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Roskoh Reviews 2020 – Why Are People Doubting Over It?

roskoh reviews

Roskoh Reviews 2020 – Why Are People Doubting Over It? >> This post will give you detail about this brand and clarify all your doubts about using this website.

In this era of fashion and technology, we buy many things online from sometimes trusted stores like Flipkart and Amazon and sometimes from local sites. Because of the demand for online products, they are some sites, and companies try to loot you by cheapest deals. Lack of knowledge leads us to waste money and no satisfaction.

Here we are today reviewing an online shopping site based in the United States named “Roskoh”. After reading, analyzing and, visiting several roskoh reviews, we are bringing this post for you to give clear idea about this brand.

What is Roskoh?

Roskoh is an online shopping site based in the United States. Where they have products related to the bathroom, luggage, sport, clothing, and glasses, this site is selling its products at very cheap rates and with lucrative offers. It commits to delivering products in three to five days after you place the order.

How does it work?

Add items that you want to purchase in the bag and then add payment mode, place payment, and the order placement will be completed. Just like any other online shopping website or app, the working method of Roskoh is the same.

We thoroughly reviewed this site to make a useful review of the site, so that if it is a scam or a legit, you get to know by the end of the article.

Less price, useful items. Doesn’t it look amazing and attractive? Well, Roskoh is giving you all of that. But, when you are getting everything at a low price, the mind starts questioning.

Is Roskoh legit?

To answer all of these questions, we have visited many available roskoh website reviews and made some points.

The information which made us feel like is a legit site are –

  • The website uses pay-pal as their payment method. Pay pal is a recognized site, and if a company is using it, it must be true.
  • There were some famous and well-known brands available on the site, such as Panasonic, Philips, which makes it look like reliable.
  • The site claims that it doesn’t ask for extra information and credit card details, which sounds quite trustable.

But then, using a brand’s logo is no big deal and talking about trust is essential. Thousands of online shopping sites make hundreds of people loot every day. These sites have some things in common, which we found in Roskoh too, Which are as follows –

  • No owner’s name – Rosko hasn’t provided information about the owner of the site. That is a common requirement of any customer to know about a company’s owner from where they are buying things. The same kind of thing you will find out in any fake or scam site. Because it is a scam, they don’t give you the information about the owner or CEO of the company.
  • Too good to be true – One famous saying is “the reality is fleeting”. This site gives very captivating offers to play with customers’ minds. The prices of products are less than expectations. Which is “too good to be true”.
  • Poor content – the first thing which attracts anyone towards the website is the content and how good the site looks. Every site writes the best content to make a unique impact. In roskoh, we have found the material so and very less about the products. The content seems copied from various locations, and it made no effect on us as an audience—punctuation and sentence formation error, which an online site, that too U.S based shouldn’t do.
  • “contact us” not enough – The contact us section of com has no information about the website and how to contact or any other contact number. It just has a form to fill, which gives no assurance that you can contact.
  • Cheap products – The products of the site look despicable.
  • Copied images – The images used in the site seems copied and doesn’t look like a brand. Many roskoh com reviews published by other bloggers have also pointed this concern.
  • Return Policy – The return policy of says if the product is damaged, they will not give you a refund.
  • Not providing delivery date – They are not providing any delivery date. It just says the order will deliver it in four to five days.

Customer’s Rosko reviews

To get more idea if roskoh legit or scam. We have read the customer’s roskoh review, which says after placing the order it means the item is out of stock and the payment is made, where other apps or sites state before the amount if the thing is out of stock.

According to another Roskoh website review, the site received the order but didn’t send any confirmation mail.


As per the conclusion, we found out that this site can be a scam. It is in our hands to review any site before purchasing and ensure our safety. We should know all the information about online sites because of technology some people have learnt how to loot the hard-earned money of people. What we recommend you is Kindly review, read, ask before buying anything online.

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