Robuxcave Scam {Oct} Is It Legit Generator Free Robux?


Robuxcave Scam {Oct} Is It Legit Generator Free Robux? >> An online robux generator website for gamers that seems unsure read whole article to know more.

Everybody either from the United States or other part has this craze for some online games, but ever came across a scam website that might have changed your opinion on online games?Here, Robuxcave Scam, we will disclose a particular website that cannot be trusted blindly.Let’s read more.

What is

It is a website that is an online generator that promises to give free robux in exchange, and you will have to sign in and complete surveys or even watch ads.  For those who have not heard about this online game based in the United States called Roblox, well Roblox is like a world or universe where you can create and play as per your imagination. Robux is used as currency in the game where you can buy or sell.

As per Robuxcave Scam, this website is a robux generator, and many gamers get tempted to check it out, but it’s positively not recommended.  Keep reading to know more.


  • The website was launched on 30th January 2020 
  • The website can be accessed via
  • The website has no information.
  • It only includes activity, platform, and chat sections.
  • The website is not secure.

Services offered on the website.

  • This website offers a gaming platform.
  • The website is for android users and ios users.
  • Also, there is a platform where all the players can chat.
  • It has an activity log.

Is it safe?

Robuxcave Scam does not recommend this website as it seems very suspicious. There is no relevant information on the website and which rings alert bells. Also, when clicked on the generator or other sections, you get redirected onto some other page. 

The original game, i.e., Roblox, originated from the United States, and all the players who are hooked on this game tend to access this website. 

Customer reviews 

There are no reviews on the website, but in the chatting room, the players can comment, and as observed by Robuxcave Scam, the comments are repeated, and some are bots.

There are few reviews on some legit platforms that state that this website is very suspicious and cannot be trusted quickly.

There are also claims that this website makes you attempt surveys and watch advertisements in exchange for robux. Some players on the website claim that they have claimed robux by answering surveys to be trusted as they can be bots, and just to fool you, they can say that.  

Final verdict

This website may look tempting to some players who are new to the game but looking at the facts discovered by Robuxcave Scam, it is very suspicious and can be skeptical.

This website is not recommended as there is no relevant or apposite news about this website. And also, there are no good reviews about it, which makes it more dubious. 

With this, we conclude that this website is not trustworthy and doesn’t seem legit. Let us know your views on this website are; please do comment in the comment section. 

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