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Roseriva Reviews [Oct 2020] Know The Scam Mock Site

Roseriva Reviews [Sep] Know The Scam Mock Site

Roseriva Reviews [Oct 2020] Know The Scam Mock Site -> This article is to protect innocent consumers from scammers on the internet that fool them with misleading content and exciting discounts.

How to identify between a legit and a fake website? Keep reading because you would come to know a few vital tricks to know whether a website is possibly a scam or not till the end of this article.

Many websites on the internet are scams and have cheated so many customers financially. Some websites have visibly fishy content, and some are made so professionally pleasing to the eye that you won’t even believe that the website is a scam. Now you would say in this pandemic; there is no other way left that we can shop. So if you look for Roseriva Reviews online, you won’t find any as the website is 45 days old and has very few visitors on their website.

Roseriva is the United States based brand that ships the products across.

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What is Roseriva?

Roseriva is an E-commerce fashion website for women. It has an endless variety of fall collections, hoodies, sweatshirts, cardigans, jumpers, blouse shirts, T-shirts, and tank tops. It also has accessories like some quirky jewelry, socks, gloves, scarves, and hats. They have a wide range of shoes as well. 

So basically, this website has something for every woman out there. The social media links of their brand are missing on this website, and they have linked social media pages of some other well-known brand. It is the essential part that you need to check first as a legitimate website would also have a social media page. However, a fake website would not take much of a pain to create a social media page of their own. Besides, they might not want any negative publicity to have, so they have not made their website. 

Below are some specifications of the Roseriva website:

  •   Email address:
  •   Website link:
  •   Product Type: Fashion brand for women
  •   Return Policy: This policy is available
  •   Shipping Cost: Shipping is free for orders over $119 
  •   Contact Number: This detail is not available
  •   Mode of Payment: Paypal, Maestro, Mastercard
  •   Refund PolicyThis policy is available

Below are the pros of shopping from the Roseriva website:

  • Endless variety.
  • Trendy fashion clothes available.
  • The website has a secure connection.

Below are the cons of shopping from the Roseriva website:

  • The brand does not have a social media presence and has provided links to a well-known brand. 
  • A proxy owns the domain of this website.
  • The website is 45 days old and has 365 days of validity.
  • The content of the website is very misleading, especially the returns & refunds part of this website. 
  • Since the website is new, there are no customer Roseriva Reviews available online.

Is Roseriva a legit brand?

There are a few key areas that prove the legitimacy of any website. Here are a few important ones that cannot be ignored. The website has a secured connection, i.e., the SSL protected website that ensures the communication or any shared information on this site will be encrypted. 

The company’s website does not have a social media presence and has given links to a different social media page of a well-known brand and trusted in the market. It is a first sign that raises the chances of this website to be fake. 

What are the people saying about Roseriva Website?

The company’s website is very new on the internet and is 45 days old and has no Roseriva Reviews. The domain of this website is owned by proxy, which is another red flag. The majority of the website is copied and pasted from some other website. A legit brand would never do that.

Moreover, the website has mentioned that the swimwears are not eligible to return on the return policy, which is weird as they don’t even sell swimwear. This website seems so good to be accurate at first glance; however it is suggested not to fall for it.

Final Verdict:

Overall this website has red flags all around, no Roseriva Reviewsand is highly suggested to keep away from this website. The misleading content and absence of social media links are the problematic areas, and there are high chances of this website to be a scam.

The scammers often keep the website’s look and feel genuine and let the other vital areas like return & refund policies be very sloppy as they think that the consumer would not give it a read or analyze the website, which is true. The consumers often tend to fall for such websites and get financially cheated. 

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  1. Roseriva is a scam they have not sent me a tracking number at all and it’s been 3 weeks I also have sent them several emails and for no response so NOT order from them

  2. Not only are they a scam, I paid to return all items (that look like a child put them together in a sweat shop, literally you have NEVER seen clothes that look this bad EVER). The scam artist chased down the UPS man who delivered my return and said they rejected the package to be sure that they wouldn’t have to process my return. UPS got it on video and I told them to report the culprit. They’re also trying to help me force the package to be accepted.

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