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Qickuepas Live Reviews [June] Is It really A Reliable Store?

Qickuepas Live

Qickuepas Live Reviews [June] Is It really A Reliable Store? >> In this article, you have received the required piece of information about the website and the strategies that can be helpful.

Buying products like dresses and even the mechanical and electrical stuff required and doing online shopping is the challenging thing to do, so selecting the site to buy the material is the problem we face. There are thousands of places online to shop. But its hard to find the difference between legit and the scam. Qickuepas live is one of the online platforms that has been used by some people in the United States.

In the Qickuepas Live Reviews,you will acknowledge all the required details about the website and the piece of information that you may need before using the site. It will also answer questions like it is a legit site or an online fraud.

What is Qickuepas Live?

It is the online platform to buy stuff for daily use, including furniture, dresses, speakers, and gold plated jewellery. You can buy many things at one stop. No problem with finding items at different platforms is the issue. The product range includes foot fridge, welding cables, screws, tiers, and many more. The site claims to have all the required products at the same place as compared to other websites.

The site is user friendly, providing amazing deals that can save money to a great extent. They also assure the customer with outstanding quality and guaranteed production. 

Specification of Qickuepas Live

  • Website-
  • Phone number – 918-715-9070
  • Address – Jose A. Crespo 4676 Heather Sees Way United States
  • Email Address –
  • Shipping – 1-2 days
  • Delivery time – 8-16 business days
  • Shipping fee – Free over $100
  • Return – within 30 days
  • Payment – online mode 

Qickuepas Live worth money or not?

Website shares all the information essential for the customers to have before buying anything from the website. The website is new and does not have more users that deal with the site. The user shares no exact information about the website. The site offers all the products at very affordable prices and with return policies on most of the products.

Pros of Qickuepas Live

  • User-friendly site
  • Return is applicable
  • Shipping time is low
  • Zne-stop for all products

Cons of Qickuepas Live

  • The domain name is not valid
  • No return is possible in case you do not register within three days.
  • The website issues no tracking number
  • Free Shipping is only possible over $100
  • Only online mode of Payment possible

What customers have to say about it?

Qickuepas Live Reviews noticed that the site had registered a few months ago. Being the new platform, they do not have too many customers, so there is no feedback from the early users. The feedback is essential before investing the money to get ourselves safe from the frauds.

The details are available on the official website page. Before using any site, go and check that the features available are valid or not. 

Is Qickuepaslive legit?

Checking out the information and watching all the online reviews is vital before trusting any of the websites. Qickuepas Live Reviews found the site to be a scam as the details that the site provides are not valid. The domain name of the site is not valid. The company’s address is not available on the google map, which may lead it to be a scam. 

The site offers the product at such low prices that are not possible practically to get them at such cheap prices. The cheap prices attract the customer at the great extent. The scam site does not provide any tracking number, or they provide an invalid tracking number so as this website does.

Final Verdict

This article contains the information and the reviews that can be your helping hand before trusting the site. The Qickuepas Live Reviews noticed the problem of the website and claimed it to be the scam site. The article shares all the advantages and disadvantages of the company. 

As there is not much available online information, we cannot doubt the site, but the details that do not match is the way to say this site as a fraud company many videos are found online that claim the place to be a fraud as per the prices and other reasons. 

For being safe from such scams never shares the circumstances that can affect you in any means. Always go for the proper research regarding the policies. 

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  1. The site actually provided me a tracking number for a $72 3 wheel bike. I tracked the package to my delivery address and it ironically arrived 1st class mail. Bikes don’t ship 1st class. An envelope arrived and a broken plastic whistle was inside. Scam Scam Scam, price too good… RUN RUN RUN

    Working through paypal for a refund, it was the only reason I purchased the item

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