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Shestorms Clothing Review [Sep] Know The Scam Mock Site

Shestorms Clothing Reviews

Shestorms Clothing Review [Sep] Know The Scam Mock Site -> The website is a place for women’s clothing from vintage to modern, covering it all at one site.

Are you looking for some new dresses for yourself? Do you wish to upgrade your wardrobe but still wondering about Shestorms Clothing Review? Then, please read our article until the end and know all about the website.

The website has everything to cater to women regarding apparel from vintage looks to modern fashionable attires. 

It has all from dresses to tops, and patterns for fall, winter including sweaters and cardigans, etc.

The portal does not appear to be very famous in the United States, but people might still want to know the reality of that website. So we are sharing whatever we can trace about the site.

What is Shestorms all about? 

The brand recognizes itself as a subsidiary of Wuhan Tongcai Shuoxue Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. It claims itself being the portal that offers impressive multiple iconic styles from vintage to moderns looks covering everything in women attires.

It is mainly a China-based online fashion merchandise website that offers competitive prices for women’s stylized clothes.

Although it does not seem to have any daily crowd from leading countries like the United States, some people still appear to be interested in this newly created portal.

But the downside about the website is stuck when we look for Shestorms Clothing Reviews. There are not many reviews available, and not even a single one claims any positive things.

So the things about the portal’s existence are still hazy, and the reliability is too low. It needs a different deep search of the website to know more.

Specifications traced during deep dig about Shestorms Clothing:

  • Website Type: The website is one place for all women looking for fashionable and trendy clothes.
  • URL: 
  • Address: Unit- 1- Building- 8 – Country Garden – (Eyun) – No. – 2 Huacheng Avenue -Huashan Town – New Technology Development Zone – Wuhan
  • Phone: Not available
  • Email ID:
  • Shipping cost: It offers different types of chargeable shipping and provides free ship only over $79.
  • Payment: It accepts all sorts of online charges paid via cards.
  • Refund and return: They claim to offer a 30-day comprehensive return policy and refunds against defective merchandise delivered. They have some listed defects for which they provide refunds.

Benefits of shopping at Shestorms Clothing website:

  • The website owns an exquisite collection for the women at a reasonable price.
  • The portal appears to be well-curated and designed and categorized in terms of display.
  • They offer a 30-day return policy.
  • They do offer refunds against defective pieces delivered.
  • They do have a social media presence, although it appears to be newly created ones.

Drawbacks of shopping at Shestorms Clothing website:

  • The website does charge for shipping under orders of $ 79.
  • The portal does not appear to be reliable and appears to be created a couple of months back.
  • The portals lack any valid real reviews and positive ones exist nowhere.

Is Shestorms a Legit webspace or just a scam site like others? 

Shestorms Clothing Reviews appears hard to find online as of now. It might be due to the fact that the portal is not so popular and is newly created could of months back.

Besides having a social media presence, it does not attain any reliability because there aren’t any real reviews from the customers anywhere.

Many things about the website look safe and acceptable, but the lack of reliability due to reviews cannot be overlooked. So it becomes hard to define it as any legit site for now.

Maybe after a few months, the picture might get a little more clear about its reliability.

What do customers have to say about a portal named Shestorms? 

  • The website completed lacks in any firm Shestorms Clothing Reviews directly from the consumers. So it becomes hard to explain what people might be thinking about it.
  • The website is too new, and it seems not many people relied on and tried it out.
  • So trying it out in the initial lots without reviews might be tricky.

Final verdict

The portal is a newly created one based in China. The collection is impressive and beautiful to try for the ladies.

It does share its ownership but still lacks valid reviews besides having a social media account.

But with the lack of reviews, the portal is a little risky to try for now

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  1. So not order from this company ! My jacket came ripped in the lining of the seam . And I was sent 2, and charged for 2! Won’t return for a refund ,even though it is defective. They want me to resell it or give it to a friend ! Hahahahaha- won’t be my friend for long .

  2. Terrible experience. Flimsy, cheap material. All the stitching was uneven (not defined as defective). The sweater is unraveled. Delivery time was almost a month beware ordering from here, never again!

  3. The worst! I received a shirt that was stitched incorrectly on the arm and threads coming out. Terrible quality using the cheapest material. Don’t be fooled by their pictures online. I sent them their request for pictures. The resolution was to give me 20% off my next purchase – as if I’d ever order anything from them again. They refuse to pay for return shipping to China which I don’t understand why they would want this returned when it’s unwearable. Buyer beware- don’t give this place any business!

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