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Spicure Com Reviews {April} – Is It Legit Or Scam?

Spicure Com Website Reviews

Spicure Com Reviews {April} – Is It Legit Or Scam? >> you must read this post before buying anything from this website. Be clear about its functioning and aware of customer reviews about its services.

These days we all depend on online shops. The benefit of these shops is- it saves our time, which is most famous for any working person, in one place you get different brands different things, also many offers. That’s why we all prefer online shopping.

Today we are talking about that kind of a website where you can buy home décor essential things like- doormat, tablecloth, pillowcase, etc. that is 

In the United Statesthis website is pretty much famous for its beautiful collection. But for new buyers, it is challenging to choose, is it legit or scam? Don’t worry. We are here to share our opinion regarding this website and help you to decide that it is safe or not. Our post is based upon various spicure com reviews posted by its consumers and our research about its website!

What is

It is an online store; from here, you can purchase many home essential things. Like- runner carpet, tablecloth, pillowcase, rug, bedding, round rug, doormat, Sherpa fleece blanket, quilt blanket, overlay, sofa blanket, mat, pillowcase, tapestry, tumbler. Also different types of the bag like- tote bag, heritage backpack, lightweight backpack, weekender tote bag, leather tote bag.

All the products you get a very affordable price. As per the quality of the product, is it affordable? We are trying to give you an answer below. 

Website is legit or scam checks this point:-

  1. Before purchasing from any site, you need to check website security. If any site starts with HTTPs, then your personal information, credit card information, the address is secure from scam. If it is not, then it is precarious for you. Also must be a payment page starts with HTTPs.
  2. Another option to check website security is using a tool like- Google Safe Browsing. By this tool, you can check the site is safe or not? At-first goes to the “Google Safe Browsing” page then paste the specific URL link on the searching bar. And then press Enter. In just a few seconds, you can see the result. If the results show “NO UNSAFE CONTENT FOUND,” then that particular site is secure.   
  3. Start with HTTPs, and on Google safe browsing, showing that the site is secure.
  4. “About Us”- About page for any website play a very vital role. Owner information, the office address is needed to clear with your buyer. Between all the unknown persons.
  5. Between all the unknown persons to present yourself, your identity clarity is essential to take place.

But in reviews, we can’t see any “About Us” page. It is very disappointing.

  1. If you notice  contact us section- there is no customer care number. It is also a drawback. Because, if you have any problem related to your purchase, then where can you contact? They provide a form where you need to fill your name, email id, and your message. It is a very lengthy process, and also, time taken. When they are answering your message, you never know. So, we don’t think it is good.
  2. Must check  website content and image. Many scam sites copied and pasted their content from the other place. The trustable website creates its Unique content and its product image to rank their websites.
  3. We also noticed many scam sites also copied an “About Us” page. So be careful.
  4. For promoting a newly launched website, you have to a social media account like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. not only expanding but also extend your business online; you need social accounts. Usually, this site has no social accounts attachment on its official website.

Final Verdict:

To earn money, you need to work very hard. So, definitely we don’t use that money on scam websites? Now on the social platform, you saw many sites where you can invest your money without any hesitation. Go and buy from those sites.

Testimonials and customer positive reviews help to make an online shop successful. Whenever a new buyer come and want to buy a product firstly, they check customer review. That helps them to buy.

Over this website there is no customer review below any product they selling. We don’t think it is possible. Also, on Google, we check Spicure com reviews but don’t see that many reviews related to their product.

But if you want to try this site, then as your own risk, you can do this. If you already purchase from, then in the comment section below, you put down your experience that helps other buyers.

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  1. Please don’t get nothing from this site they let you order and give you the option to select visa or use PayPal. I choose my visa but they still took it out as paypal and the status of my order been saying pending since the first day I order. However I check a week later and still the same information with delivery status. It say pending still hurtful. I calling the bank and pls ppl before you purchase check the reviews first. I have email customer service twic no response omg 😳

  2. I believe this site (Spicure) is a scam. Same experience as the customer above with Visa and PayPal. No response to inquiry, no product, just cashing out through something called Printabel on PayPal. I can no longer even find the website.

    1. Did you ever figure out how to get your money back, mine is doing the exact same thing and now the website won’t even pop up

  3. I also ordered from this site and even got a tracking number which of course I can’t track. Money down the drain as they have already debited my account. Do not offer from them!!!!!

    1. Hey Deborah,
      I had the exact same thing happen. I emailed their customer service and they sent me a correct tracking number about a week later. I did get my package today. Ordered it March 20th, got it April 25th (Quality totally sucks but I did get what I ordered.) I will never order from them again but it did show up.

  4. I ordered a “quilt” from Spicure via Facebook. I got charged by Printabel on PayPal. After a month of nothing I looked back at the PayPal email and found an email address and pretty much threatened them. The website… well…what website? I did get a response from the email, and just today got the “blanket”. It is nothing like the picture . It’s a bad print on one side with wavy stitching . It reminds me of a $19.99 blanket from Kmart or Walmart ( I paid 4X that ) or a moving blanket. Cheap looking . I won’t return , I feel lucky to have received anything. I’ll write it off as a lesson learned . There are multiple sites on Facebook hawking the same stuff with different site names… Beware!!!

  5. I ordered a rug 3/120 and still haven’t received it. $89.95 was taken out of my account and still no rug.

    1. Hey Gena, I was afraid of the same thing. We probably ordered the same rug. I ordered March 20th, and it arrived April 25th. I’m not happy with the quality, but I did get what I ordered. Hope this helps.

  6. This Spicure is terrible, scam company, false advertising. Just received rug I ordered on March 22, after I had to email them twice. Rug doesn’t even look like the picture shown on the add. I got a flat no ply rug with black boarders. It’s like a light weight printed blanket. Awful!! I ordered a plush rug with no black boarders in it.
    Wish me luck in getting my money back!

  7. Do NOT order from them. I ordered a quilted bedspread — the picture they showed was lovely. The product came and it is awful. The quality is cheap and the colors were not the same. The backing of the “quilt” was a black, nasty felt-like material. I emailed them and got a response from Jordan. He refused my request for a refund. After I objected, he offered me 20% back if I returned the quilt. Imagine my surprise when the the return address turned out to be HONG KONG! I asked for an airbill to be emailed to me, but he refused. I’m reporting this company to anyone I can, but fat chance I’ll see my $$ again.

  8. I ordered bedding from this site on March 22 and have yet to receive it. It is now May 13!!! I can’t find any place on the website to contact them and the tracking number gets me nothing. I guess I chalk this up to a learning experience!!

  9. DO NOT waste you hard earned money. If they do send you anything at all it is not what you ordered. I ordered, had to inquire about my order twice and then finally received a package which did not contain what I ordered. They will not ship what I ordered and paid for. I have been back and worth with them many times and they will not fix their mistake. They are thieves.

  10. I ordered a bedspread on March 17th and I don’t have anything from them. I have emailed several times, and they emailed back but giving me no information. I sent them an email today explaining that I have started my complaint to the Better Business Bureau and if I don’t hear from them by the end of the day today, I will send the complaint. They took my money, $89.00 right away. UGGGGGG!

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