Ruay .com [August] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Ruay .com [August] Is This A Legitimate Website

Ruay .com [August] Is This A Legitimate Website? -> The portal is a place for an online lottery system for people hailing from any location or language.

Are you looking for more information on lottery system applications or jackpots? Do you want to know more about We will share all the details about it. Please read till the end.The portal looks like an entire lottery system running jackpots and offering prizes to its users The lottery system appears to be based in ThailandHowever, anyone can register for it from anywhere in the world. Some more information is needed to understand certain things about the entire jackpot concept it offers.

What is 

It is a portal crafted particularly for lottery systems and jackpots. It does display some stock information about different countries of the globe.

There are specified guidelines and rules on the portal during registration. It also displays some language conversion options.

It looks like a portal based in Thailand and does have a social media presenceIt seems like it was recently updated as well sometime in 2020.

After a deep dig in,appears to offer benefits purely based on luck.

It looks like an open web space for anyone to enter for the jackpots. Read below for more details.

Specifications about

  • Type of product: Lottery system portal.
  • Product link:
  • Language options: Yes
  • Easy login access: Yes
  • The jackpot offered: Yes.
  • Foreign stock information: Yes

Pros about

  • It looks like a complete lottery system created for multiple languages and people of different locations.
  • It allows easy registration instantly if you have Thailand phone number.
  • It even reveals instant results, so no waiting period is there. 
  • That lottery system does have an authentic social media presence.

Cons about

  • It appears for the ones experienced in online lottery systems and applications.
  • It is based on a simple luck concept as there is no confirmation of winning.
  • It appears to be utilising only Thailand currency currently. So you might need to convert your money in that currency in case you do not have it.

Is legit or not? 

The portal does look like a safe thing to access, especially for the ones who understand the languages it displays. 

It does provide language change options to even English, and that makes it easier to enable a person to read everything, including its guidelines.

There are not many reviews available online. However, few are there on the social media portal page of

The credibility of those reviews cannot be confirmed because the language is different, and also it is on their home page. So there are changes those reviews might be scripted.

But overall the portal does not look like any scam thing since it is legal and authorised by the government. The only thing is it does not assures any chances of winning.

What are the opinions of people on 

There are hardly any reviews, so things do look suspicious. Taking a look at the portal itself raises some doubts which cannot be clarified from anywhere.

The lottery system is being run after approval of the Thailand government.

Although some reviews claim the were not able to win or get any benefits. But it is a jackpot system based on mere luck, so it does not guarantee any chances of a win.

Final verdict

The portal is a lottery system created for the jackpot, and it does display stock market details of several countries.

It looks like a portal run based on luck and attracts people to make them gain money via jackpots. It displays an entire set of rules or guidelines, and that is a good sign.

Every legit lottery system does have some rules and regulations to abide by.

This one looks like a legit thing; at least words do indicate the portal being run with proper and legal ways. Although winning or losing is just based on mere luck.

There might be many scam portals going on, but this one does not fall in that category. After reviewing in-depth about it, we can conclude that.

So there appears no harm in going on the portal and trying your luck for the same. You might grab some extra bucks if your turn out to be lucky.

Do share your opinions below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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