Email Address- Or
  • Return and Exchange Policy- Available*
  • Refund Policy- Available*
  • Cancellation Policy- Unavailable
  • Order Tracking- Available
  • Payment Mode- PayPal, Visa, and Master Card
  • Shipping Charges- Free
  • Delivery Time- Unavailable

Pros of Stadium Sporting Club

  • The website is professional and well maintained.
  • The website has a genuine HTTPS connection.
  • The website provides an email service for customers.
  • The website has a good collection of pools.
  • The website has a valid return and exchange policy.

Cons of Stadium Sporting Club

  • The website has new domain registration on 07.07.2020 (before three days).
  • The website has no active social media handle and promotional posts.
  • The website does not provide contact details and company address.
  • The website has low traffic and no Reviewson the internet.
  • The website does not have McAfee security.

Is Legit?

Stadium Sporting Club has a new domain registration just before 13 days and still shows satisfied customer reviews of 2019, which is impossible. You will also find that each customer’s review on the website shows only the satisfaction, and there is no negative comment. The website also sells every swimming pool at $119.99, which is costly and wired too.

In this genuine Reviews, we would say that after sincere research, we found this website with many loopholes, and we declare as a SCAM website.

What do people say about Stadium Sporting Club?

We tried our best to find customer reviews about Stadium Sporting Club on different social media platforms and the internet. Still, there was no customer feedback about the website or products.

We were also not able to find Reviewsabout the website anywhere, which means that people are not purchasing anything from the website. You would find a few customer reviews on the website which are provided in 2019, but the domain was created in July 2020, which means those reviews are fake.

Final Verdict

The basics of an authentic online store are complete contact details and genuine followers, and this website fails in both of these parts. We should never trust any website that is not even six months old because there are chances of fraud.

Stadium Sporting Club sells products and shares the same information provided by many fraud websites of the United States, so we would request you to make a wise shopping decision. All said and done; we have mentioned each aspect of the website in this Reviewsand also expect you to invest your hard-earned money in a safe online store, unlike this one.

If you have purchased from the website, feel free to share your experience in the comment section below to help others.

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  1. I purchased a swimming pool on 7/19/20 and haven’t been able to contact anyone, the payment goes through PayPal, the only pH# is to PayPal and purchase info is listed an individual

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