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Sivuan Mask Reviews [May] Is this Site Trustworthy?

Sivuan Mask Reviews 2020

Sivuan Mask Reviews [May] Is this Site Trustworthy? -> In this article, you got to know about a website that provides its customers with masks for safety.

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly solution to gain protection against germs and allergies?

Read the Sivuan Mask Reviews and find answers to all your questions and queries.

Each day passing brings in the news of increased pollution in the air. Isn’t it scary to hear that we are inhaling thoroughly spoilt air? It can have adverse effects on the lungs, which in turns increase problems like asthma, etc. Such issues can be seen rising in the United State as well.

But it is not necessary to live with such problems that can give life threats. Wearing a mask is the best remedy for protection against the intake of such toxins. It does not act as a wall but minimizes the proportion of pollution inhaled.

Is Sivuan Mask Legit?

When you get the products of high quality at the lowest prices, do they create a sense of doubt in your mind? Of course, they do, and even if not, this is a question that should arise. For issues like is sivuan masks legit read the complete article. This would help you to find possible answers to your questions.

What is Sivuan? is a company that promises to provide the best anti-pandemic mask at a price you can never imagine. The best-quality mask at a suitable price that is convenient for everyone.

The brand produces the mask by taking care of all the comfort that individual needs while wearing the mask. You will find varieties of masks with the latest features.

The masks on this website are worth buying because of its flexible elastic, and the excellent natural breathability makes it more comfortable to use. 

Read further information about the product and brand to make a final decision, whether to avail services or not.

Specifications of Sivuan:

  • URL: Website: Sells Face Mask of different varieties.
  • Preparation for delivery: 1 to 4 business days for paper works, quality checks, etc.
  • Shipping time: Shipment takes 7 to 10 business days.
  • Cancellation of order: Before the order is shipped.
  • Return- 30 days return warranty after receiving the product.
  • Refund- Processed after the inspection in 3 to 6 business days.
  • Email-
  • Contact info: +1 (833)610-0946.

Advantages of Sivuan:

  • You can purchase the top-quality and comfortable Anti-pandemic mask on Sivuan.
  • The price of the mask is cheap and is worth to invest.
  • The customer gets several modes of payment on this website.
  • Sivuan guarantees the best services with an easy return and exchange policy.
  • The website is secured to use.
  • The website is certified, and your payment information will be safe.

Disadvantages of Sivuan:

  • The company has not provided any details about its address.
  • They are not available on social media.
  • There are fewer varieties of products.
  • Some deliveries might get delay.

Customer reviews about Sivuan:

On turning the pages of various websites and off the leading site as well, we could not find anything make stable. There is no customer review section provided by th website. tlThis gives a blurry effect to the of the site.

Without the customer reviews, it becomes hard to draw a perception about the products and services of the company. 

Final verdict:

As the article comes to an end, the results do not seem to be good. The website has more of unfortunate remarks than the positive ones. 

The contents on the website are entirely copied from other websites that are into selling similar products. Be it the content, or the services offered, everything is a copy-paste scam to the customers. 

The company do not provide any information about the owner who takes the responsibility of the site. Also, the website has no social media presence. This is again a point of doubt on the legitimacy of the brand.

But, there arose a few points that turned positive. The website shows an address to contact. This gives hope to the ones who made plans to make purchases from the site. The address provided provides an assurity with of physical traces of the company.

Thus, we hesitate in recommending the website to the readers. 

But, if anyone has ever been a customer to it, we happily welcome the comments and feedback. It will be a great help for future visitors of the company.


  1. I purchased some mask 13 days ago and still haven’t received them nor any info on eta of them. I sent them a message on their website today and if I don’t hear anything by tomorrow I will be calling my CC to cancel transaction.

  2. Ordered 2 masks from Sivuan on 04/28. Said they would ship in 2 days. Nothing. Sent a tracking number which was false. Now I am trying to get my money back. My fault, if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

  3. Ordered 2 masks 5-2-20. Absolutely nothing, no response. Sent e-mail to Sivuan customer service, again no response. Nothing but a rip off.

  4. Same issue as Fred. It’s been a month now since I ordered them. I needed those for my family weeks ago. The tracking number is fake. And I contacted them about a week ago and just received an email that sounds automatic. And it says, “ Hi

    Apologizes for the delay.

    We have checked the latest logistics status.

    Your parcel has been shipped .And it is in transit.

    You can track it here: SF6143138920121,420403919200190252835901710846(USPS)

    Due to nCOVID-19, the time of international logistics may be extended by force majeure(Fewer flights, speed of customs clearances,and so on).

    So during this period, it may have no updating for shipping.

    I’ve contacted the post to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

    If you have any other questions,please be free to connect with us.

    We are already pleased to serve you at any time.

    Best regards.”

    It didn’t address really anything about my email to them directly. It also had my name like “EdenEstes” in the greeting. Also the subject was “out for delivery”.

    I’m calling my bank. I’m an idiot. I didn’t do look into it. Just trusted it because it looked legit and I was tired.

  5. Ordered my masks back in April. Same result as Eden Estes and others. It’s now 8 July and no masks. Got the exact cookie-cutter reply from the company in late May. Do not ever expect to see any masks from this scam company.

  6. Same for me Eden… I ordered masks in May and they sent me the same type of letter., and 4 more that Truly sounded sincere and that Someone was Actually talking to me. Due to the pandemic I gave them more time than I should have, and bc of the nice ‘Sincere’ letters. 60 days! Luckily the payment went thru PayPal and they have a 180 day ‘ did not receive my pkg’ clause that should cover my a$$! I Hope! Awaiting on a answer from them.

  7. Do not use this company for masks they will take your money and send you a tracking number that is no good if you do it through PayPal they will also not be any help on getting a refund I ordered mask on May 15 and still have yet to receive them and it is August 23 I done dispute through PayPal and PayPal said that they were going to deny my claim for a refund because they were able to track the package I asked PayPal to please send me the valid tracking number they had 12 days ago and have yet to hear anything from them as well so I repeat do not spend your money with this company they will take your money and you will receive nothing I do believe it is a scam and I have reported them to my states attorney general

  8. I purchased masks at start of pandemic it wasnt fast but it wasnt terribly slow. Im a nurse so wanted something more to it than just a rag. We get compliments they look like in the picture and even reordered more. I did get communication every time.

    Drawback: unable to select different colors it was only one color for multiple. Also it only comes w one filter. They donwash well.

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