Prime Plaza Suites Reviews {Oct} Let’s Revive Freshness!

Prime Plaza Suites Reviews

Prime Plaza Suites Reviews {Oct} Let’s Revive Freshness! >> If you are looking for perfect & best resort to spend your vacations in Bali, read this review.

Due to the pandemic, the last seven to eight months were very depressing and stressful. We all were locked in our houses and hardly moved out. In this condition, tourism was next to impossible. Now, when the lives are coming to normal, people learn to live in the virus with necessary precautions.

If you live in Vietnam or any other place and plan to visit Bali for spending your vacations, then do read this news on a Four-star hotel that is a perfect place for your stay. It provides you with all the necessary precautions required amidst corona.

Read this article on Prime Plaza Suites Reviews to know more about the hotel, services it is offering, its menu, and the discounts you can avail on various websites.

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What is Prime Plaza Suites?

Prime Plaza Suites is a four-star hotel in Bali, Indonesia. The rooms are available in different categories, and the hotel offers various services to its customers. Also, there are many different packages available as per your requirement to get access to Sauna, Jacuzzi, and gym. There are special discount on travel from Vietnam to Bali.

Types of rooms available:

  • Balcony room
  • Premier room
  • Pool view
  • Pool access
  • Courtyard pool access
  • Suite
  • Pool access suite

Restaurant services:

As per the ‘Prime Plaza Suites Reviews,’ the hotel has many options to care for your hunger and preference. You can either opt for Café Komodo, Sanur Harum Restaurant, Pool Bar, and Tunjung Mekar lobby bar. You can select the type of café you want as per the meals and cuisines of your choice.

All four places serve different cuisines and mocktails. The pool side bar is for beverages, juices, and light snacks. The Sanur Harum is for best Chinese cuisine in the city, and the café is for enjoying meals and breakfasts.


The hotel has many packages for a different number of days and nights and depending upon the rates; you can access the hotel services. In some packages, you get free access to the gym, Jacuzzi, and sauna, and in other packages, you get free visits to bird sanctuary or zoo depending on the rates. Read the ‘Prime Plaza Suites Reviews’ and decide your package today.

Places to book the hotel:

You can book your hotel on the official website or other leading tourism websites. Also, you can avail special 24th-anniversary discount by using the code.BDAY24.’

Other additional services:

As per the ‘Prime Plaza Suites Reviews,’ you will get access to other free services irrespective of the type of package like you to get free shuttle service to the nearest beach ‘Sands Beach Club,’ and all the 9479704372 guests get sun lounges and free towels at the beach, along with the free access to the gym.

Customer reviews:

The customers are pleased, and the hotel’s rating is 4.8 out of 5 on google. The customers are delighted with the hotel services and are saying that they enjoyed staying at the hotel, and it was one of the best experiences. Thus, customers ‘Prime Plaza Suites Reviews’ are right.


The hotel’s bottom line is that it is one of the best hotels to stay in Bali. The packages are fantastic, and all the services are excellent. You also get free access to premium services in some packages, and all the guests get free access to the gym. Also, you get an additional discount as the hotel is celebrating its 24th anniversary.

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