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Rinseffin Reviews [April] Is It Legit? or Another Scam?

Rinseffin Reviews

Rinseffin Reviews [April] Is It Legit? or Another Scam? -> The post will give you insight into a new online store. Tell you if you should spend your money on it or not.

If you are reading this post, then you, like many others, are searching for ways to keep your kids entertained or budget patio furniture. This Rinseffin Reviews will give you an insight into a new online retailer. 

As online shopping becomes safer and safer, more are more retailers are jumping aboard it. It Sells commodities big and small alike. You can now easily buy furniture, beds, gym equipment, tools and so much more. 

The rinseffin online store has been moderately successful amongst the people of the United States. So, what else does this website have to offer? All your questions shall be answered in this post, read it till the end. 

What is Rinseffin? 

It is an online store that offers customers a select variety of custom products perfect for any sport, passion, or hobby the person may possess. This is what the brand mentions in its about us section. It has a strange mix of outdoor and indoor furniture, as well as some kids’ playgrounds and cars, as well as toolboxes and construction.

Rinseffin online store also offers a variety of gym equipment such as a spin bike. Along with this, you will also spot play stations, machines, and even an arcade. These can be placed on its bestsellers’ category. 

The site opens up to a pixilated image of a drawing room with a plush sofa. This will tell you that the makers put in no work on the site.

What are the products available on this site? 

This online store offers products that are divided into the following categories-

  • Best Sellers- here you will spot a lot of products that are not there in the other categories. Such as a 2-seater chargeable car, a four-person steam sauna, gym equipment, etc. You may like the raised garden bed in this category. 
  • Animal and Chicken Coup- these are two separate sections that contain houses, hutches, sofa’s, towers with scratchable exteriors, and coups to house your pet friends and poultry. 
  • Children’s playgrounds and electric cars- these again are two separate sections that contain electric bikes/cars, princess castles, and kiddie houses, inflatable animals/pools/houses, etc. all these are sure to keep your kids entertained. 
  • Rinseffin furniture– this section consists of a heavy garden or backyard greenhouses, gazebos, storage setups, etc. to some patio perfect sofas and swing sets. 
  • Construction accessories, tools, and toolboxes- these are three different sections that contain tools, and machines companies or individuals may require while building or doing some landscaping. 
  • Mini excavator and outdoor electric cars- these two categories consist of machines such as tractors, diggers, and lawnmowers to small car options such as go-karts, electric scooters/bikes, etc. 
  • The last is the Game console section- this contains your Sony, XBOX, and even Nintendo’s. 

Pros and cons of purchasing from this site

Keeping the product list in mind, let us see the pros and cons of purchasing from the Rinseffin online store. 

  • The site has an SSL certificate; this means all your information remains secure when on the site. 
  • A lock right next to the website URL shows that your connection is secure and that nothing fishy is being accessed. 
  • The shipping section gives you clarity on how long it will take for the product purchased to reach you. 
  • The creation date is old; most scam sites will have a new creation address. 
  • They deliver worldwide, so a purchase can be made regardless of the country you live in. 
  • However, the website generates very low outside connections. 
  • Even though they mention, the product is made in the United States, the shipping details talk of China. Is the brand trying to mislead us? 
  • The contact us section provides a phone number- (815) 236-5829 and email id- The email id sounds shoddy! 
  • While they provide some details and information in the product details section, some products lack this information. 
  • The products are just haphazardly put together. Some products, such as the gym equipment is not there on the categories but present on the best seller’s section. 
  • No company address mentioned. This would make it difficult to make returns. 
  • There are no customer reviews available. 

Final verdict-  

Rinseffin com has some pros, such as offering budget options of furniture, electric cars, as well as other tools and types of equipment. The cons tell mentioned tell you that you must be very aware before making a purchase. 

To conclude, you choose to purchase or not to purchase from this site. If you have, then do share your experience in the comments below. 

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      1. Scam scam scam. Tried to order a mo the ago .. nothing came. Called and emailed, no response. Impossible to leave review on their site – of course. voicemail goes to some guy who doesn’t identify himself or business and sounds like he has a 9th grade education… Of course you can’t leave a voicemail because the voicemail box is full and probably has been forever. My

      2. Scam scam scam. Tried to order a mo the ago .. nothing came. Called and emailed, no response. Impossible to leave review on their site – of course. voicemail goes to some guy who doesn’t identify himself or business and sounds like he has a 9th grade education… Of course you can’t leave a voicemail because the voicemail box is full and probably has been forever. My

  1. Shelly. When you do a review, shouldn’t you offer more specific information? If this is merely your opinion from reading an article or two online, it should not be presented as a “review”.

  2. I saw the add on FB for the 8×8 raised Garden bed at only $133.00 for the materials, I showed my husband. He said, “at that price, buy it! I can’t buy the wood for that price!” So as I was placing my order, I got suspicious and clicked the second add. The 2 websites looked exactly alike but one was called “Rinseffin” and the other was called “Rtyuhj”. So I came to see if there were reviews. I wish more reviews were here, but based on the one I read , I have decided not to take a chance. In a world that seems to have lost it’s common sense, I have decided to follow mine! As the saying goes… “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

    1. I ordered the same thing. I am out 133.00
      Two day later wayfare a good place to buy
      Had the same thing for 1636.00

  3. Same ad I fell for. Looks like a Wayfair product (where the pics and product info comes from) but theirs sells for $1200.

  4. This is a SCAM! we ordered from here it was a piece of furniture too inexpensive to pass up. When we shared it on Facebook, several people pointed out it was a SCAM. We contacted our credit card company and they put a hold on the payment while they investigated. After a week they said they could NOT give us our money back because this company showed them a delivery PROOF that the furniture had been delivered and was signed by us as RECEIVED! We told them it has only been a week, how can they deliver it so quickly, we DO NOT HAVE IT! We tried to contact the company, but the email turned out to be NOT VALID!

  5. Gotta be a scam, and here’s why:

    The 8×8 raised garden bed caught my attention, but then I started looking at other products, such as excavation equipment selling for less than it would cost to ship it (shipping free over $39). Also, one of the emails on the site is ‘’

    I checked out their domain registration – it was registered July 8 last year and just for one year. The address for the registrant is the same as an address for a vape products company called Pure Vape
    1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste. F104 PMB# 255
    Phoenix, AZ 85016

  6. I ordered the 8×8 planter for my daughter last week but when I went to the site just now to see if they had gotten the order and begun the shipping a pop up declared this was a phishing site so do not go further. I did anyway and got the email/phone number. I called the number and left a message asking what in in the world is going on.

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