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Scam website is not bound to sell only a few products but also that unique, like sports materials, sports kit, or such types. Sometimes those who are unaware fall into the trap of these types of scam sites. But if they take precautions before purchasing any product, they can save themselves from any fraud website. In this article, we will discuss that Legitor not.

You will find several online stores in the United Statesthat sell products at a reasonable price range. But if you found some suspicious price range, which is unrealistic, you can get an idea of the website’s legitimacy. The buyer who got scam by any website must report this on a public platform so that others will not become prey to their filthy needs.

One should also verify the website’s contact information, numbers, and public reviews. Public reviews are essential to check because feedback will give you the exact scenario. Sometimes the website post customer reviews on their website, which is always not true. So, search for feedback on any other site.

In this article, we will cover Reviewsand will discuss its legitimacy.

What is an online shop where you will find kayaks. They have a wide range of collections in size, model, colors, and design. At present, the website is offering a discount of up to 70%. If a buyer places an order of over $30, they will get free shipping facilities from the company’s side.

The website is also offering 30 days of return time, where a customer can return or exchange the product. If a buyer gets a faulty or damaged piece, they can return it without any extra charges. The non-refundable things like gift-cards, personal kits, or software are not replaced or refunded at any cost.

During our research, we found a few negative Reviews, which drove our attention towards the website. We found that the customer who ordered the product never received an item when trying to reach customer care; it was out of reach. They decide to cancel the product manually, but there is no cancel option.

We don’t find any contact number where one can ask any query. All these activities are denoting that the site is not legit.


  • Email Id:
  • Location: 2811 W. Howard St. Apt. 1E Chicago, IL 60645, USA

Pros of

  • is an online shop where you will purchasea kayak. They have a wide variety of assortments in size, model, hues, and plan.
  • The site is offering a markdown of up to 70%. If a purchaser put in the request of over $30, at that point, they will get free shipping
  • The site is additionally offering 30 days of return time, where a buyer can return or trade the item.
  • On the off chance that a purchaser gets a defective or harmed piece, they can return it without giving any additional charges.

Cons of

  • During our research, we discovered some negative Reviews, which drove our consideration towards the site.
  • We found that the customer who requested the item never got anything. When they attempt to arrive at client care, it was not available.
  • There is no social media page possible, and there is no external link to the website.
  • We don’t discover any contact number where one can ask during any question. Every one of these exercises is signifying that the site isn’t genuine.
  • Experts have reported it as a scam website. Legit?

According to the customers’ comments and feedback, we found that the website is not legit. We also check the website carefully, where we discovered that they used several copied images of the products. The address mentioned is incomplete and not verified.

What are the customers saying about

Customers reported that they never received any item. When they try to cancel the product, they found no cancelation option. The website is using copied content. They don’t have any verified contact address. They reported this website spam.


During our research, we found lots of flaws like unidentified addresses, absence of contact numbers, and copied images from other websites. They have no social media pages and have no external links. The site is not legit, and a buyer must avoid this website, but the choice is yours. Do tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. THIS website is a scam. I ordered 2 pk of paddleboards for $99.99. Immediately after ordering and paying via Paypal I became suspicious. The seller’s name was in Chinese and there was no contact information. I also could not cancel the order. Today I received a tracking/shipping confirmation. When I clicked on the tracking link it shows the package was delivered THREE days prior to me ordering it. All shipping info was as I entered. An email to company says that negligent employees entered incorrect tracking. I have filed dispute with my bank, and need to wait to file with PayPAL. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!

  2. I also order 2 kayaks . Had to do 2 separate orders. Never received the items. Received a tracking number for each the day after order was placed. It was for items that I had ordered and received before placing order. Tried to email 3 times to receive proper tracking number, no response. Also tried calling a number but was always busy. I am now disputing charges through my bank and PayPal. This website is a scam and has shut down but there was an identical website at

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