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Rewardsfeed net Scam [July] Is There Any Risk?

Rewardsfeed net Scam

Rewardsfeed net Scam [July] Is There Any Risk? -> Get to know about a website that claims to offer rewards for referrals.

Do you score the internet to check with sites that claim to provide rewards for referrals and other tasks? If so, then let’s take a look at

We found a lot of internet users asking about Rewardsfeed net Scam, as it is our primary goal to ensure our readers are well-protected from any online fraud, today we thought of sharing its details. 

Nowadays, the internet is packed with websites that offer rewards to users for carrying out simple tasks such as referring friends and taking part in online surveys. Many people join such sites to take advantage of the deals and get rewarded with points that they could use for shopping online. 

Presently, this website has earned the attention of internet users in the United State

If you too indulge in online reward programs and wish to know if this site is worth the time and effort, then do read on. As here, we evaluate the many aspects of this rewards-offering website. 

What is Rewardsfeed?

Rewardsfeed is an online market research portal that claims to pay smartphone users who join and complete a plethora of tasks. The type of jobs ranges from filling surveys, testing products, reviewing phone apps, or inviting friends to join the site. 

On the site’s terms of service page, visitors can find valuable information about the way the reward program works. Users can finish various tasks to earn points that can be redeemed. 

On the surface, the reward program appears to be tempting; however, is it safe for you to invest time and effort in this portal? Is legit or a scam site? Here we answer this important question. 

Specifications of

  • Website type – an online reward website 
  • Company address – New York
  • Company email id – contact@rewardsfeed
  • Company phone number – +1 (831) 246-6735 

Pros of using

  • The website claims to help users earn money by just using their smartphone. 
  • Users can complete simple tasks and earn points. 

Cons of using

  • The site is not active on social media accounts. 
  • The domain is very new. 

Is legit or not?

The site has an SSL certification and lists a plethora of information about its rewards program. Users who want to find out how the program works can easily locate that information on the site. The site appears to be well updated. 

However, there are certain problem areas that make us seriously question the site’s trustworthiness. As per our search, the domain is less than a month old. Also, we tried checking the site’s social media accounts but could not find anything concrete. In our opinion, it is wise to steer clear of this site for now. 

What are people saying about 

We found a lot of reviews on the site where users share their happy experience with the portal. Smartphone users share that they earned weekly payment by completing tasks online. 

One user shares that she earned a high amount of money through the portal and recommends others to join the site. All the reviews available on the site are positive. 

We went ahead and searched on the internet on various other forums to get a clearer picture. Most of the posts tagged under ‘Rewards Feed Review’ claimed that the site is a scam and users should stay away from it or before use it they must take all information to know it is scam or not for their satisfaction.

The unavailability of proper positive reviews online is a serious cause of concern and should not be taken lightly.  

Final verdict 

The portal appears to be well updated and maintained. All the information about the site’s terms of service and privacy policy are stated on the site. The site shares a series of questions and answers that help users understand the way the portal works and join without any hassle. All of these are excellent signs. 

However, there are multiple factors that make us doubt the site’s legitimacy. Firstly, the domain is less than a month old. Secondly, the site does not appear to be very active on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Thirdly, there are various reviews online which claim that the site is a scam. All these aspects make us question the trustworthiness of the portal. For now, we suggest our users to not use this site as it could be a scam. 

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