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Playkids com Reviews [June] Are They Worth the Hype?

Playkids com Reviews 2020

Playkids com Reviews [June] Are They Worth the Hype? >> In this post, we are going to find and analyze the platform for gaming apps for the kids.

Are you looking for a gaming app for your children? Then is a good option for you. is a learn through play app that is subscription-based free app download. It gives the various educational TV shows and activities to the kids, and parents can have lots of control over the media.

There have been 16 programs to choose between, and if you decide, your child does not even have access to the shows; you want which of the other programs to block. is based in the United States. PlayKids is an internationally renowned platform for children between 2 to 5 years old with cartoons, books, and tasks. Introduced in more than 180 nations, Playkids offer educational and amusement activities, while enhancing the growth of the globe’s tiny ones.

With more than5 million users, this site has contents in 7 languages and facilitates kids to grow through play.

Let’s talk about all the details regarding this Gaming App in this Playkids com Reviews.

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What is

Playkids is an amusement site for kids, offering age-appropriate videos, e-books, children’s stories, plays, and many more.


  • Offerings: Children EBooks, Education, Gaming, Personal Development, Training, and Videos
  • Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
  • Price: Free download
  • Pricing: Paid (free to download but use requires subscription)
  • Release Date: October 12, 2016
  • Category: Education
  • Size: 321.00 MB
  • Owner: Movile Internet Movel S.A.
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Minimum Software Requirements: iOS 8.0 and more
  • Last updated: June 19, 2019
  • Contact Email
  • Phone Number-13055139992
  • Headquarters-Latin America

Is Legit?

With convenient security settings, this interface puts massive amounts of child-friendly content in one place. Though some adaptive streaming gives so much content, the youthful-kid-friendly functionalities that Play Kids has been not available. Only shows for children are all included, but then again, parents can limit access to individual shows in the configurations.

And while it has enormous storage space, you can watch the installed shows without the need for internet connection, making it the perfect journey addition in a monthly subscription service. The gaming in an official app could function individually.

You may set the video quality to higher or lower (and save storage capacity); however, the poor quality is very blurred. So, this app itself would stock up to the device for preschool children.

Most people are satisfied with this platform, and hence we can say in this reviews that it is a legit platform.


  • Games inside to keep the children amused after the show comes to an end.
  • Allows the user to select which option to activate which one to deactivate
  • Baby modes to ensure your kid does not switch off the show
  • This site has a secure HTTPS connection that makes it safe and secure.


  • Paid subscription, but you can do a free trial, and samples are always available without any of the free trials.
  • The quality, even at the highest context, is shallow.

What people think about the

Children pick tasks from a train car line with books, games, Voxel (a building game), shows, as well as other short video clips.

The bedtime car is the last car with many nursery poems options to perform with a timer. Many early education-appropriate plays are also included — like, Strawberry Shortcake-Berry Bitty Adventure, the Wiggles, Bob the Creator, and Cleo & Cuquin (and they must be installed before watching).

Children can also play a building game with a Minecraft feel, make piano tunes, play educational games, watch scientific videos, and even learn a language.

In the preferences, guardians can unselect any material that kids don’t want to view and set a schedule on the use of the application.

Conclusion Videos and learning children’s games, children, and babies is an iPad and iPhone App, which creates a secure environment for children’s television programs to enjoy on your smartphone.

There will be 16 shows that can choose from, and if you wish your kid does not even have links to that shows, you have to choose which another of those shows to block.

If you want, then use it on your iPad, this is a fantastic app for kids aged two to five. We love all the configurations and choices and admire all the effort developer has put into this application.

We have provided you with both the negative as well as positive aspects. Now the choice is yours, as according to us, this website may be a scam.

We will be glad if you will share your experience with us by leaving a remark in the comment section below.

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