Raspberry Kicks com Reviews {August} Safe Deal Or Scam!

Raspberry Kicks com Reviews 2020

Raspberry Kicks com Reviews {August} Safe Deal Or Scam! >> This post will guide you in understanding the legitimacy of the website, offering replicas of shoes and clothes.

Are you someone who thinks branded shoes and clothes are out of your budget? Then Raspberry Kicks is here for your rescue. You can buy replicas of well-known brands and that too at a reasonable price. Raspberry Kicks com Reviewssocial media presence, policies on the website will all help us determine the legitimacy of this website. 

Raspberry Kicks is an online store in the United States. It was set up on the web a few days back. There is no information on their website regarding to their official contact details and the shipping and processing time is very long. They are not very popular yet and already plan to shut down their website. They do not offer any returns or refunds on their products. 

What is Raspberry Kicks com?

Raspberry is an online store that was established in the United States a few days back. They sell replicas of shoes, clothes and accessories and have a wide variety of to offer. Their products range from replicas Adidas and Nike shoes to clothes and accessories. 

Raspberry Kicks com boasts of the best and the most high-quality replicas. Even though they launched only a few days back, their home page displays a shutdown message, wherein they will be shutting down their website in a month and will take orders from Instagram after. 

Raspberry Kicks com Reviews are not present on its website or anywhere on the web yet. You cannot return any product you buy from them. 

Raspberry Kicks com Specifications

  • Website: https://raspberrykicks.com/
  • Products: Replicas of branded shoes, clothes and accessories. 
  • Processing duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Delivery: Differs based on the country. On an average 5-30 days
  • Email: Not mentioned
  • Phone Number: Not mentioned
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Returns: No returns offered 
  • Exchange: No Exchange offered
  • Refund Period: None 
  • Payment Method: Amex/Paypal

Raspberry Kicks com Pros

  • They have an extensive collection of replicas to offer. 
  • No anti-virus has flagged this website of any suspicious activity online. 

Raspberry Kicks com Cons

  • They were set up only a few days back and already plan to shut down their website. 
  • No returns and refunds on products. 
  • The processing and shipping time is very long.

Is Raspberry Kicks com Legit? 

Raspberry Kicks is an online store which established its presence on the web a few days back. We have reasons to believe that this might not be a legitimate website. 

Their home page displays a message which shows that they are shutting down their website and will continue their operations from Instagram. For a website that set up its operation a few days back, this is a negative sign. They offer no returns and refunds on their products. 

No crucial information is present on their website. There is no contact information or official address on the websiteRaspberry Kicks com Reviews are missing entirely from the web and their website. 

We do not advise you to shop from this website as there is a lot of hassle. Their shipping time is very long, and if you don’t like the products, then there is no return or refund.

Raspberry Kicks com Customer and User reviews

Raspberry Kicks set up its online presence very recently. They sell replicas of products at cheap prices. 

The customer Raspberry Kicks com Reviews are absent altogether. There are no feedbacks of products. They just set up their website, and it already displays a message showing that they are closing the website. 

In terms of social media presence, they are present on Instagram with a thousand followers. We have all the reasons to believe that this is not a legit website and has a lot of hassles involved for shopping from here.

Final Verdict

Raspberry Kicks com sells replicas of branded products. They boast of selling the best quality products at a reasonable price. They set up their website recently and claim to be shutting down already. They will sell products on Instagram.  

They have a prolonged processing and shipping duration and offer no returns on their products.  Raspberry Kicks com Reviews are not present anywhere. 

Readers, we suggest that you do not buy products from this website. Even though the pricing is less and you will get replicas, this website might be a scam. Also, there is no use of going through all the inconvenience of buying from their website.

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