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Raindorps Reviews [June] Another Scam Site or Legit One

Raindorps Reviews 2020

Raindorps Reviews [June] Another Scam Site or Legit One -> In this article, get to know how you can get summer water toys, kitchen items, toys, and sports products at the best prices.

Are you sweating due to prickly heat? Want some coolness from the high temperatures? Move ahead to

Raindorps Reviews reveals the popularity of this site in a short time. Additionally, this shopping store also has other fascinating sections such as kitchen store, kid’s toys/gifts sections, and exercise items. Each product has grabbed a lot of attention among the buyers due to its low budget prices and attractive Sale deals.

Say hello to the summers and get rid of sweaty and discomfort months. Raindorps has brought you water fun play toys. For all the children, the 3-layer swimming pool is the most fascinating one.

Also, to have great family time, a giant inflatable swimming pool is quite fun during summers. Duck shaped pool float, splash pool, two-speed boards, splash play mat, what more you desire these summers. All of them are available at the best prices. All of them are at Sale!

With the coming summers, this online site is in quite a demand in the United State. It is grabbing a lot of attention among the buyers.

But before you head towards this site and place an order, we would like you to go through this blog and find out whether is an excellent site or it is just misleading its customers.

What is

It is an online store which consists of the summer items like splash pool, splash mat, family paddling pool, fun play toy. Beat the extensive heat and buy summer water toys. It has a new arrivals section that has numerous items like mesh water ball play, perfume spray bottle, floating pool chairs noodles, etc.

Additionally, it also has a kitchen, toys, and gifts, sports sections. Each of the shopping items here are of high quality and low prices. The buyers are quite happy with each piece and are satisfied with its costs.

Why is unique?

It not only has items regarding the summers, but it has toys and gifts, exercise outfits, kitchen items too. This site provides free shipping on products over $79.

You might have come across various summer items online, but this has a complete set of water play toys for a person as well as the family members. Also, it has kitchen outfits, exercise items, and kid’s toys.

All of them are at the most exclusive prices. Many of the summer items are on discount. One can get a golden chance of buying them at a very reasonable price. The vulnerability of the site makes unique.

Specifications of

  • Products: Summer Water Play Toys, Kitchen items, Exercise items, Kids toys, and gifts
  • Delivery Time: 15 to 30 days
  • Shipping Fee: Free shipping over $79
  • Return Email:
  • Mode of Payment: Most preferred PayPal

Advantages of buying

  • You can get all the summer water toys here at the best prices.
  • Easy and fast returns, exchanges, and refunds are available here.
  • Best is considered PayPal as the quickest mode of payment. But other credit or debit cards can be used.
  • Each items on this site are on Sale.

Disadvantages of buying from

  • Free shipping is not applicable until you buy order over $
  • The return policy does not apply to some products.
  • The only online method of payment is available here.

Customer reviews on

As already indicated above, the site has been able to grab a lot of attention among the buyers. All the water toys which are most demandable during summers are available on this site. The quality of each item available here are of high quality.

According to some customers, the delivery was a bit late, but the quality of the product made the wait worthy of it! Many women bought spice racks from the kitchen sections and were happy the way they were able to arrange the spice jars in order. Though few customers have got troubled due to a long time of delivery, the quality of the product is quite uncompromised.

Final Verdict is an online shopping site with adequate information. It has full-fledged email id, shipping policy, return and refund data is shared entirely too.

We hope that we can shed light on all the properties, advantages, disadvantages, and delivery policies of the company. After going through the complete information and checking all the essential details of this website, it surely does not look like a scam.

Hence we recommend our readers to go ahead and place an order on this site. It is quite safe and legit.

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  1. I ordered an inflatable pool and then emailed them to inquire about shipping but the email bounced back. I’m concerned it’s a scam.

    1. Same here. I’ve emailed them multiple times and nothing 🙁 .. I’m hoping it’s not a scam because the deal was to good to pass up.

    2. I too ordered an inflatable pool and emailed them to inquire about shipping but the email bounced back. I’m concerned it’s a scam.

      1. I have also ordered an inflatable pool (June 4th) and emailed them. Have not heard a thing. Shipping info said up to 30 days, but also said they would email when shipped. Should have been shipped by now! They certainly took my money right away!!

  2. Alyss, I ordered a pool and tried to email them. They did not send any info. I think the pool is coming from somewhere in Asia. Not sure it will ever get to the US. I want to cancel. Alyss, any updates??

    1. Nope, never received and it has never shipped. There’s no way to get in contact with them. I’m 100% it’s a scam. They took my money and I filed a claim with Paypal. Hoping to get my money back!

  3. Im concerned as well. Trying to cancel my order and email doesn’t exist and phone number is disconnected. Im disputing changes with my bank.

  4. That page is a scam. Fake email and no actual address listed or phone number!!! I never received any items that I ordered! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SCAM SITE!

  5. Same here. We ordered on May 17th and the contact info (email and phone) is not valid. Turns out that it’s a “business” in China and it all seems very shady. There’s a small chance that it’s legitimate, but I wouldn’t take the chance if you’re looking to buy from them. We’re going to put it in as a fraudulent business with our credit card company and look to get a refund.

    1. Oops
      I also ordered a pool in early May. All emails came back undeliverable and phone no good. I also put in a claim with PayPal. The denied it after a week. The reviews for the site are pretty mixed. Hoping I have still have a chance the pool will show up or I’m out of 329 bucks!

  6. I ordered an inflatable pool. May 4th. Still nothing. Emails do not worth and neither does the phone number given. I did have tracking info thru China post saying it was released from U.S. customs on June 13th in Los Angeles. I spoke with someone from customs and they said I received fake tracking based off of the number. They also said if it was released that it would immediately be placed with USPS. I also spoke with them and they have no record of a package being processed for me. Thus website us 1000% scam. I paid $299 for a pool and now they are charging $899 for the same pool I ordered only smaller. Don’t fall for it ppl. I also noticed raindrops is misspelled. They have it spelled raindrops.

  7. I paid 79$ for a led grow lights and same shit I emailed the guy said it was on it’s way 3 weeks later I emailed and it got bounced back he even blocked my phone or his number never worked I better get refunded by PayPal

  8. I didnt get my order it was the painless dent puller ,I PAID FOR IT OVER 2 MONTHS AGO PLEASE SEND ,THIS IS NIT RIGHT

  9. I did t get my paintless dent puller ,I PAID FOR IT SO SEND IT PLEASE I WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY PHONE NUMBER 6134621600E

  10. This place is a joke..a scam for sure. I ordered a 15’x36 pool on June 6 for 149.00. I started to inquire because I heard nothing by June 21. Both emails I had for this company bounced back. I contacted PayPal on June 23. Only then, did I hear something back from them. June 30..still nothing and I asked PayPal for a refund. July 1…I receive a package from Hong Kong…and it’s a pool but not the pool I ordered. This pool was a toddler pool..a family couldn’t fit in there, a raft couldn’t fit in there and it also didn’t come with a pump, ground cloth or cover. The directions were in Chinese and there is writing on the side Of the pool that is also in Chinese. I contacted PayPal again on July 1 and demand a refund. They are investigating it now and it may take 30 days. Do yourself a favor and don’t order from this “online store”

  11. Total Scam!!! I ordered a 15’x36 pool in May. Within 24 hours I decided this looked a lot like scam and tried to cancel. Email bounced back and got stuck waiting. Unfortunately PayPal did not help much either, as the seller seemed to be non responsive. I finally relieved the pool on July 9th, and it was NOT the pool I ordered, open box, no pump, no cover and smaller size.

  12. I ordered a 15″ by 48″ Easy set pool withe pump & ground cloth in May 2020. after numerous attempts to e mail (all emails bounced back ) I went to paypal to file a dispute in July. At the paypal site, there was another e mail to try prior to starting a dispute. The email address provided is: So, I tried it & it worked. I inquired on the whereabouts of my package. A few days later, I did receive an 8″ by 30″ kiddie pool. I emailed to dispute this (I had paid $599 for a $100 pool). I sent all of the “evidence” they needed. I never heard back. I then started my dispute with Paypal. I then received an e mail from jieyi stating that since I had opened a dispute, my order amount has been frozen that that I needed to continue through Paypal customer service for solution. THEN it was written, “This will be the last time we serve you. We are sorry for this shopping experience” ~ WELL DUH!! I would not order from this company. I am still waiting for my dispute to be settled. Estimated solution date is 8/13/2020 ~ this is a full 3 months after I ordered the pool.

  13. I would not recommend buying from them. Two out of 3 emails are bogus. I ordered a 2 person hammock raindrop and they sent me a single person sitting hammock. They wanted me to spend another $50.00 shipping it back. I never did get the correct one. The only method of payment is PayPal which was not helpful when trying to dispute this experience.

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