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Quinne Store Reviews [June] Is This a Legit Website?

Quinne Store Reviews 2020

Quinne Store Reviews [June] Is This a Legit Website? -> The website displays different sorts of electric cleaners and camping materials.

Quinne Store Reviews not enough to decide! Read our entire article for more in-depth information and think is it enough platform for more shopping? then visit here to know about. 

The website displays different cleaners and camping chairs, hammock tents, etc. The pictures shown on the portal provides a decent quality look. 

However, the website in itself appears registered recently sometime in 2020, and hence the reliability over it becomes low. So a deep dig is required in understanding if the site is real or not.

Nowadays, endless websites exist by scamming people by either not providing products or providing a real low-quality products.

The website claims worldwide shipping to countries like the United State and the United Kingdom.

What is the Quinne Store?

It is an online shopping website for all sorts of automatic, handheld, or electric cleaner. It offers high-pressure car washer, pressure surface cleaner, and even handheld automatic dishwasher. 

All need such things, so it is even gaining popularity these days. It also provides items for camping like tents and recliner chairs, which are easy to assemble and carry.

The items displayed are all excellent and interesting with decent price range and quality.

The only doubt arises if the portal is efficient enough about delivering in worldwide as it claims. For that, in-depth information can be peeped to conclude.

Precise specification details about Quinne Store:

  • Website type- It provides different floors, dishes, and car cleaners and camping materials like tents and chairs.
  • Shipping charge and time- Not much information is available, but shipping takes 5 to 15 days and is not free.
  • Return- Returns and exchange of damaged products are accepted within 14 days of delivery. To initiate the return process, pictures or videos of the same has to be sent for evaluation.
  • Contact details of the website- 


            Address and phone details: Not available

  • Payment- The site accepts all sorts of online payment modes like Paypal and cards.

Pros about shopping from Quinne Store:

  • It provides a decent range of camping materials and electric cleaners at reasonable prices.
  • It accepts returns and the exchange of defective products.
  • It charges shipping once, and no extra charge is asked for returns or exchange of the product.
  • The portal shows its presence over social media platforms that gives some elaborative review.

Cons about shopping from Quinne Store:

  • No clarity is available about the ownership or company name on the website page or contacts us section.
  • The reviews are also not convincing enough to rely on shopping without knowing more.
  • There is no COD option available during checkout in the belling section.

What do consumers say about the Quinne Store in the form of reviews?

The portal shows its existence over social media platforms as well. That makes it easier to track for more consumer reviews. 

Out of all reviews available on the internet either on social media or on other specific review sites, the negative impact is more enhanced.

So it makes it hard to believe on the site. Although all reviews cannot be claimed valid even if half of them are correct, then the site appears dicey.

Is Quinne Store a legit or a scam and waste of money?

Quinne Store Reviews are available on the internet and appear mixed. So it becomes hard to conclude depending only on those. 

It certainly raises some concerns but cannot be claimed a pure scam, though because some reviews do incline neutral.

Final Verdict:

The website no doubt provides good cleaners like high-pressure car washer, automatic dishwasher, and pressure surface cleaner, etc. It even has few camping materials like chairs and tents, which are very useful and in demand.

But there is a reasonable chance that either product might not get delivered or there might appear some quality issues. Because many other portals are doing that scam, so it becomes hard to objectify through reviews or online information.

The portal must also incorporate more reliable information in terms of contact details and ownership of the portal. 

But we have no confirmed information to claim it as an entire scam. Some negative reviews and discrepancies do occur with each online site. Further, it even has a dependency on which country the product is shipped, etc.

We can conclude that before shopping from any site, knowing more or contacting the portal by mail might even further confirm how responding it is.


  1. This company has changed its name from Trondel to Quinne. I have ordered from them and never received the merchandise. No contact info, nothing. ThereforeI do not recommenf it to anyone.

  2. IS a fucking scam website . i bought the car washer they send me a fucking piece of useless junk not shown in the website item at all. please dont get scam by this shit ass hole.

  3. Its a waste of money. You dont get what is advertised. Advertisement shows complete set of high pressure rechargable gun set with case but when ordered they send you just mechanical gun nozzle.

  4. Ordered a portable rechargeable water spray. Today they send one water spray rod worth $5 when i had paid $24.36 . Sent email still no reply. I have been scammed

  5. I purchased 2 of the camp chairs they advertised via Facebook.
    After 5 weeks I received 2 hammocks.
    I’ve disputed the purchase via Paypal,
    Yeah, I wouldn’t purchase from them again.

  6. This site is a scam! I ordered 2 luxury camp chairs which cost approximately $45 dollars. Three weeks later I received 2 poor quality string hammocks! When I contacted to company they offered a full refund on the return of the items (at my cost!).

    Do not trust Quinn’s Store, they do not even have the products that they advertise on their website!

    1. I have just had the same thing. Said they had been delivered but upon checking reviews I too have received two hammocks just yesterday. Did you resolve it in the end?

  7. I ordered 2 recliner camp chairs in may wanted them for my son’s birthday at the end of July and I haven’t received them. This is a absurd amount of time I want the chairs or my money back

  8. Ordered to Recliner Camp chairs ($50.00) from Trondel as it started out to be, come to find out its Quinne. after 2.5 months of waiting, and told it was delivered twice, I got 2 crappy Hammocks, what a POS site. challenging Paypal now. don’t order from these guys the product look awesome but they do the bait and switch.. you don’t get what you order.

  9. They are an outright scam. Provide miscellaneous products nothing like order, then give false address for return. Papypal will not refund until the company (Easy search trading….again nothing to be found about them) receive the $2 rubbish back, and again they give an inaccurate address via PayPal, meaning they never receive it and you don’t see your money again. DO NOT BUY!!!

  10. exactly the same. Now fighting paypal while corresponding direct. Two different return addresses, both of which are invalid, two different offers of partial refund. Kiss your money goodbye.

  11. Total SCAM. I also ordered a luxury camp chair and a poor quality string hammock! They did offer a full refund but only if I paid the shipping to return the item to CHINA (cost more than the value of the refund).

  12. The same thing has happened to me. I ordered 2 luxury camping chairs on June and received 2 hammocks on the 7th August. Again they have said for me to return the items at my expense. Ridiculous such a con.

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