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So Clean com Device [August 2020 ] Is It A Legit Website?

So Clean com Device 2020

So Clean com Device [August 2020] Is It A Legit Website? >> Looking for cleaning and sanitizing the CPAP device, then read this review.

Do you have sleep apnea and have been searching for automated CPAP machine cleaners? Then you have to look up the So Clean com site. 

Since the CPAP machine is directly placed on your nose and mouth, it becomes of high priority to clean and sanitize the instrument.

A device that has been popular with the CPAP machine cleaning and sanitizing as well is the So Clean com Device. 

It has become a favourite of the people, especially in the United Stateswho resorted to using this cleaning device for other products.

Reading this review will give you an idea of all the So Clean device’s capabilities being sold by its official site.

What is the So Clean com?

The So clean com is a website that offers customers an automated cleaner, adapters, parts, and other supplies. Such a shop will ensure the spare parts of the device are all available under one roof.

So Clean com is a registered trademark that is owned by the SoClean Inc. and has been functioning since 20011. The website proudly calls itself as one of the first creators of a CPAP cleaner/sanitizer.

So Clean com Device sells a product that will improve the lives of all those that suffer from sleep apnea. 

The website does so by providing a product that kills germs off the device within minutes. This device the site offers uses the same processes found in water purification, hotel sanitizing, and even produce handling.   

The layout of the website is clean and minimally designed. This website provides full information regarding the product sold by them and how 1 billion people globally are affected by sleep apnea.

Specifications of the So Clean com:

  • Products- Automated cleaner and sanitizer along with its spare parts and supplies 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- (866) 501 3705
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- depends on which state of the United States you reside in 
  • Shipping fee- Free shipping provided 
  • Returns- no returns section on the site 
  • Exchange- not mentioned 
  • Refunds- contact company support number for information 
  • Online Payment- can be done only via PayPal or Google Pay. 

Pros of the So Clean com:

  • The website offers a product that can sanitize and also clean
  • It provides information about the product it offers
  • Customer support phone number provided
  • The site makes a social media presence
  • It offers free shipping

Cons of the So Clean com:

  • The website lacks any shipping information
  • They only deliver within the United States
  • There is a complete absence of a returns page
  • The products offered by the site are expensive
  • The product offered are not travel friendly

Is the So Clean com legit or a scam? 

So Clean com Device offers people who suffer from sleep apnea a cleaning and sanitizing device since 2011. This information can be confirmed by checking the website creation date online. 

The site provides all the information a customer could require before making a purchase. There are also full contact details like the customer support phone number and a company email id.

The website uses a valid SSL certificate that offers protection to the customers from attacks from any middle man. 

There are various reviews about the products offered by the So Clean com website online. This information includes customer user information, YouTube reviews, and even some online sites. 

What are the customers saying about the So Clean com? 

Since the website currently only delivers within the United States, the reviews are only offered by those who reside in the said country. 

Most users comment about the devices offered by the site being very easy to use. All one must do is drop the product in and then let the cleaning/sanitizing equipment do its job. 

Others talk of being able to purchase the replacement filters seamlessly, and delivery is not an issue. They deliver the device in record time, which is quick and convenient. 

The two-hour cleaning window can be a little problematic, but most users talk of having grown patient with it. 

Final Verdict- 

After analyzing the website and checking up about it online, we in this review conclude that the site is legitimate. 

The products So Clean com Device offered by the site come highly recommended by many users and even reviews sites telling you of the positive effect they have had on users. 

It has gained a loyal following, so we recommend the purchase of the sanitizing and cleaning device offered by the site. 

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