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Platem top Reviews [July] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Platem.Top Reviews

Platem top Reviews [July] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> In this article, we would be researching a website dealing with fantastic utility and gift items.

Do you want to change the furniture in your place? Or do you want to have some attractive pieces?

Nowadays, most people are changing their movables and installing some attractive pieces that can add a live element to their place.

We all know that there is already a massive competition for these kinds of products in the market. Every day, a new store or a website is launched that again has a fantastic collection.

In this Platem top Review, we will introduce you to an online store that is dealing in some attractive pieces for housing and gifting purposes.

The products are such that they can be used in your home for decoration purposes or can also be used for gifting purposes.

The website’s range also includes some utility products that a person needs daily. Also, the website states to be initiated by The United States.

To know the actual Platem.Top Reviews by the customers, read the full information provided in this article.

What is

This website is a very interactive platform for many users in search of any DIY or some other utility product. The website claims to offer products like DIY Products, furniture, utility products, home decor, and gifting items.

All these things are such that they are needed by everyone from time to time.

Apart from being a utility, these products are attractive and innovative, which is also a plus point and captures people’s attention.

The company has mentioned all the terms and policies on the website page itself to provide clarity and maintain transparency. All these products are developed as per the customer’s needs and wants.

All this information may be helpful to you until now, but there may be some questions like this: Are these products reliable? Is product quality reliable?

This article will further clear all your doubts.

Specifications of Platem.Top

  • Products are made as per the customer’s needs
  • Innovative products
  • Attractive collection
  • Good options for gifting purposes
  • Free delivery to UK Mainland
  • Makes your space look nice
  • Featured products
  • Delivery takes up to 3-5 days
  • Delivery on immediate next day costs £2.99
  • E-mail id –
  • Phone no – +12563695004
  • Address – 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106

Pros of buying from Platem.Top

  • The product enhances your space
  • The fantastic range for gifting purposes
  • Item can be returned if the person does not like it
  • Refund as per the policies
  • Accepts all online payment modes
  • Worldwide shipping

Cons of buying from Platem.Top

  • No COD available
  • Strict return policies

Can customers consider Platem.Top Legit?

The website has mentioned that they provide products like DIY Items, furniture, home decor, heating and gardening appliances, gift items, etc.

Our research found out that the website also has a vast collection of clothing items and beauty products like lipsticks, face & body masks, body creams, and polishes. Also, no subject related to furniture, gardening is to be found on the website.

So, this proves that either the website has not mentioned complete information or has mentioned false information. This is an act of misleading its customers.

The website has also provided social media links which, when clicked, lead nowhere but to the site again.

As per the products, they are high, and the collection is also amazing. Still, the website has to lead us into doubt due to the two factors i.e., first, incomplete information, and second, no link attached on social media handles.

What are customer reviews on the website?

As for the Platem.Top Reviews, the website has not mentioned any customer reviews or feedbacks. Also, we could not find any customer reviews on the internet about the website or its products. So, this can also be considered as a negative point regarding the website.

Therefore, we would say all these pieces of evidence points in the direction of doubt which forced us to say that the website is not legit and cannot be trusted as for the products.

Maybe all these factors were captured because the website is new to the market, but as for now, we cannot say that the site is legit.

Final Verdict

Platem.Topoffers a good range for attractive products and can catch a lot of customers. But, many other factors affect the footfall of customers on the site.

We mentioned some evidence above, which points out that the website, is not entirely legitimate.

Consequently, the website is not legit.

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  1. I am so very happy that I decided to do some research about Platem. Top before I made the purchase. Thank you for this information!
    I fell in love with a storage piece on Platem.Top after a Google search sent me to this site. The storage cabinet I want and love is $55.88 – USA currency. However, when I did a Google search of this product, the cheapest price I could find on-line was $568.00 with a maximum price for over $1300.00 – USA currency. Obviously, a Red Flag began sounding the alarms! I almost cried, if I’m completely honest, because I’ve been looking for something, like this, for nearly 2 years, especially at an affordable price point for my little family. Then there was the lack of information available for building materials used to construct this beautiful piece. Lastly, the odd information about the company was the final nail in the coffin. How do you claim to be a part of Scotland, maybe it was Ireland, and post all the various places Platem.Top ships to within 2 days with NO mentions of any other State nor Country, but has a Nebraska address and website automatically sets me to USA currency? Yep, I had to do a research for reviews. Thankfully, I landed here.😊
    I must admit to how genuinely upset I get, after being sent to a Fake, Scam Site by a Search Engine or after seeing Ads of Bogus, On-line Companies on the page of a Home Interior Decor & Improvement and/or on a News’ Website with a Reporter’s Article I want to read. Not to mention, as to how infuriating it is to hear about a naive or elderly person having lost their money, once again, to another ring of Medical fraud or Insurance, and/or Christmas gifts, that they purchased for their loved ones, only to never receive their purchases nor the return of their stolen money by the same fraudster running several illegitimate, on-line stores. It’s disgraceful and just wrong on so many levels. Yet, this type of theft occurs daily with arrests rarely being made, much less the return of a person’s money. But we still see their Sale Ads everywhere. Why? Money. These Fake Companies even pay to be in the top 10 or higher on Search Engines and they pay for their Ads to be shown repeatedly on every Social Media Outlet. Unscathed they go for $$$.
    I still do not know why Google and Social Media sites, along with reputable sites, like CNN & FOX, Magazines, and et cetera allow bogus, fake, and well known, illegitimate, scam website ADVERTISEMENTS. Scammers PAY to place these Ads on on-line sites and pages from reputable companies and organizations with affiliated links that pay a percentage to each Company, Organization, and Search Engine; therefore, these Legitimate Businesses are getting paid double payments by mostly oversea Scammers from Africa and China – according to BBA & Consumer Reports, even the News Agencies that actually do Report about these illegitimate, illegal and buyer beware sites, are chosing to remain in association with these confirmed illegitimate shopping sites by accepting their fraudulent money. So, we, as consumers, must do our due diligence by researching the products and product prices listed; Read posted information provided under the Company’s ‘About’ tab, and before being sucked dry by these erroneous “Companies” seek out honest reviews by various Consumer Protection agencies and Bloggers.
    Again, I am truly grateful for stumbling across your website, tonight. You confirmed my suspicions. You provided additional insight to this company that I needed to see and learn. Perhaps, one day, we’ll be so lucky to have all the Sites locked down forever with arrests for all. Until then, please, keep up your invaluable investigations and the work of educating others. Whether you realize it or not, you are providing a highly important service to all in this game of Buyers Beware😊

  2. This place is a scam ! I placed an order on June 29th for a desk and a bookcase. I received a tracking #, and today July 20th, I received a plastic bag Filled with white facemask and it was mailed from China. Please do not order from this company! I am reporting them on every site and I am disputing the $129 I spent with my bank. My intuition told me That this was a scam and I did not listen so I am warning everyone to not order from this company and if you have, please cancel your card information because it’s likely that they have access to it. Thanks

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