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Robinhood Google Reviews 2021 Smooth

Robinhood Google Reviews {Jan} A trading application -> Review the information about the commission-free online trading app.

Today’s news writing is about a popular online trading app in the United States. Many investors are already aware of this commission-free investment and trading app and the storm of RobinHood google reviews.

What is Robinhood?

RobinHood is an android/iOS application available on the google play store. It gives you real-time stock updates, financial news, trading options, and insights into the stock markets.

It offers RobinHood crypto as it’s a cryptocurrency for online trading and is entirely commission-free. Hence, one can invest in stock without having to invest in cash and earn money. It’s best suited for the new investors interested in trading as it offers those tools to understand the financial investment markets and start trading.

The app has recently been in the news for low ratings, and many negative Robinhood google reviews bombarded in the review section of the android google play store.


  • Commission Free trading option with a low-cost margin
  • The interface is simple and easy on both app and website
  • Allows small quantities to be traded in cryptocurrency.
  • Deposited cash has instant access
  • Security is up to standard and trustable.
  • The account can be opened with zero balance


  • Trading is directed to payment for order flow, and hence it doesn’t offer the best prices.
  • The resources and research are minimal, don’t provide any tool for investment and screening of stock.
  • The quotation stream is quite delayed, no real-time streaming
  • Issues in payment for order flow are observed.
  • Ranges of options do not offer futures, mutual funds, and fixed income.
  • Customer Service experience is not put to the mark.

What are the Robinhood Google Reviews?

In the United States recently, the app has been in the limelight but due to wrong reasons. We analyzed the reason for the spike in stock prices of GameStop and many other stocks by investors, causing a considerable loss in hedge funds. Therefore, Robinhood restricted the users to buy these selected stocks and users could only have the option to sell.

This caused outrage by the users, and roughly 100,000 negative reviews were shared on the android platform, which affected the application’s overall assessment and rating. However, the iOS/apple application remained unaffected by bombardment.

Robinhood removed the Gamestop trading restrictions, and soon we observed the playstore rating is back to 4.0 in the last few hours, and most of the RobinHood Google Reviews negative ratings have been removed. Users are highly dissatisfied with the customer support too.

Final Verdict

The Robinhood app is best for new investors with low investment and helps understand the concept of trading and markets. The simple and easy interface allows the users who would like to start a trading experience.

The app offers commission-free trading options which are very intimidating, although the order flow is difficult and troublesome.

For an experienced investor, the app is not helpful as it doesn’t allow to assess potential profitability, research or resources are limited, and customer service is not useful. Therefore, the overall Robinhood Google reviews suggest the app is best suited for beginners. Do share your opinions and experience in the comments below.

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