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Shoplegging com Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Shoplegging com Website Reviews

Shoplegging com Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you find out about an online platform that offers many different kinds of fashionable women’s clothing.

Do you prefer shopping for clothes online? You can browse through Shoplegging. 

According to customer reviews, it comes across as very affordable yet stylish clothing platform for women who love to keep themselves updated about the latest trends in the market. 

Nowadays there is a growing trend among people to shop for clothes online. Online fashion stores offer more variety and convenience for customers. Also, they provide you relief from the experience of endlessly waiting in line outside the changing rooms. People can easily browse through different kinds of clothing from their homes according to their preferences. Online clothing stores also provide new entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their creativity and expertise. is a new website which is slowly becoming popular in the United State. It has garnered a very satisfying response from its customers. The site has many positive reviews under many of its products from its buyers.

So if you are interested in adding new and fashionable pieces of clothing to your wardrobe then you should read more about

What is Shoplegging? is an online women’s clothing store that provides a large variety of apparel. Its major categories include tops, denim, casual pants, cargo pants, shorts, and yoga pants. The clothes are designed by emerging women designers. 

The clothes are ethically made with eco-friendly material. They promise ease of movement in everyday activities. A detailed description of the product and its material is mentioned. Many clothes offer attractive discounts too. But can you trust Shoplegging or is it only a scam?

Specifications of Shoplegging

  • Website Type:- Women’s clothing
  • Email: support@shoplegging.comProcessing time:- Between 3-7 days or up to two weeks.
  • Delivery time:- Within 24 days
  • Exchange:- Applicable
  • Return:- Done within 2-3 days according to the type of payment.
  • Shipping charge:- Applicable and non-refundable.
  • Refund:- Within 30 days.
  • Cancellation of order:- Can be done before the order has been processed.
  • Contact no. :- 0755-84829715
  • Address:- RM 1902 EASEY COMM BLDG 253-261 HENNESSEY ROAD WANCHAI HK 999077
  • Mode of payment:- Visa card, Union pay card, PayPal, Mastercard, discover, press club, maestro

Is Shoplegging genuine?

The website has thoroughly explained how it protects and secures our personal information on its Privacy Policy page. For any questions or complaints regarding anything related to its products, you can contact their Privacy Compliance officer whose email ID is listed above.

Pros of buying from Shoplegging

  • It offers a range of clothing at affordable prices.
  • Clothes are ethically made.
  • Environment-friendly material used
  • Has 30-day No-Hassle refund policy
  • Global shipping
  • Delivery within 24 hours.
  • Offers discounts on many purchases.
  • A variety of payment options are available.
  • Variety of colors and size of the same clothing available.

Cons of buying from Shoplegging

  • COD is not available.
  • Orders once processed cannot be canceled.
  • Sometimes due to a large number of purchases, the site can take up to two weeks for processing.

What customers have to say about Shoplegging

The site is new, so it does not have many reviews of its clothes. Still, some of its products have gathered quite a bunch of reviews on the site itself. People are finding them very comfortable, breathable and attractive. Some of them are also making up their mind to purchase more after being impressed with the quality of their clothes. People are especially appreciating the texture, and density of the fabric used. We searched the website thoroughly to find at least one negative review on any of their clothing. But, despite our search around their whole online store, we were not able to find even single negative feedback.

Final Verdict

The site has been created recently so we could not find its reviews on other websites. The site has SSL protection; therefore your information remains secure. They have thoroughly informed about the various aspects related to their delivery, shipping, returns, exchanges, etc. on their website.

All  of their clothing is neatly categorized. Much information about the size, material, discount, etc. is clearly provided for you to make an informed choice. Thus, we recommend this site to you. Currently, the site has a clearance sale going on. They are offering free shipping on all orders above $59. Therefore, this seems to be the right time to check their products out. If you do purchase something, make sure to leave a review on their site or comment here.

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  1. First, this online store will not cancel any order no matter what. They advertise that the product will be received within 24 hours. That isn’t truthful and I never expected to receive something from Hongkong to the US within that time frame. What I did expect was for it not to take a month to have my items shipped. Even after I requested my order to be canceled within the first 24 hours and then repeatedly at least twice a week. All I received was excuses for the delay. The one they used most is that the items I purchased for my wife is in such popular demand, my order is delayed and that it will be shipped as soon as possible. I just received notice that the items were shipped, so I can’t give a fair assessment of the clothes themselves because I do not have them yet. Simply know that buyer beware. If receiving your purchase in a reasonable is important to you, maybe this place isn’t the best place to purchase from. I really hope this helps others from going through what I have gone through with this company. Best of luck to all and as always, Stay Safe during this difficult time in our lives.

  2. It’s advertised delivery within 24 hours. It’s false! I ordered my stuff April 22 and still haven’t received them! I’ve been messaging them for the last 2 weeks and they’ve just been giving me excuses. My status finally said my stuff was shipped 2 days ago so we’ll see how long it takes to get here. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone if you want your stuff right away.

  3. Took 3 weeks before I even got a confirmation that my order was being processed. They charge you on day 1 though. I have tried to email many times and now i have a tracking number that states it’s being processed but it still hasnt gone anywhere. I have no idea what the clothing is going to be like but if i would have known in the first place it’s going to be over a month before anything was done i would not have purchased

  4. This place is ridiculous!! I ordered my product in March and it is May, and I still haven’t received it. I’m currently disputing this charge through PayPal. I will never order from here again.

  5. Ordered from here as well wasn’t expecting it from another country. I figured with everything going on it might take a little longer. Sent an email after almost 3 weeks asking to cancel and be refunded I also got an excuse and was asked to wait a little longer. Just got an email my items were shipped 3 days ago and it shows no info when I go to veiw shipping updates. Will wait a little longer if nothing I will also be disputing my purchase.

  6. I ordered my clothes from this site beginning of April and have not received them! I sent a couple emails and the received an email stating it has shipped. The tracking number cant be found. I still have yet to receive any response backfrom their customer service. I am looking for a number to call now.

  7. Scam! Scam! Scam! Do not order from this on-line site. I ordered two pairs of pants which they charged me for and I have yet to receive a refund. I received an email stating they were sent, then one stating they were not available, another they were sent. The pattern goes on! Still no refund! Wish there was someone to assist me but there is no number or legitimate email address.

  8. This company is a scam. Their product is shit, dollar store quality at best. They took 3 months to deliver my product. Then once received, I was relieved and happy I finally got my product. I took the pants out of the package and just the feel of the material was cheap and very low quality. I figured, what the hell… I waited this long, I’m gonna at least try it on. I tried the pants on and I would say that this was the most ill fitting clothing I’ve ever tried on. You better get like 5 sizes up if you want to take yourself on this bull shit journey and order from them. Now I’ve been fighting for weeks to get my money back! I will not let this go. This is bull shit and this company needs to be shut down. They should not be allowed any type of international shipping. They don’t know how to operate at that capacity.

  9. Do not order from!!!

    The order took 3 months to be delivered. The material is horrible, the website is no longer available, the customer service is horrible. Before the website shutdown, it said they make returns easy. It is not at all. Just all around dissatisfaction.

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