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Rapcrusher Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Rapcrusher Reviews 2020

Rapcrusher Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> This review is for specific online jewelry supplier and dealing with jewelry and accessories.

Although many people have already visited the website based out of the United States, The big question that arises with the fact that it is readily available to so many countries is that Rapcrusher Reviews 

The overall appearance of the website is attractive and consists of many hip hop jewelry sections, including clothes and bags as well as accessories. The contact information on this online store is also mentioned, but no owner information has been given. 

We in this article will discuss some Is Rapcrusher Legit?   that would help us to determine whether the site is legit or scam.

Is Rapcrusher a Legit Website?

As you may be curious to know the answer, many website reviews have been taken into account for this matter. There have been different sources confirming that the website is not legit. At many times the customers conveyed this message; after the order has been placed, and they took the money of the buyer, the product was never received from the Company’s side. Many times this complaint has been recorded. 

The promises that the website confers to its customers are not met. People are suffering due to delayed services and deficient quality products. The products take a lot of time to reach the customers, and sometimes there is no response from the Company’s side, and the product never reaches the customers.

So either the product is very low in quality, and sometimes the product that has been ordered does not reach the customer. Loss of money is reported from the customer’s side, and the website turns out to be pretty fake and unrealistic.

What Is Rapcrusher?

Rapcrusher is an online jewelry supplier that consists of hip hop jewelry segments. It has various sectors, and the jewelry designed is mainly for men. The hip hop culture represented in this online store consists of- sneakers shoes, clothes, rings, necklaces, bags, bracelets that get delivered to many countries like, America, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. 


  • Website- online jewelry supplier
  • Website URL-
  • Phone Number-NA
  • Email ID-
  • Address- NA
  • Delivery fee-NA

What Are The Pros Of Rapcrusher?

  • A valid SSL certificate was found out on the website of Rapcrusher.
  • The website consists of many new items and overall gives an attractive look.

What Are The Cons Of Rapcrusher?

  • The website setup is related to three countries which include the United States as well.
  • Many reports have been mentioned online that this website is entirely fake, including the Rapcrusher Reviews.
  • WOT or Web of Trust does not talk about this website. Therefore it is difficult to say, Is Rapcrusher Legit? Owner’s identity is not revealed on this website. So we do not know who the owner of this website is?

Customer’s Reviews about the Website

No tracking number has been provided to the customer who had ordered the shoes from this website almost three weeks ago. After emailing them on the website mentioned on this site he got revert that the shipment would take 4-9 days to reach him. But nothing happened after that. It is quite a loss for the customers. Also, in some cases, wrong shoe sizes were sent from the Company’s side. With no return or exchange policy. 

Many customers demanded revert on the shopping done from this website. With no owner information and no Number provided on the website, most products turned out to be fake. The Company had taken money, but there was no arrival of the product.  Rapcrusher Reviews are almost negative from all sides. 

In many cases, the money got stolen away and it’s dangerous to purchase anything from this website. With poor service delivery and with late responses, the website proves that most people suffered unsatisfactory results.


Looking at the website in an overall manner, we suggest it’s a scam website and must not be taken into use. With so many negative feedbacks about its working, it is not good to make it into account for purchasing any item from it. The website is a total scam. 

It is advisable not to demand anything from such a faulty website where results are slow in motion, and people suffer and wait for so many days to receive a faulty item which may not last for a long time. The big question that arises from the fat is that Is Rapcrusher Legit? The answer to it is no. It is definitely not a legit website. 

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  1. i bought some shoes for a month and a half and it doesn’t get me, it’s a lousy job that I don’t recommend to anyone this page to b

  2. i bought some shoes for a month and a half and it doesn’t get me, it’s a lousy job that I don’t recommend to anyone this page to bad

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