Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask (Sep 2020) Know The Facts!

Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask 2020

Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask (Sep 2020) Know The Facts! >> This article is about wearing a mask for extended periods, and a social media claim that it causes Pleurisy.

As we have found no vaccination to get forfended against the Covid-19 Epidemic, it is spreading worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and others. But we have a way to protect ourselves from this global disease, and that is masks. The disease has its origin through respiratory droplets, and by touching; wearing a mask is the only choice that we have for now. 

On the flip side, we get to know about a recent claim that wearing a mask for more than eight hours can cause Pleurisy. Thus, this post will identify the hidden truth behind this claim and determine how true it is. 

Let us know more about the Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask and figure out what exactly it is. 

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What is Pleurisy? 

First off, we want to tell people that Pleurisy is a tissue inflammation around the lungs and the chest’s cavity. This infection can only cause due to the flu or any other medications. When the pain increases in the chest while breathing, then it indicates Pleurisy. 

This section is about Pleurisy, and now, let us move to the actual hot topic of this article regarding Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask.

Social Media Claim

Many Facebook posts have claimed that the mask leads to cause infections in the lung and carbon monoxide. According to the post, the 19-year old worker was sick from a few weeks, and after they went through a chest X-ray, CT scan, MRI as well as ultrasound, it tested negative for Covid-19.

Later on, it was found with Pleurisy caused by wearing masks for more than an extended period of eight hours, and she has a bacterial infection in breathing, as per the post.

Let us find out how accurate the claim is about Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask.  

Why is the Claim False? 

Let us tell people that masks have pores, allowing people to breathe correctly all day long. They enable gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen freely passes by the masks in and out.

As long as you do not breathe bacteria by own, no such issue arises and not with a mask. Thus, breathing with a show does not cause any infections or Pleurisy, and you can wear it as you want.

The most straightforward instance of this claim is to memorize health workers, staff members, and other people who are continuously wearing masks from the last six or more months.     

Wrapping up: Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask

After getting into the roots of this claim, we get to know that there is no medical support given to the statement that masks are dangerous to wear or cause any pleurisy.  

Therefore, it is a rumour, and it has highly recommended wearing a mask wherever you go and for the period as it has needed. Please never believe on any statements unless and until any legal organization has approved it. 

Kindly write all doubts and opinions below related to Pleurisy From Wearing a Mask in the comment box. We are thrilled to assist you.

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  1. I disagree, I have pleurisy, and they can find no reason for it. The mask is the only other variable. I am on my second round of steroids, I have had fluid taken off my left lung, and tested with all negative results so far. I feel more research should have been done on the side effects of mask wearing for long periods of time on older people, I am 61, with lung diseases already. I am not buying that masks don’t cause pleurisy! I should contact a lawyer and sue the state for pain and suffering!

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