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Printeffie com Reviews [Sept 2020] Should You Use It?

Printeffie com Reviews

Printeffie com Reviews might appear confusing! Read this content to know in detail about the site specifications and take a call about shopping.

The items offered no doubt are too good to hold anyone’s attention. But the site lacks reliability in terms of product quality and delivery as per the reviews.

Online buying always raises so many concerns, especially if the site or product is new to the market. So, we are going to discuss the brands- Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat, UV Protection Canopy, Sand Free Beach Mat, and many other items. These are already an established name in the industry.

In this article, we are going to tell our United States audience about the other reliable products available like- lingerie’s for females, on Amazon and why they are the best ones to purchase. So, keep reading to know more about these products.

What is the Printeffie com?

This site is mainly for women since it offers different lingerie items from bras, camisoles, and even dresses.
But it is not confined to women and also offers some different lights, including mosquito-repelling lights.

Precise specifications Printeffie com:

  • Website- It provides a beautiful collection of dresses, some lingerie pieces, and mosquito-repelling lights, and other unique lights, etc.
  • Shipping charge- It provides delivery within 12-20 days. For some countries, shipping is free, and for others, it is charged as per the shipping selection.
  • Return- It provides refunds after accepting returns of products.
  • Contact details-Address and phone- not shared
  • Email:
  • Payment- It accepts payments only online through cards.

Does Printeffie com have any pros for shopping?

  • The website provides free shipping to some countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany.
  • The collection of lingerie products offered by the portal is incredible and worth trying.
  • The other items offered by the site, including some lights appear tempting and different.
  • It is enabled with a shoplift wallet, and the consumers using it might find it helps.
  • The site has a valid HTTP’s connection.

Does Printeffie com have any cons to shop from there?

  • The website has no COD option, and paying online might be risky for the pockets due to low reliability.
  • The site shared no contact details except email id that makes it a little suspicious.
  • The reviews available incline more towards the negative side of the portal.
  • There is no detailed sizing guideline with precise measurements to help in picking sizes.
  • The domain name is very recent and has Short life expectancy.
  • It has confusing charges for shipping. For some countries, it is free as standard shipping of products in 12 to 20 days. Whereas for other countries it is chargeable.
  • The owner of the domain name is hidden.
  • Only a few Printeffie com Reviews.
  • The social media links available on the site are not accessible

This is why after looking at these drawbacks, we have come up with more reasonable and more importantly legit products so that you don’t have to worry about your money. Let’s read what these are and why we suggest you go for any of these.

1) LALAGEN Off- Shoulder Mermaid Dress: It is the best wedding dresses of all time.


  • It is available in three sizes small medium and large sizes.
  • It is available in Black and White colour
  • It gives an elegant look to a woman.
  • It has soft floral lace.
  • It is Off-shoulder
  • It could be worn simply with jewellery and high heels.
  • It can be worn on any occasion- Party, wedding, prom, family gathering, etc.

  • Many happy customers across the U.S

  • Chart size is available

  • It has been ranked as #6859 in Women’s Shops

  • It has been ranked as #26 in Women’s Formal Dresses

  • It has been ranked as #1 in Wedding Dresses

  • It has received 4.4-star ratings on Amazon.

  • Only a few colours are available

  • No discounts are available

  • No extra-large or extra small size available

2) Aqua 4-in-1 Inflatable Pool: It is one of the best inflatable pool 2020.


  • It has 50% Soft Mesh and 50% Soft Vinyl.
  • It is imported
  • You can comfortably rest in the water
  • It is a 4-in-one product- Hammock, Drifter, Chair, or Exercise Saddle
  • Best for 4′ to 6.’
  • It is available in more than 15 colours
  • It is compact and easy to inflate
  • It dimensions are – 44”X28” i.e. (112 cm x 71 cm);

  • It is an excellent product for seniors and expectant Moms.

  • It has received 4.4-star ratings on amazon

  • It is affordable

  • It has been ranked as #1 in Pool Rafts & Inflatable Ride-ons on Amazon

  • It has been ranked as #1 in Toys & Games on Amazon

  • Not for children below the age of 15

  • This product can bear weight up to 250 lbs

Features3) Maidenform Convertible Push Up Bra: It is the best bra for push pups having laces.

  • It is imported
  • It has Hook and Eye closure
  • It could be washed with hands
  • It has flexible neckline to give you a natural shape
  • It has sexy lacewing
  • It could be used for push-ups
  • It has crisscross straps.

  • It has easily convertible straps

  • It keeps you in shape

  • It has been ranked as #1063 in Women’s Shops

  • It has been listed as #187 in Women’s Tops, Tees & Blouses on Amazon

  • It has been ranked as #59 in Everyday Bras on Amazon.

  • It has received 3.8-star ratings on Amazon.

  • It has been ranked as #1943 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry on Amazon

  • It is not appropriate to wash this product in the washing machine

  • This bra is available only in a few colours

  • No information is given about the specific countries the company deliver its product

Is Printeffie com a legit site for shopping or not?

Only a few Printeffie com Reviews are available, and that too are not positive and suggest others to stay away from this site. The site is 100 % a scam with all the drawbacks we have already discussed.

Furthermore, it has plagiarized content, fake images that are already available on other sites, unbelievable discounts (most common con-trick of illicit sites), and a terrible trust score of 2% only. With all these fraudulent features we suggest you say a good-bye to this site and buy the legit products we have discussed in this article.

What did consumers say about Printeffie com?

The online reviews are very less about this website. Amongst the ones present, some say the product quantity was less whereas others say the quality of the product was not good. There are even some stating real delayed deliveries with defective products.

So there are negative reviews, but every site does experience some delivery or quality issues. But positive reviews are hardly in number.

So making a conclusion based upon the reviews is a little tricky in this case. Moreover, the company does not share any contact mailing address to get some assurance.

Concluding note:

No doubt it has a valid https, many varieties of products catering to different sections of the society and huge discounts. However, the issues and domain related problems we have discussed in earlier sections can’t be ignored.

To conclude, we can say that don’t lose hope and give thumbs-up to the products we have discussed as they are legit ones and you can quickly review every detail on Amazon’s store itself.

Please feel free to share your Printeffie com Reviews or contact us for any other query you have.

Your feedback matters!

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  1. I ordered that floating “island” from Printeffie. I immediately changed my mind after ordering and contacted them within 5 minutes. I emailed 2 different email addresses. They did not respond. i continued to email and they still haven’t responded. I filed a claim with Paypal. This was ordered on 8/6/20 and I still have not received anything nor heard from the company. Do not buy anything from them.

    1. I ordered the floating “island” from Printeffie and what I received is completely laughable! I received a thin black piece of foam not even close to the size they advertised and looks nothing like the advertised item. I should have known better. I will attempt to return it for no other reason than I am so pissed off at the outright scam!

  2. I placed an Order through Printeffie back in June if 2020 and received product 2 months later. I was OK with the wait as we were going through a pandemic and being that the product was coming from another country I knew there were measures that had to be taken. I received my product middle of August, I was so excited until I tried the product on and it did not fit. Sizes run small. Next day I contacted customer service so that I could return products for a bigger size. I sent them pictures as requested of unused items and now we are going on to a month and still no resolution. They emailed me back a couple of times (weeks apart)regarding the Hassel and long wait it would be for a refund, they even offered me a settlement of $5 for an order I spent of over $50. They couldn’t comprehend that all I wanted was a bigger size. We are in September and I have yet to resolve my issue. I’ve decided to take the loss, but I will never recommend this website to anyone and I sincerely hope that anyone who reads my review, read all the reviews before purchasing from them. I wish I had. Lesson learned I guess.

  3. Ordered mine 8/25/20 and haven’t gotten a single update on shipping dates etc. I’ve emailed them twice a week apart and haven’t heard anything back.

  4. I just received my float raft, if that’s what you want to call it…🙄it took 6 1/2 weeks to receive. It’s made of a cheap waterproof foam that is snot the thickness of 2 foam plates stacked together. Doubt that it will hold 1 person let alone 3 people. DO NOT BUY

  5. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM PRINTEFFIE> YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE PRODUCT OR YOUR MONEY AGAIN>. I ordered a floating mat. I have emailed them several times with a copy of the receipt and no answer.

  6. Do NOT BUY FROM PRINTEFFIE!!!!!!! A complete con job of a site. Ordered 2 x floating mats and received a dodgy piece of foam which would be dangerous to use.

  7. Ordered a floating island and it took over 6 weeks to come in and when received, it is only a thin piece of foam. Such a rip off. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SITE!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

  8. Waited 6 weeks for a floating island. When it arrived, it is a thin piece of foam. Rip off!!! Do not waste your money.

  9. Ordered floating mat. Took 4 months to arrive. It is very thin and not at all the product shown in the photos and videos. It is a scam. They are getting around it by delivering an inferior product and then it just a consumer complaint as opposed to theft.

  10. I ordered one of the Floating Islands back on 8/24/2020. I have sent 2 emails and have gotten no response. I can’t find a phone number to call either.

  11. Float raft is a rip off – do not buy. Crappy, thin, wrong colour, barely supports a small child. Customer service does not respond. Very dissapointed

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