Social Security Call Scam 2020: Would This Be Helpful!

Social Security Call Scam 2020 Smooth

Social Security Call Scam 2020: Would This Be Helpful! >>Ever been a victim of a scam call who’s asking for your SSN? Please read it and spread the word amongst others.

Have you ever received any call from someone pretends to be from SSA and number asking for your SSN or money? This is a scam growing exponentially.

If so, you must be residing in the United States and searching for some ways to overcome fraudulent or scammed calls. Read our full review to know.  

Read our Social Security Call Scam 2020 review, but first, let’s know what exactly SSN is?

What is SSN?

For those who are new in the United States or reading our review from other parts of the world, SSN is known as Social Security Number is a number (nine-digit) which is issued by Social Security Administration (SSA) to US citizens, Permanent Residents, and professionals who are working temporarily.

The main aim of the SSN was to track individual, but now it’s been used as a de-facto national identification number.

How does scam call sounds like?

In Social Security Call Scam 2020, Scammers will say due to some suspicious activity, your SSN has been suspended, and they want to reactivate it.

It also the possibility that scammer will say your bank account is going to be seized, but he can tell you what exactly you need to do to keep it safe. In these types of calls, the scammer will ask you to put your hard-earned money on gift cards and provides the codes to him. (Often, this means all your money is gone now)

What’s reality?

  • Your SSN is not about to be suspended. You don’t need to share that number to anyone you don’t know or to someone who called you out of the blue. And your bank account is not about to be seized.
  • SSA is never going to give you a threatening call to transfer any money, send cash, or never tells of putting your money in gift cards. Every time someone gives you a call like this is a scammer.
  • The real number of SSA is 1-800-772-1213 and scammers are putting this number in their caller ID. If you are worried, call the number by yourself and speak to the real correspondent.  

People’s complaints

In 2018 more than 35,000 people have filed complaints and have lost around $10 million. Let’s read some of the complaints.

One of the persons says – Today I received a call and the content was almost the same from Robo that his SSN has been used in a crime. 

Another says, Today he received a scam call from and was not able to pick due to his hectic schedule. The message says his SSN number was suspended as some suspicious activity was found with his number.

Our Final Say

Dear readers, we suggest you stay away from all these bogus calls. In case you receive any call asking for some money or your SSN, and you think it’s a suspicious call. We suggest you reach out to your SSA and file your Complaint.

But never, ever pay any of your crucial information to someone who is threatening you or just come out of the blue. 

Please write back to us regarding our Social Security Call Scam 2020 review in the response section below.

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