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Potasig com Reviews [June] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

Potasig com Reviews

Potasig com Reviews [June] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam -> In this article, we would be reviewing a website that can give you a whole new bedding experience.

Would you like to try some different and 3D bedding? Are you a person who loves experimenting?

Nowadays, people are into new, classy, and attractive things. They want something that no one has.In this article, we would be doing Potasig com Reviews and will be exploring more about it, and deciding Is Potasig com Legit or scam.

The website deals with some fantastic bedding material that can change the whole game and can give you tremendous experience.

The website provides the customer with a massive range of products with an end number of options for its customers.It is based in The United States and can be a good catch for the customers.

Going forward, we will give you more such information on the website.

What is Potasig com?

Potasig com is a website that has got some different and usable products for the customers. These products are all that a person needs to complete their bedding needs. They have got a massive range of products in the line that can make your place look fantastic and can make you feel at paradise.

The products include amazing bed sheets, covers, pillows, table lamps, and some bathroom accessories like shower rod, jewellery box, bathroom tray, soap dispenser, and many more.

All these products are offered in a vast colour range and also a variety of designs and patterns.After acquiring all this information, there may be some questions you would like to get answered. Are these products genuine? Do they have some quality assurance?

This article will further clear all your doubts.

Specifications of Potasig com 

  • They offer a vast colour and design range for the customers to choose from.
  • The product shipping takes up to 10-22 business days.
  • Free shipping tis offered in The United States.
  • Exchange is possible within 30 days of purchase.
  • Email – 
  • Contact Number – +12513205523
  • Address – 22363 Hurons Ave, Apple Valley, California, 92307

Pros of buying from Potasig com 

  • The products are pretty and eye-catchy.
  • Products are upto the quality mark.
  • The return of the products is possible.
  • Free shipping on all orders.

Cons of buying from Potasig com 

  • No COD available
  • The website is just 19 days old
  • No customer reviews are available
  • Social media handles and payment gateways attached at the bottom are landing back to the site itself. 

Can customers consider Potasig com Legit?

The website is offering the right product range that is undoubtedly useful to the customers.

During our research to know Is Potasig com Legit or not, we collected some evidence that can clear our doubts. 

The website has a catalogue for bed sheets, pillows, lamps, and bathroom accessories but, on the home page, they have mentioned bags, accessories, and clothing as well, which is nowhere to be found.

The website has attached social media and payment gateway logos at the bottom, some of which are unclicked able, and others lead to nowhere but the site itself. Lastly, we discovered that the website tis registered just a few days back, i.e., on 12 June 2020, very recently.

Henceforth, seeing that the website is very new, we would not recommend it to the customers and ask them to give it have at least three months to check its legitimacy.

What are customer reviews on the website?

As the website is very new to the market, we could not find any Potasig com Reviews from the customer regarding the products or the website.

We hope that after a few months of business, we would be able to collect some valuable information for our readers.

Hence, there are no customer reviews regarding the product or the website on the internet.

Final Verdict

The website sells some different variety and pieces that are good and attractive to the viewer. To know and verify if the website is legit, we researched and found some evidence that clarifies our doubts.

The website has attached social media logos at the bottom, which leads the customer to the site again. The case is the same as the payment gateway logos; they also bring the customer back to the main website home page.  

Concluding this information, we would like to mention that the website is registered just a few days back on 12 June 2020.Considering all this evidence, we would say that the website cannot be trusted in the current situation.

Hence, the website is not legit.

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  1. It is for sure a scam. I was hoping it wasn’t but they are con artist . They ship you masks knowingly and they try and get you to settle so they make money. Illegal!

  2. We got scammed out of $75 for a Sun Joe 14 in. Electric lawn mower, the tracking number they kept sending us sid it hd been delivered July 15th by the USPS, when we called them they said that package was zero pounds and about a 4 inch by 1 inch and would have been in the mailbox.
    Somehow we need to police people from starting up fake websites and scamming people.
    Fucking China!!!

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