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Simylor Reviews [June] Read Post Before Shopping Here

Simylor Reviews 2020

Simylor Reviews [June] Read Post Before Shopping Here -> This article will tell you if an online store is scamming you or not.

Are you an avid luxury fanny pack bag’s fan and love what luxury goods stand for? Then the Simylor online retailer is definitely offering you something interesting. 

 You can never have enough bags and the year bring by more creative and exciting designs in this category as well. Now, luxury bags come with the connotation that they make the best quality products. The better the quality of the product, the longer it shall last. 

Simylor Reviewstells you about an online retailer that is sure to tickle the shopping bug in you.  The retailer is based out of the United States and at the present moment, only delivering within the country. 

Is Simylor legit? 

Online shopping for a variety of necessities is relaxing as your purchases delivered to you at your doorstep. However, taking advantage of the increase in online purchasing are numerous scam sites. Their main aim is to fool unsuspecting customers and trick them into sharing their account details. 

Is Simylor Scam is a question often asked about this new website. Is true? Well, we know that you will find proper contact details on visiting the site. Thus, you will not face difficulty in contacting the brand. But numerous online reviews will tell you that the website is a total scam. 

What is Simylor? 

Simylor is an online retailer that sells luxury bags, jewellery, embroidered bag straps, etc. The bags range from elegant clutches, messenger bags, backpacks, belt bags or fanny bags, and some handbags. All products are made up of vegan leather, which means the brand aims at selling products that will last long. 

They lack an About Us section, which means it isn’t much you will be able to find out about its makers. They provide social media icons, but on clicking them, you will be opening your own social media page. However, they do provide a customer care phone number! That should ease your troubles. 

What is unique about Simylor? 

Simylor claims to be a vegan brand whose products are made of vegan leather. Vegan leather is supposed to provide purchasers with a more luxurious feel, and at the same time, sustainable. On most occasion’s brands use materials such as apple peels, fruit waste, recycled plastic, corks, etc. which is good for the environment. 

Its designs are attractive, and the bag’s exterior is just as enticing as the inside that is covered with a contrast fabric. This tells you that the brand has put in the effort to make all the products they are selling. 

Specifications of Simylor

  • Products- Leather bags and accessories 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- (713) 443-1953
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- 6-9 business days 
  • Shipping fee- $4.99
  • Return- can be made within 21 days of purchase 
  • Exchange- no exchange policy offered 
  • Refunds- will take two billing cycles 
  • Payment- they only allow the PayPal payments 

Pros of purchasing from Simylor

  • The brand sells vegan leather bags 
  • You can make easy returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase 
  • They also allow easy refunds once they have analyzed the return 
  • They have provided full contact information 
  • Your purchase will be delivered within 6-9 days 
  • The collection offered is fascinating 
  • The layout is easy on the eyes 
  • Easy navigation will ensure smooth and swift purchases 

Cons on purchasing from Simylor 

  • They do not provide exchange policies 
  • You can only make online payments for purchases via PayPal 
  • Online YouTube reviews will tell you that it is a total scam 
  • It was set up in May 2020 
  • The address provided is not fake 
  • The ‘About us’ section is absent from the website 
  • There are no customer reviews available about the website 

Customer reviews of Simylor

The website has no customer reviews available, that may be because it has a terrible trust score index. One swoop of the internet will show you YouTube and online reviews regarding it. They do not speak positively of the website, mainly because it was made almost a month back. 

According to one online review, the address provided by the website is a fake, which is not a good sign. 

Final verdict- 

Through this Simylor Reviewswe wish to tell you that this online retailer seems to be a scam website. There are numerous pointers that point in it being a scam and hence we do not recommend it. To ensure you are not scammed, you must not make any purchase from it.  

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