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Sofancy xyz Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Sofancy xyz Reviews

Sofancy xyz Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website? -> It is an online platform on which you can buy variants styles of coffee mugs.

Are you a coffee lover and love to try to collect new variants of cups to create an everlasting impression in front of your guests? Then you try once. As here, you will get myriad options of great cups that are hard to find at any other offline store. So with the help of this article, we are trying to put forward all the Sofancy xyz Reviews we have collected so far.

This online website has started its first dealing in the United States, targeting people of age groups.

Here, with the help of this post, we have tried to put all the collective information in front of you. So you can go through it where you will get answers to your maximum questions and will make out Is Sofancy xyz Legit or not.

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What is

Here, with the help of this post, we will be talking about website and tried to give relevant information. This online portal sells funky coffee cups. This website offers you ceramic cups, portable and foldable silicone cups, retro-style gold handle cups.

List here all the specifications of

The specifications of are:

  • Website Name:
  • Mailing Address:
  • Contact Details: (703) 585-8448
  • Contact Person: Robert Van Pelt
  • Official Address: 28 Morton St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003 United States
  • Payment Gateways: Paypal
  • Return Policy: You will get 30 days to return the product if you do not get satisfied with the product quality.

What are all the pros of

The pros of are:

  • The website uses the HTTPs connection that means it is SSL certified.
  • Till now, nobody has claimed to be a suspicious place for doing online shopping.

What are the cons of 

The cons of are:

  • The domain name of the website was just created 26 days ago.
  • Moreover, the domain name of the website has a suspicious TLD. Therefore, one should avoid those websites whose domain name is ended with.Xyzor.Clubor.Top.
  • Even on the About Us page of the website, you won’t get any information about the company.
  • The website drives very low traffic volume on its panel.
  • There is hardly any positive or negative review available on the platform.

Do you find a legitimate website?

No, as per our research, we do not think that it is the right place that one should go ahead to fulfil its online shopping needs. The domain of the website is very recent, just like it is 26 days old. And for building up the trust among the buyer, the domain of the website should be at least three months old—the positive customer’s reviews on the panel work as an icing on the cake for the site.

But due to the newness and lack of popularity, we found few customer Sofancy xyz Reviews on the internet that too all are negative ones. Even the address of the company seems to be a fake one as there is no such office named on it, on that location.

What are the customers regarding shopping from this website?

Well, we tried to search on different panels, but we hardly found any positive Sofancy xyz Reviews regarding the company on its board. Some customers reported that the quality of cups they received was not at all pleasant. They were so disappointed with the product that they planned to switch to another platform. Some customers have also stated that they received the damaged product and when they decided to complain against it, then there was no way to hear their queries.

Moreover, they are also warning their known ones not to go ahead with the shopping on this website, as you might end up losing your precious money. As there are lot of customers who doubt Is Sofancy xyz Legit or not. 

Instead, they are fulfilling their shopping on amazon.Com and Walmart, where they will get a fantastic range of stylish coffee cups.


This post has been written for the readers and potential buyers that have come here to gather the information for After collecting the information from all perspectives, we did not find this place a legitimate one on which you can go ahead with the online shopping. There is nothing positive regarding this company now it has positive reviews from all the handful of customers who bought the products from here so far.

So if you have purchased anything from this website, then you are let us now as it will somewhat help the potential buyers to make their final move.

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  1. You are correct regarding the legitimacy of I should have checked for Scam websites prior to placing an order for an Apex Car roof rack on 7/12/2020. After purchased did not provide a receipt or shipping date. I found their contacts and emailed them. NO response. I called their phone number, Verizon stated that this phone number (703) 585-8448 is disconnected. Then I looked up their address posted on their website, it is a little residence somewhere and not a business office. Fortunately I can file a dispute with my CREDIT card company. These fake companies are everywhere on line awaiting for customers to pay for fake merchandise that do not exist using their DEBIT or CASH cards bec once the $ is withdrawn, they can’t get their $ back unless it is paid with a CREDIT card

  2. I tried contacting them both via phone and email regarding a problem with an online order I made. Yesterday I left a message, today, the phone numbe disconnected!?

  3. I purchased an item… $99, received a payment confirmation from a PayPal day of order, shipping tracking the next day showing it had been delivered to my house 10 days before my order. Spelling errors on PayPal emails. No documentation of the transaction through my official paypal account app, so pretty sure the emails are frauds… Name on payee was not the same as the name listed on the site… phone number on site is registered to another name in VA… PayPal number listed on my bank statement is listed as a PayPal scam number. I logged back into my account on the site and observed I had one processed order and at least 4 more exact orders of $99 pending to be processed. I immediately suspended my card….. Guess I will write off the $113 (with taxes) to my stupidity but at least I caught it before it became $500+.

  4. I ordered an item from this site totaling $56.83 on July 12 at 11:30pm.
    I felt it was a scam when I submitted the payment. I attempted to call the site number but it when to voice mail of a guy name John, I immediately contacted PayPal to start the dispute process. On the 17th of July I got an email from PayPal with a tracking number. The tracking number said an item had been delivered via USPS on July, 13th 2020 at 4:32 pm. I never received anything. I don’t know how they did it but I’m pretty sure they have a way to create fake tracking numbers with the information collected from PayPal. I went back on the site on July 17th and it had been taken down. Today the site is back up and number is disconnected. On july 24th Paypal closed my case im favor of the seller because they sumbitted a tracking number. I have since started a dispute with my bank and it seems promising. Just be sure to submit and collect any evidence to support your case including our testimonies and the fake address, email and phone number. If you do enough digging on the site you can’t search to many things and your not allowed to leave reviews. At least I wasn’t able to. I can’t even find the item I purchased which was a bike tool.

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