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Postgown Reviews [May] > Is It Trust Worthy Store?

Postgown Reviews 2020

Postgown Reviews [May] > Is It Trust Worthy Store? -> In this article, you get to know about an online shopping site to buy Beddings, carpets, pillowcases, rugs, and more.

Are you looking for carpet, door mates, beddings, pillowcases, and more uniquely designed for your home? Read Postgown Reviews to understand whether the products available on the site is the right one for you.

The product which is found on the site gives utmost consideration to the designs which most of the people would love to have it on different places of the home. Tapestry carpet blanket and more canPow ordered online.

Customers from the United State sincerely appreciated the site since materials and designs used for making the products on the website were unique and from different places in the world.

But are you thinking is Postgown com legit for customers to buy products without thinking twice? Read this blog till the end to know more about the site.

Is Postgown legit?

As mentioned in the site that it is SSL secured for doing transactions, which shows that the site is trying to you tell that it is guaranteed for doing transactions.

People who have not that much reviewed about the site were found online, which tells that it was recently launched on the internet. The about us page was found to be missing on the site, which is not a good thing.

Where the company has even specified its contact details other than the email ID on which the person can contact if the person has any queries, it is one of the significant drawbacks of the site.

Hence, we are not sure whether the site is legit or is it a scam.

What is Postgown?

Now buy bedsheets, carpets tumblers, rugs, backpacks, and more. Postgown has got all the solutions for you. It is a site where you can find multiple products of a choice to buy online. Rather than the product mentioned above, the site has got more solutions for you on different other products, which can make your home look good.

Branded materials can be from here from different places that are exclusively imported from places that are known for these products. It sells various branded items that are made with fine quality material. 

Specifications of Postgown:

  • Items: Beddings, pillowcases, rugs, carpets and more
  • Link:
  • Email
  • Cancellation of order -Within 12 hrs
  • Processing time- 1-3 days
  • The time required for shipping- 5-10 days
  • Shipping charges: Varies from place to place
  • The time needed for refunds- within 14 days
  • Delivery period: 8-14 days
  • The period for returning/exchanging- 30 days
  • Payment through: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal

Benefits of choosing Postgown

  • Buy one get one free offer available on some products
  • Prices of products are low when compared to other sites
  • Unique designs and unique styles can be found in one place

Drawbacks of choosing Postgown

  • Processing and shipping charges applicable while returning the item
  • The picture of the product must be sent to the mail ID of the company before returning specifying the defect
  • It is not possible to return the gift cards

What customers had to say about Postgown?

The site has got products with unique styles and designs in it. Some customers are happy with the quality of the product when they received it.

But since review about the website cannot be found much on the internet, it can be said that the site is new for selling is products online.

Also, the site has no about us page in it, which caused inconvenience to many customers to know about it. Neither the contact number of the company has been specified.

Final verdict

We think that the site is new to the online platform since very few reviews about it could be found. The company has linked itself to various social media platforms by which we can get to know more about it. ‘About us’ was found to be missing in the site, which is a significant drawback since people look for that before placing an order with the website.

The designs and styles of different products that are found on the website are highly appreciable. Also, it is SSL secured for doing transactions. Moreover, terms and conditions along with other details on the site.

Hence we are not sure whether this site is legit or not.

We hope that this information was helpful for you to know about the site. Now, you can let us know about your valuable feedback by commenting below.

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  1. I ordered a bedspread weeks ago. All I’ve gotten so far is an order confirmation in my e-mail. I’ve tried tracking, but the number provided comes back w/ “please enter a valid tracking number”. I’m thinking I could be out $72…Hope not.

  2. I have purchased a rug from postgown and got an order number but couldn’t track it, and didn’t hear anything from them I hope I haven’t got scammed

    1. I have been waiting for a rug for over a month. Requested refund. I told to be patient, order on the way. I’m getting legal involved

    2. I also purchased a rug, and haven’t heard any thing back, don’t know how to track my item..Might have to ask my lawyer about this scam site.

  3. I have not heard about my order. Order Number: #POSTGOWN-31963
    Order ID: 90762af9-f116-47af-a765-718882bf775c (for tracking)
    Could you please respond to me,. Thank you. Connie Marquette

  4. I ordered bedding, got a tracking number but can’t track it, plz respond. Tracking number # 9075cc05-9803-4d8f-adfb-32d44d1e2fd6.

  5. I ordered on the 4th. I was billed through PayPal to my bank, but PayPal has no record of this payment. I never got my rug. I have tried to email them 8 times. I have never received a reply, nor a confirmation number. This is a scam.

  6. I think this company is a scam I ORDERED arug for 50
    00 weeks ago have received nothing
    . dollars

  7. I also ordered a quilt April 24 still waiting how long does it take hopefully I wasn’t scammed 😞

    1. We ordered s bedspread on May 1st 2020 and have not received it. I cannot track it by order # or by tracking #.
      I guess I am out $89.90.

  8. I order a rug and I have not yet heard anything back I have emailed them and still no response. I feel like I’m out out a $100 dollars hope not. But I feel like I was scammed

  9. I too think this is a scam. I hope buyers read this before giving these crafty low life scammers one more penny.

  10. I ordered 2 bedspread and have not heard back from them it won’t take my tracking number Postgown. # 14282. Ordered it April 19.

  11. I ordered a Rooster rug from you and still haven’t received it. My order number is:90704bfd-7f3d-4f76-81c129d9948a459e…please if you can’t ship my Rooster rug be kind enough to credit $72.90 to my debit card.

  12. I ordered a quilt from and received a E-Mail confirmation of payment and a order number from MEWE GALLERY COMPANY LIMITED on April 25, 2020. I have not received my quilt nor received any further information. I have failed in trying to track the order . Is this a scam? 5/20/20

  13. I ordered a rug also. Was told my order has been shipped. Recieve a bogus tracking # . . I called my bank to dispute the amount. of 72.92.

  14. I to believe I was scammed I sent an email demanding an actual tracking number and a carrier and when I received it I called fed ex to find out that the package label was made but no package was picked up by Fedex yet. I emailed them again and they said that the tracking is getting updated because of overloads and that they will send me updates over the next few days. I dont think its coming, I just hope my account number is safe.

  15. I ordered a rug on April 29 2020 It is now May 21,2020 I have not received it my order # is
    : 907188b5-9a33-4d7d-844b-4af5df115864 (For Tracking) Tracking don’t work either. Have emailed numerous times with no response.. They got me for 59.40. Pay pal said something went wrong with the payment at time of purchase and I got a thank you from POSTGOWN . I wondered if that’s why I didn’t get my rug. Well I got my bank statement and they got my money. Wondering who do I report this to?? SCAM 100%

  16. I order a quilt on 25/4/2020 Order number #POSTGOWN-2135 Order ID:9068406d-48f4-9cb5-6a7edf27e5b4
    Have not heard anything since I ordered hope I have not been scammed

  17. I think this is a scam company! Ordered rug some time ago and no rug. Now an appeal to pay $1 to trace order…???

  18. I ordered a rug on May 2. Still waiting. Facebook should not Post Gown advertise if this is a scam. Got order number and tracking number but there is no where to track it.

  19. I ordered round carpet (Cla070806) n quilt blanket (CLA0710399Q) POSTGOWN order #27601 – almost a month ago 4/30/20. Unable to track- where’s my merchandise?

  20. I also ordered from them. I saw there add on Facebook. Fell in love with butterfly blanket and pillow sham set.ordered in April 25. No response to my email no products received. I remember reading they shipped DHL. Tracking number doesn’t work. I’m out $80.00

  21. I have also ordered from this site, April 28, 2020 and have received nothing I try to track my order and I get: shipped…that is all I have been given. I am thinking we have been scammed.

  22. I ordered what I thought was a comforter set, after 3 months it finally arrived. It was not a comforter set, was just the covers, and the quality is horrible, very bad image of what it was supposed to look like, $72.90 later I’m completely disappointed with this purchase and experience. Will never again order from them or any other company without first checking out their credentials. Just glad it wasn’t more money. Definitely beware of this company

  23. They are a definite scam!!! Do not order from them! I ordered a queen size quilted bedspread back in April, 2020. What came almost 2.5 months later was what looked like a twin size, 2 sheets sewn together with a laser looking quilt design on it. It looked nothing like the picture! I’ve tried e-mailing them and got some foreign language back that had an undeliverable email back to it.

  24. Ordered a bed set. They charged me, then mailed to an incorrect address. The post office returned it. I have not heard from them since and have asked for a refund 4 times now. No response at all.

  25. I ordered a Nurse Tote bag for my daughter during Nurses Week. Never received product or refund. I hope you enjoy the $19.95. Lesson Learned. Order #4979.

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