Sonos Arc Review [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site?

Sonos Arc Review 2020

Sonos Arc Review [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site? -> This article describes the features, pros, cons, and customer feedback of the product to help you decide if it is worth purchasing.

Are you looking for a replacement for the ancient Playbar and Playbase? Then, Sonos has released Sonos Arc to fulfill your dreams.

Home theatre systems enhance the experience of watching movies with your family members. But if the sound system is not compatible and upgraded, then it might ruin your overall amusement. As a brilliant company, Sonos collaborated with a team of world-class experts in acoustics and engineering to provide you sleek-looking Dolby Atmos Soundbar.

Sonos Arc Review proposes that the product is launched in the United State, United Kingdom, Canada, and the Netherlands and is successfully catering to a broad target audience because of its splendid and easy-to-use features.

Sonos aims at meticulously designing speakers from inside out, thereby combining customized woofers and tweeters with in-house software. The Sonos Arc is specifically designed to partner with bigger TVs, and Sonos arc price justifies the eclectic functionalities of this soundbar.

Let us now discuss the product in detail before reviewing customer feedback.

What is the Sonos Arc?

Sonos has recently announced its first Dolby Atmos Soundbar, the Sonos Arc. This soundbar is the replacement of all ancient speakers and helps the sound of music or a movie fill your home as purely and honestly as possible.

The curvy design of the Arc makes it look graceful in pictures. It comes with an integrated IR repeater to amplify the signals, thereby preventing any hindrance to the signal quality.

The LED’s are drilled perfectly through the four holes that respond to the ambient light in the room.

Why is Sonos Arc unique?

The Arc deploys high-end sound technology to cater to its tech-savvy customers. The back of the soundbar enables you to connect to an Ethernet connection, which helps you explore a sundry of genre stations playing your favorite music.

This premium audio device is priced at a  reasonable rate of $799, with an option of same-day delivery. The site provides you with free shipping if you order now.

Specifications of Sonos Arc:

  • Product: Dolby Atmos Soundbar
  • Website URL:  
  • Customer Care number: 800-680-2345
  • Online chat available 24/7
  • Address: Santa Barbara, 614 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, California
  • Delivery time: same day
  • Shipping fee: free shipping if you order now
  • Exchange/ Returns: within 45 days of delivery
  • Refunds: within 10-15 business days
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal
  • Available in two colors: black and white

Pros of buying Sonos Arc:

  • First Sonos product with Dolby Atmos support
  • HDMI eARC support
  • Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Easy to use setup
  • Slim and attractive look
  • 11 amplifying drivers to fire audio
  • A blend of music stations are available
  • Enhanced with Trueplay Tuning Technology
  • Trustworthy brand

Cons of buying Sonos Arc:

  • Launched at a price higher than similar audio devices
  • Heavier in weight
  • Large size may block signals
  • Not suitable for smaller TVs

Customer Feedback on Sonos Arc:

The techie customers are happy to utilize this soundbar with higher-fidelity technology. They have been successful in making their audio devices and music services to work like magic. They can listen to their favorite songs, podcasts, and music stations anywhere in their homes.

A few other customers are delighted with the seamless functionality of the device, along with its terrific 3D-looks. The high price may be a concern for a few other customers, but they say that the product is worth it.

The device’s compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones gives it an edge over other similar devices in the market. 

In case of queries, customer care is highly responsive, and 24/7 available online chat service has always been helpful in fulfilling customer’s technical needs.

Final Verdict:

Sonos is a reliable brand and is known in the market for its high-end quality products. The soundbar launched by the company is one in a million option for all music-lovers out there.

The site is legitimate and provides free shipping on instant ordering.

Additionally, as a product, Sonos Arc has an in-built Trueplay tuning in its app to recognize the sound and play music accordingly.

Overall, the positive customer reviews and fantastic features of the device make us believe in this product, and we would recommend it to all our readers to give this product a try now.

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