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Reborn Shops com Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Website


Reborn Shops com Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Legit Website >> A write-up about a website that offers real looking dolls but is it legit? Read article to find

Growing up as a kid, all a girl wanted was a baby doll to play with it all day long. But most of the dolls looked so counterfeit, right? Back then, it was not so noticeable, but nowadays, kids have become so smart that they don’t like mock-up dolls.

Today Reborn Shops com Reviews will be discussing a website that claims to produce dolls that look so authentic that you may mistake it for a living being. It is gaining attention not only in the United Statesbut also worldwide. But do the products look the same as shown in the pictures?

Let’s find out.

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What is a Reborn Doll Shop?

The website is an online web-store that offers real looking dolls along with baby doll accessories and clothes. The web-store also claims to offer a customized doll, which may cost a dime. They offer shipping internationally, including the United States.

Reborn Shops com Reviewswill further reveal if this site is trustable or not, but first, let’s look at the website’s specifications.

Specifications of the website

  • Theweb-store also provided their phone number for better communication, i.e., +1 2029258083
  • The physical address is also mentioned, which is Room No-111-112, Block-A, Weigu Xinxing Industrial Park, Bell Road, Longgang District, Bantian Street, Shenzhen.
  • There is space for Reborn Shops com Reviews for reviews.
  • Shipping is available internationally with varied shipping charges as per the locations.
  • For payment purposes, the website only accepts PayPal.
  • Return and exchange is available if the products are received damaged or wrong.
  • Orders cannot be cancelled once the item is shipped.
  • The website also displayed their social media links.


  • Shipping is available worldwide.
  • Dolls can be customized as per the customer.
  • The support policy is very transparent.


  • The products can be costly.
  • Only one payment mode is available.
  • If the item is returned, the shipping cost will be charged from the buyer’s pocket.
  • Shipping cost is too high.
  • Return policy can be very arduous.

Is the website legit or not?

Here comes the section which we all are waiting for. Reborn Shops com Reviews will disclose all the details so let’s cut the chase and get to the point. Everyone has the same thing in mind; for example, is the dolls the same as soon in the picture, or is this scam?

Well, as mentioned, the website was launched in 2019, and social media is also present. Still, after adequate research, we have found that the website is suspicious as their social media handles are filled with comments that say that the website is a scam and the products displayed on the site and the product received are not even close to a match.

Let’s find out what more do people have to say about this website.

What are people saying about the website?

As per Reborn Shops com Reviews, people are not satisfied with the products they have received as some orders came in wrong while some were different from what they ordered. And returns are also not guaranteed as per comments and reviews on the internet it says that they offer a small amount of money and a set of clothes.

Some customers also said they would never purchase anything from this website. So far, there is not a single positive review on the internet about this website. Yes, confirmed there are positive reviews on the official website, but those can’t be trusted.


So with this Reborn Shops com Reviews concludes that this website seems very suspicious and cannot be trusted. There are so many loopholes like the address that they have mentioned; it came partially correct when staring. And the reviews on many trusted review sites have given this website the least of stars.

So we can only suggest that we do not purchase anything from this site as most reviews are not favourable, and the website seems too suspicious. The items received by many are different from what the website claimed.

Even if people are still planning to purchase anything from this website, we can only suggest you do adequate research before purchasing anything as you may not get back the money you paid for it.

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