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Protestjobs com Real [June] Is this a Scam Website?

Protestjobs com Real 2020

Protestjobs com Real [June] Is this a Scam Website? -> In this article, we learned about paid protester services available on 

Are you wondering about the concept of paid protestors? Let’s check out if the services of  Protestjobs com Real or not.

The United State is a place where people are free to express their opinion and also are reluctant to protest for something they don’t support.

Let’s clear your doubts Is Real, we have gathered a lot of data regarding this website and have come up with the conclusion. 

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What is is a group of professional protestors who offers their support to your ideas and help you stand for your justice or your ethics. 

They have different packages and rate charts for different kind of services. 

What does offer you?

They offer you a group of intellectual people and also guide them about the infrastructure and modern methods about the Protest. 

According to, the website offers you full confidentiality, and the protesters are professional and have full knowledge of any kind of protest agenda. 

The security provided by the website is impressive; the payment for your packages is made by BItcoins so that your money is secure, and no one even has an idea of your bank details. 

They state that they do not care about the political agendas, they help you connect with the prominent personalities, and also offers you a big payment.

There is a comprehensive service provided by the website. The website also has a testimonial of people all around the world appreciating the income they get from the site. 

Key points on the services of

  • Secure payments made so that nobody knows what your identity is and why you are hiring people to protest. 
  • 5 to 25 masked rioters guaranteed to cause havoc and confusion. This package includes hoodies and sprays paint artists. 
  • The Car/Dumpster-fire upgrade option is available on call.
  • Best value protest is the most popular package of protest jobs. This package includes 1500-200,000 professional protesters.
  • All kinds of poster boards and coloured sharpies included.
  • Travel to and from the event for protesters also included. The custom hashtag for social media also included. 
  • A celebrity appearance upgrade package is also available in this package.
  • Mega Protest has 200,000 to 1,000,000 professional protesters included in this package. All options from BEST VALUE PROTEST included. Celebrity appearance also included in this Protest. 

When should you choose

Services of should be taken into account when some injustice happened to you by some organization or a person.

You can also use their services to prove your opinion or if you have been really against the specific policy of the government. 

American’s review on the services of

The news boomed during the election period to disrespect or demoralize the Trump army. 

As per the news, the people were threatened for their life if they voted for Trump.

 In most of the cases, there were various media examples demolishing the trump image in public. 

We could not say anything about the experience of the customers using the services of the website because most of their customers prefer not to reveal their identity.

There were a few reviews of the professional protestors on the website that they have earned a considerable amount of money by just working twice a year. 


Gathering 200 thousand to 1 million people to wreak havoc on the streets is a hazardous situation to deal with, for the government and the country. 

As per, these websites are offering and promoting violence instead of protests in every possible way. 

The package offered by Protest Jobs also mentions “Car/Dumpster Fire,” which can be a hazardous situation and can escalate quickly.

People participating in protests can also get hurt performing these activities or facing police. 

Websites like these must be immediately banned, and legal actions should be taken against the owners of the website. 

We believe that there is nothing good that can come up from protesting. Those who have a firm idea can keep their thoughts by the power of their own self-will.

The fact that the people have to use professional protestors to demolish the public property, people’s peace of mind to prove some else’s verdict is unfair. 

We want to say to those who hire these professional goons to spread hate that they should stand up for their ideologies rather than taking someone’s help.

Even if you want to hire professional help, we will recommend you to go for non-violence protest.

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