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Shopyok Reviews [June] Is This an Online Scam Site?

Shopyok Reviews

Shopyok Reviews [June] Is This an Online Scam Site? -> The above journal will let you have an idea of the website’s credibility.

Out of dress, footwear, or matching accessories for the upcoming party? Don’t you worry gals, we have Shopyok at your service.

Shopyok is an online shopping website offering various products ranging from women’s dresses, top & bottoms, winterwear, swimwear, and footwear. The website facilitates easy and efficient refund, return, and exchange policy. It is committed to providing quick customer support to its local & international users.

Shopyok Reviews reveals that the business is operated from the United States. It is selling the whole women product range at fair prices. The team of skilled labor ensures to process fast delivery within the US and across different nations. The website has clearly stated its “privacy policy” which ensures its compliance with privacy laws and gives a fair sense of its genuineness.

Before evaluating this e-commerce store for its reliability, let’s understand its features such specifications, shopping pros & cons, social media activeness & reviews.

What is Shopyok?

It is an online shopping website serving the audience across the United States, the United Kingdom, and most of the European nations. With high-quality product images and comprehensive product features, the site manages to build brand loyalty on its customers.

As a result of offering a wide range of women’s outfits and accessories at appropriate pricing, the website can give a healthy competition to the rest of the e-store dealing with similar products. Efficient return, exchange, and refund provision allow the users a friendly interface to transact with.

A team of friendly and flawless customer support staff is working round the clock in order to provide prompt support to its local as well as international users.

Is Shopyok a legit website?

The ever-growing Internet is filled with fraudulent websites. While shopping online, you may come across those fake websites that may steal your personal information. Over a long time, the number of online scams has increased, thereby generating revenue through illegitimate methods and tricked many online shoppers.

We are here to evaluate the credibility of the website based on various factors. We also help you understand if the website support theft, key loggers, and spyware.

Registered in April’20, Shopyok is an online shopping store catering to the users based in the United States and internationally.

Specifications of Shopyok:

  • Product: Women’s Western Wear, swimwear & footwear
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Parent Company: Shopyok
  • Address: 11377, Springwood Dr #34, Tigard, United States
  • Contact number: (785) 342-6866
  • Delivery time: 6-8 business days (Within United States); 7-14 days (Shipping Abroad)
  • Shipping fee: $4 for US & custom fees for international orders
  • Exchange: Accept order exchange
  • Returns: Accept within 7 days of receiving the order (if approved)
  • Refunds: Processed within 7 working days (if approved)
  • Mode of Payment- Accepts PayPal

Pros of buying from Shopyok:

  • Express Product Delivery within 6-8 business days (Within the United States) & 7-14 days (Shipping Abroad)
  • Instant support helpline at (785) 342-6866
  • Customer support email is
  • Accept returns within 7 days of order arrival
  • Efficient Exchange and Refund Policy

Cons of buying from Shopyok:

  • “About Us” page is missing
  • Missing customer feedback on all the products
  • The domain is registered in April’20
  • Brand not active on social media

Customer feedback on Shopyok:

Privacy policy, shipping information, return, and exchange policy are clearly communicated, which implicates that the online business cares about laws compliance and its customer concerns. Alike most legitimate websites, its simple and comprehensive web design makes the online store more user-friendly.

The website lets its customers to easily reach out to its customer service team via phone and email. While on the other hand, no customer reviews add ambiguity in its customers’ minds.

Being a recently launched eCommerce store reflects that the site doesn’t have a lot of traffic with a low conversion rate. Lack of activeness on social platforms indicates the high suspicion about the website’s caliber.

Final Verdict:

Upon analyzing the website’s social media presence, we understood that the brand could not be entrusted.

With the missing “About Us” page and domain age of fewer than 3 months, the website fails to certify itself to be a legit e-store to collaborate with.

Post reviewing the website against cybersecurity parameters, and we would like to advise our readers not to consort with this online shopping store in order to prevent themselves from being tricked or scammed.

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  1. I ordered a raft 3 days ago from Shopyok and there is no confirmation of purchase yet but the money has been taken out of my account!

  2. I purchased an item from They sent me a tracking number for someone else’s item at someone else’s address. I confirmed with my local postmaster that the tracking number was for a different item to a different person. I attempted to contact about the issue but the phone line is always busy and they do not respond to emails. I am in the middle of a protracted resolution process with PayPal because is claiming that they shipped the item and providing the tracking number that goes to someone else’s address as proof that they fulfilled their obligation.

    At this point is continuing to not answer my emails and paypal is being very slow to address the tracking issue.

    It’s highly likely that either due to incompetence or immorality has stolen approximately $100 of my hard earned dollars.

    I suggest it is safest to shop somewhere else.

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