Shelterdeparture Owwa {Oct} Suitable Welfare Schemes!

Shelterdeparture Owwa 2020

Shelterdeparture Owwa {Oct} Suitable Welfare Schemes! >> Overseas welfare and social benefits for the members, know about complete important details above.

Do you wish to know about the Owwa and the various schemes of the administration? Well, you can know everything about it in detail through this blog.

The people should be aware that the administration is attached to the labor and employment department.

The administration helps to protect and promote the welfare of the Filipino workers along with their dependencies. The administration was earlier known as the Welfare and training funds for overseas.

Shelterdeparture Owwa is present in 31 overseas posts around 27 countries. Also, we see that it has its regional presence in seventeen countries as well.

The people of the Philippines find the organization very helpful and useful. We even find that the administration focuses on the welfare of the OFWs.

What is Shelterdeparture Owwa?

The Owwa refers to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. The administration is present in three stages. These are migration, departure, and on-site.

The administration aims to provide every detail to the users and educate them regarding overseas work realities. Also, Shelterdeparture Owwa gives basic language training to the workers. The OFWs undergo basic training and even encounter concerns with their employers.

The OWWA is managed by the Board of trustees and is headed by the deputy administrator. Anyone can be a member of the organization through enrollment. It can be done voluntarily and through a contract.

Important points regarding Shelterdeparture Owwa:

  • This is a national government agency that has special functions of developing and implementing welfare programs. 
  • Also, it has the power to administer a trust fund that is known as the OWWA fund.
  • The services provided by the Shelterdeparture Owwa respond to the need of the OFWs families and the members.
  • It has effective mechanisms that ensure the rights and interests. Also, take care that the rights of the OFWs are adequate and are protected.
  • All the necessary and mandatory services are undertaken by it.

Services provided by the Shelterdeparture Owwa:

  • The administration assists all the members and the overseas offices.
  • Provides information and guidance.
  • Gives legal assistance and training to the members.
  • The organization is funded by the single rust fund from the US.
  • It also provides death and disability benefit.
  • There are the beneficiary and scholarship programs funded by the Shelterdeparture Owwa.

Views of people regarding Shelterdeparture Owwa:

People find that the organization is highly useful and suitable for the overseas and the different OFW members.

The organization takes care of the families and provides them with suitable welfare schemes. The language training and different educational services provided by them are also beneficial.


We find that the administration is useful and legit. The mandates followed by them are the services and benefits, and the fund viability are trustworthy and reliable.

The organization also focuses on psycho and social guidance, which is one of the essential features.

Thus we find that the people of the Philippines can find it a reliable and beneficial administration.

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