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Shoppingink com Reviews [June] Spot The Scam Points

Shoppingink com

Shoppingink com Reviews [June] Spot The Scam Points -> Not all new launch websites are a scam. Know how we conclude the legitimacy or authenticity of an online store in this article.

If you are among the considerate buyers of hi-tech electric scooters and accessories, then we have an online store that will effortlessly meet your needs. Are you ready to look into it?

With age and our income generation capacity, we tend to invest in the products that meet our quality, service life, simplicity of usage, and performance articulations. If any of these expectations is not available in a product, we find it abortive. However, when we tend to spend less, we are always at risk of scams. In this article, we are studying a website that contrives from the United States

For this aspiration, we ponder Shoppingink com Reviews are not enough to justify the aspects that will be cited below. Please sit back and relax to apprehend our motive behind this article.

What is Shoppingink?

Shoppingink is an online browsing outlet that booths twelve products grouping from eyebrow stamp, car phone mount, muscle-flexing instrument, skateboard to an electric car, sneakers, and digital frame. From the provenance date of 10th June 2020, it turns out to be only nine days old. On this online emporium, you get 30 days to make a return, refund or exchange request only through the message section available for you to contact the company. The twelve listing products have a lower price, which is statistically unmatchable in the market

Is Shoppingink Com Legit or a scam? It is a feisty question that comes into our consciousness and for which we are designing this article for you. To get a fast hold on details, we are remarking some elemental peculiarity of this website.

Specifications of Shoppingink:

  • Website type: Multi-utility and electrical products
  • Delivery time: No Information Found
  • Shipping time: No Information Found
  • Shipping charge: No Information Found
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Return: Applicable
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Company address: No Information Found
  • Contact number: No Information Found
  • Email address: No Information Found
  • Payment mode: Amex, Maestro, and visa 

Benefits of Shopping from Shoppingink:

  • A mail server is available.
  • Detection of HTTPS Protocol
  • Uses Shopify platform
  • Credible SSL certificate

Cons of Shopping from Shoppingink:

  • Newfangled website
  • Low popularity
  • Lesser website traffic
  • Hidden owner’s identity
  • Low Alexa rank
  • Website registration is only valid for three months.
  • The site relates to three different countries.

Can we say Shoppingink is legit?

Rearing the return, refund, exchange, and shipping policies, we as an acquisitor find many wrong signals that direct us to scamming website features. The company’s background, delivery or shipping policies, payment alternatives information, and many such details are missing on the website. All the policies are applicable only when you spend money to return the product, and the guarantee is never there. It has way lower-priced products that give us significant suspicion laid before placing an order. In times of queries or questions, you can only send them a message. 

Vouchsafing to our research, we locate the URL to three different nations. All the factors mentioned above are only red flags that hint us not to entrust our money on any of the marketed products. With these details, we cannot assume that this online shop is legit. 

Feedback of the customers on Shoppingink:

Nine days’ existence is not sufficient for a website to embark a journey to popularity. Henceforth, we do have findings of product reviews on Shoppingink com. But it does not imply that we do not possess any words from the existing customers to guide you. 

We, hitherto, have two most relevant feedbacks from the users on the trust rating website. Both the buyers state that this website is a scam and only task to fool us. One user has claimed that the company was running under a different scammed website and used bogus shippers. The comment also states that the former scammed website does not exist after scamming the buyers, and it will again happen with this new launch online portal. 

Therefore, we now know neither the website nor the products have ever received decent feedback from the prevailing buyers. 

Final Words:

Following giving you all tangled information, we are sure that you are laying your confidence in us. In our last confabulations, we allege that Shoppingink com is a scam generated from a previous deceit online business with similar product pictures and prices. 

Please share your thoughts to merge with our review for making a chain of helping hands.

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  1. if this is a scam. why are they allowed to advertise on facebook? isn’t facebook liable at all if it is indeed a scam?

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