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Smileyhomey Scam 2020

Smileyhomey Scam [Read Reviews] > Is It A Legit or Not? -> This article gives you in-depth information on how a consumer can fall prey to the various online scams.

Are you aware which websites are legit and which all others are a scam in nature? This article will give you a complete guide about this scam. 

The Smileyhomey Scam has many reviews which state that the company is fake. If any of the customers comes across this website on Facebook or any other page, then they must give this page a miss. The trust pilots have rated this website in a very negative manner. The address and the PO box mentioned in the site seems to be wrong and inappropriate.

There are altogether three companies that are involved in this entire setup. As per the various customer trust algorithms, this company has the least amount of trust in the market. The majority of the information mentioned in this website is either fake or false.

The website promised to deliver the products to various parts, which include the region of  United State.  

What is smileyhomey?

This website is a scam web online page. There are complaints this Smileyhome website tries to hijack the PayPal account of the customers and get all the personal information. It also deletes the transaction history of the customers.

There are no scheme of getting the refunds for the ordered products, and there are fake tracking information that is provided to their customers. The data is with WasabiSix, and it is debited from the card using the company’s name.

How are smileyhomey products?

The company promises to offer a wide range of daily use products to its customers. However, there is no delivery of the products to the customer. The amount is from the customer’s account, but there is no refund.

The products are fake and have no reliability to it, and hence the purchase must be avoided or refrained completely.

Is smileyhomey Legit?

As per the Smileyhomey Scam reviews, it is clear that the company is a scam and not legit at all. The company offers no proper information about them and shows various ads and posters on Facebook. The email address or the support customer care services have zero support to the customers in need.

The customers of the website say that the website sells fake products. The site has a powerful indication that it is false, and one should avoid buying products or visiting such websites. There are a lot of information which is missing on the site. There are things such as where the hosting of the website is or which technology is missing.

Specification of smileyhomey:

  • The website is a product website.
  • No details are there
  • Products are on Facebook’s page
  • The payment is via online mode of payment, i.e., PayPal
  • There is no specific summary of the product given to the customers 

The pros of buying products from smileyhomey

  • Since this is a scam, there is no advantage one can see from purchasing any products from this company; instead, it is to give up the hard-earned money.

The cons of buying products from smileyhomey

  • Absence of blog, article or media pages 
  • No contact number or office address available on the website 
  • There is no SSL certificate
  • The website is not there at this point.

Which are the payment options for this website?

The payment is taken only through a single online payment option, which is PayPal mode. 

What are the shipping options?

 The online web store promises its customers to deliver products to the region of the United State.

What time does it takes for the refund?

There is no refund offered to the customer who buys products from here. Neither there are any information provided to the customers about their products.

The Final Verdict

The bottom line is that as per the Smileyhomey Scam, there are plenty of negative reviews from the customers. The owner of the website is hiding his or her identity using a certain kind of paid service. The speed performance of the site is prolonged.

There are no reviews found for this website on Web of Trust, which is also known as (WOT). There is no safety or security certificates, such as SSL used for this website. People all across the globe have voted this website as a fraud website on various other consumer portals. There is no refund offered to the customer who buys products from here. There are no data provided to the customers about their products.

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  1. if this is paid through paypal then they should already know if this is a scam so why are they taking payments from peoples accounts

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