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Skaramall Reviews [June] Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

Skaramall Reviews 2020

Skaramall Reviews [June] Is It Matter of Losing Your Money? >> This article is about a website that claims to sell electrical goods, items for pets, home and kitchen appliances, etc.  

Do you desire to get home products like food for dogs and toys for kids from a credible website in the United States? Then the Skaramall website has all these things for you.

The prices of products on this website are low. So, the buyers want to know whether it’s apt to get the products from here.

In the following Skaramall Reviews, we have listed all the advantages and disadvantages of getting products from here and about the credibility of this site.

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What is Skaramall?

It is an online shopping store that sells a variety of products. It is available at

The products are sold as per various categories: Pet Supplies, Toy and Games, Electronics, Home and Living, Home and Kitchen, and Accessories. So, if you want to get the items heavily used in the house, then visiting this site is a must. This site is built attractively with the product images available.

If you want to get products for your pets like a Memory Foam Bed, then it is available on this site. This bed provides the perfect resting place for your dog or cat. The price of this bed is also reasonable, and it’s only priced at 48 dollars. You can carry this bed for your dog when you travel outdoors so that he does not have to lie on the hotel floor. You can also keep this bed clean by removing the cover and giving it a machine wash.

The bed is available in different lengths of 24 inches, 29 inches, and 35 inches. Choose it accordingly as per the size of the pet. Since it’s a gel-filled memory foam bed, it is perfect for eliminating all the pains of your dog/cat, including joint pain, arthritis, and other pains of the body.

If you want to keep your cat busy, you can get the Cat Activity Tree. This three-level product has scratching posts made of jute. Your cat can also lie on this Tree, which has a round top platform. It’s also essential to keep the pets clean. So, there are combs, trimmers, scissors and nail clippers and available for cats and dogs. Trim extra hair from your dog and cat from time to time.

You can also use a flea prevention cream called Advantage 2 on your cat to kill all the fleas and keep your cat germ-free. You have to apply it to your cat once a month, every six months.

If you want to keep your house free of dog hair with this website’s products, read the Skaramall Reviews for a realistic opinion on this site.

Specifications of Skaramall

  • Products offered:  Pet Supplies, Electronics, Accessories Home & Kitchen appliances, and Toys and Games.
  • Address – 880 Elm St, Baker City, OR 97814, USA.
  • Shipping time-3-10 days in the US, up to 7-15 days for deliveries outside the US
  • Return-30 days after you received the product
  • Refund – 1-2 business days since Skaramall receives the return. However, a 5% restocking fee is deducted from the price of the returned item. 
  • Mode of payment-Paypal, Visa, Master Card, American Express 

Is Skaramall Legit?

Although the address is mentioned on the website, there is no information given about the owner. The site has been registered only six months back.

There are also no user reviews about the products sold on the website. Apart from that, there is no way; the customers cannot track the products they have ordered.

There are also no social media accounts where the buyers can contact the sellers on this website.

Pros of getting products from Skaramall

  • All kinds of items sold on the website like a Video Graphics Card and gaming keyboards
  • Shipping free for items whose cost is more than 99 dollars

Cons of getting products from Skaramall

  • VAT applicable on products to be paid by customers
  • Prices are cheap which is suspicious
  • No product reviews available online
  • Mistakes on the website
  • Shipping charges levied on the delivery of items.

What are the customers saying about 

Customers are not happy with the site and have declared it to be a fake site. Online reviews claim that the site is just an attempt to dupe customers of their money since they can’t shop during COVID-19 lockdown.

Final Verdict 

There is the safety of your shopping information because SSL encryption is used. So, only buy products from this website as per your own choice. We don’t recommend this site. Our Skaramall Reviews are negative.

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    1. This is a scam site and I was ripped off.
      They go as far as sending a small item to someone in your town so they can supply a tracking number and it shows its delivered.
      Apparently paypal has been closing out numerous disputes placed about this company due to the fact of fake tracking numbers.
      I recently filed my dispute,hopefuly I am not out my hard earned money and PayPal starts to see what’s going on here.
      I urge anyone who was ripped off by these scum bags to not only file claim with ebay but please i urge you to Google the federal trade Commission FTC and file a complaint.
      Hopefully these scammer scum bags will be shut down soon.
      Sorry to all those who where taken advantage of durring these troubled times.
      God bless and good luck.
      Let the FTC know everything

  1. This is a 100% scam. Pay Pal sends your money to Vi VAN DI and he sends you a tracking number. Thats all you get. The item neb=ver arrives. The phone number on your receipt is disconnected. Pay Pay is NO HELP at all.

  2. Skaramall is fake , I ordered the bike and tried to contact multiple time over the mail , – completely fake site

  3. It is a scam and this person doesn’t send anything to anyone. They somehow have access to UPS tracking numbers, find one in your zip code and send that to PayPal! PayPal only requires they show a package shipped to your zip code, not you, not your address, just your zip code! Well, I found where my tracking number went to and appealed my case, waiting to see skaramalls next move, checkmate! Also reported to!

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