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Are you a gamer? If yes, then you must have heard about games like Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite but not about Robux.

Well, gamers stay up-to-date with the games that enter into the market now and then. These games usually come in children’s knowledge with word of mouth. One such game which has rapidly gone into the acknowledgment of children in the United State is Roblox.

Around 115 million users were seen active on this platform worldwide, and the digits are increasing ever since. The Minecraft had 100,000 users in August 2019. It came into notice that Roblox has surpassed those digits as well. Moreover, Roblox now ranks in the top-five games, which are most-watched on Youtube.

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What is Roblox? 

If we technically see it, Roblox is a gaming environment for children and not a game. The children download the Roblox app on their gadgets and then select the games they want to play, which are available on the app. Robux has been an older game than Minecraft, in the market since 2006. There are more than 50 million games on-board, which makes your child not to complain ever that they need more games.

The children of the United State love this game for one more reason that they can connect with other people on this platform. Roblox works as a social media platform as well.


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How does Roblox work?

Similar to other platforms, users are supposed to enter a user name with which they would be known in the game. They are requested to join with their date of birth, their gender, and a password. Signing up means creating an account on the Roblox platform, which is somewhat like a social networking site.

The profile page displays the games which a person has played, their friends, a section to post a feed, friends who have followed you, friends followed by you on the platform. The groups which you are a part of are also visible on the platform. One can see the number and types of badges one has gained so far.

The person who uses the platform is also accessible to chat with anonymous people on the platform. The user can find their friends and customize their avatar as well.

Once the basics are done, the user can select a game to play from the list where he/ she will be able to see the list of other players. 

Who is this platform for

Roblox is a platform the children who like to play online games. But with everything comes their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some listed below:


  • There are a million games on one platform.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • Roblox is user-friendly.
  • There are great reviews about games.


  • The users connect with anonymous people, which is risky.
  • This is not a platform for children.
  • Private messaging is allowed on this platform among anonymous users.
  • No mechanism to stop a child from creating an account with older age.
  • Cyberbullying could be a threat here.
  • A lot of pop-ups for additional payment.


Being a game-based platform, this is entertaining as well as luring for kids and elder children. The users are not required to share their personal and private information on the platform, not even their real names. The application is safe until the user shares the private data. 

It came into notice that the kids below 18 years created an account stating their false ages. The platform has no mechanism to control that yet. This platform could be unsafe for such kids. 

As the children are asked to use their imagination, it could become a problem as the imagination sometimes can be inappropriate. 


This platform is safe for children unless they misuse it. Roblox provides parental guidance, as well. We recommend it and claim it to be safe.

Have you signed up with Roblox yet? We would like to read about your gaming experience in the comments section below.

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