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Skortu com Reviews [July] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Skortu com Reviews 2020

Skortu com Reviews [July] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> In this article, you will get all the required information about the website dealing with the multiple products.

Have you ever wondered about buying too many different things from one place and that by just sitting at home? You have the result here. is one the platforms selling various categories of products.

Skortu com Reviews states that the domain of the company is created and registered in the United States.

The review also contains essential information about the company. It includes all the queries like Is Skortu com Legit, and the company worth your money, or it could be a fraud which can cause lots of problem to the users.

What is is the online store that sells different categories of products you love to buy at one place. The product list varies from the clothing section to watches and telescopes.

The company deals with the products for only men that are rarely seen as features of any website. It provides shoes, bags, and other accessories that men wish to buy.

Skortu com Reviews found that the prices of the product are affordable by all and the unique features of the company may attract many of the customers. The policies like return and refund could be one of the satisfying factors considering the quality and size issues.


  • Website –
  • Email address –
  • Address – Marul Company Limited Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, England, WC1H 9BB
  • Shipping time – 2-3 business days
  • Delivery time – 3-15 business days
  • Return – You can quickly return within 45 days of purchase date
  • Refund – within 14 days of arrival received
  • Payment – online mode of payment (credit/ debit cards)

Is worth money or not?

The site founds to be new as per the Skortu com Reviews. The domain is too new and has no customer feedback available, ensuring the legitimacy of the website.

The user should make sure that Is Skortu com Legit or scam before investing money for buying anything you like. The answer to the question that a company worth money or not depends on the user as the site cannot be judged at such an early stage.

We suggest you should go for detailed information as to save the money which you earn with lots of hard work.

Pros of website

  • Easy return and refund
  • Worldwide service provided
  • The premium quality of products

Cons of website

  • Delivery time is too long
  • No customers reviews found

Is Skortu com Legit or scam?

To find out that the site is legit or scam is one of the difficult steps. We cannot trust the newly registered site and do not have any feedback by the early users.

Skortu com Reviews states every fraud site uses the new domain name for doing fraud with the customers, and this point leads the website under suspect. To find out Is Skortu com Legit we have to wait until the site gets any feedback as many other platforms conclude it as a scam site.

The main motive of the scam site is to collect the data and steal the money and share with the third party.

What customers have to say about it?

We all know that customer feedback plays an essential role in trusting any organization. But Skortu com Reviews found no such feedback anywhere to ensure the user about the legitimacy of the site.

No proper contact details and no feedback raise the question that it could be a scam. You could check out other information for making yourself comfortable before buying anything from this website.

Final verdict

Skortu com Reviews is one of the ways that can show you both the sides of the website. It has shared all the advantages and disadvantages of the company that you may experience while using.

Everything has its negative and positive side, but it is necessary to be trustworthy for the users. The users should have the answer to Is Skortu com Legit so that they do not face any problem regarding their money.

Online reviews can help you in making a wise decision about the websites. We cannot conclude it by saying a scam site, but we also do not suggest that you should use it.

The choice depends on what you get to know about the company. All the readers are requested to leave the feedback in the comment section, acknowledging us their opinion, which could be the helping hand to give the exact conclusion for the website.

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  1. This company is a scam…I ordered one of these telescopes over three weeks ago and have received nothing. When I emailed the company I was told to be patient, so I waited a few more days and emailed again asking for a full refund, I received the same message. I don’t think I’m going to ever see my purchase. Fu#&ing thieves

    1. Skortu is a scam. Ordered the telescope. Took 5 weeks for a scope to arrive that looked nothing like what was advertised. Wasn’t even close. Emailed them and over the course of 20 emails they kept raising what they would offer me. The last being a 70% refund, but only if I mailed the scope back to them, at my cost. Over $20. They would never admit they sent me a cheap imitation of what was advertised. Paypal gave me a refund.

  2. I ordered a telescope on 08/09/20. It is now 08/23/20 and the order is still saying unfulfilled. I requested an estimated time for shipment a week ago and have had no response.

  3. Ordered telescope and have not received anything. Shipping time is way past due. No contact information. Going to get a refund on my credit card.

  4. I purchased the monocular scope on 8/03/2020 and I still haven’t received anything. According to the tracking app(17TRACK) it has been going in circles in China. It tells me that the parcel has been received by the carrier and now it says it’s left the distribution center but the usps says that they have not received anything and they have a posted label ready for my item but it hasn’t arrived yet and it’s been almost a month.

  5. ordered telescope. delivered one month later. not the item advertised. It’s cheap garbage. Asked for a refund and was told it will cost me over $20 to ship it back. They offered 10% off (about $4). Chinese scammers.

  6. They totally scammed me. Sent me the wrong product. Then will not offer refund nor give instructions on how to return and will not send me the right product. Only offered a 10% discount on ordering the item again. Ha! Stay from this company.

  7. Its a Fraud site. Beware of buying anything from them. They never sent the advertised product and send some cheap chinese replica and then ask for huge return charges. Save your money don’t go to this site.

  8. This company or store is big scam. I order the telescope, after a month i received it and guess what its not the same telescope that they have on the ads or commercial instead i received this 5 inches telescope that does not work. I can see better with my eyes. Its so cheap and i saw it on ebay for $19 and i paid $48. They wont pay for the shipping back and its going to cost me over $20 for shipping. WARNING!

  9. Complete scam. They string you out when the order is late to process by phonying up messaging in your order tracker.

    Then they substitute cheap products for the one you ordered.

    When you complain, they keep offering a small percentage refund and remind you that it will cost you $20 to ship the product back.

    Then they never reveal their return address so you can ship the telescope back.

  10. Telescope took over a month to arrive. When it did come it was the wrong one. Requested a refund and was told I was sent the “customized” model. What I got was cheap just slightly better than a child’s toy. Said I didn’t want it. was offered a 10% refund. Said I didn’t want it, was offered 20% refund. Said I didn’t want it, was offered a 30%. Last offer was 40% refund. When I refused that they said I could get a full refund but would have to pay return shipping of $20.00. Asked why I should pay for their mistake, no answer. Their customer satisfaction promise and refund guarantee are a complete sham!

  11. Skortu is a scam. Ordered the telescope. Took 5 weeks for a scope to arrive that looked nothing like what was advertised. Wasn’t even close. Emailed them and over the course of 20 emails they kept raising what they would offer me. The last being a 70% refund, but only if I mailed the scope back to them, at my cost. Over $20. They would never admit they sent me a cheap imitation of what was advertised. Paypal gave me a refund.

  12. SKORTU IS A SCAM. Like many others, I ordered the 4k-10-300x40mm-super-telephoto-zoom-monocular-telescope but received the 40X60-HD-Optical-Monocular-Hunting-Camping-Hiking-Telescope. When I complained to them, they would only refund the full amount if I ship the thing back to China, warning me that it would cost $20 to ship. The return address they want me to send it doesn’t even have the name of the business which is required when mailing something.
    I said I would ship it if they give me a prepaid shipping label. They refused. They offered to give me 10% refund, then 20% then the final offer of 35% if I give them a good review. The nerve!

    PayPal was not much help either. After more than one month of answering the same questions and giving documentation repeatedly, their last answer was I’ll get a full refund after I’ve shipped the item back to China. Still trying to message PayPal . They have been useless too.

    Is there a way to complain to some government agency?

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