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What role do reviews play while buying from an unknown store? The answer lies in the explanation of this question that what you keep in mind before purchasing a product online. How can we declare a website fraudulent or legit? We try to gather as much information as we can from different platforms about the store. We go through the reviews by various customers because it guides us about the purchasing.

Today’s post is about Picksof.

What is

It is an online fashion store serving since April 2020. Does the question arise in our minds that are these online stores genuine? Is it a trap to make money? Is it a scam from which we need to stay away? These questions are self-explanatory because purchasing from a new store is a risky choice for anyone. To get the answers, we need to know reviews by various customers. It also came into existence in the United States recently when people started knowing about 

What makes people confuse about

The domain is very recent, which diverts the mind to whether it is genuine or fake. Picksof is protected by https (SSL), which is essential for an online store or shop. SSL is used for a secure connection which prohibits the middleman attackers and makes the connection encrypted. No traces of suspicious code is detected, which is a good sign. But, the amount of external links of this website is relatively low as compared to other running online stores. It is essential to create links as it helps the store to be known on the online platform. It is merely like promoting and advertising their website. has no email server which develops fury among the viewers. Their return policy is terrible, which trouble their customers to a great extent. 

Is legit? 

For this answer, we need to read the feedbacks and reviews as it will help us to know more about the online shop. We came across different picksof reviews where people are claiming that this fraudulent store fooled them as they did not receive any product after waiting for more extended period than expected. This behaviour is not acceptable. According to others, the return policy is a big scam. They do not return the item if you don’t like the product or you find it defective, which is the mistake from their side. They ask for money which costs more than the value of the product in case you opt for returns. It is the wrong way of running a business. On the other hand, few customers wrote positive reviews about the product quality they received and are delighted of their service. So it becomes difficult for those who doubt their minds to decide whether to trust it or not.

We admit that few positive responses about the company and the product is seen. But, it cannot overlook the negative one. The ratio of adverse reactions is much higher than the positive one. Many websites are just made to fool people. They are just a honey trap which aims to snatch money from your pockets.

Final Verdict – 

We will not recommend this website due to several reasons. Well, there are several facts about this store in this review. Remember, such stores are just money makers. The company address written on their website is also fake. Many other fraudulent websites claimed the same address as their company’s address. Your money is your responsibility. Your awareness can prevent these scams from earning money and fooling other people. If any of such scams fool you, don’t remain silent. Post a genuine review about the product and the company. Raise your voice against it. Don’t let the go so quickly. These scams need to be banned entirely by the government. Be smart, don’t stand in the queue of the people cheated. Please read all the contents regarding the websites if you are planning to order from there. Don’t risk your money without knowing anything about it. 

Your awareness can become your weapon which will keep you away from these fraudulent. It is quite difficult for anyone to analyze and decide whether it is authentic or not. There are many fake online stores, and the majority of their customers reports it. Their opinion and feedback can be helpful for others who are planning to buy from there. The products they show in their websites will be the centre of attraction because they will show the unique collections and perhaps sometimes at a lower price. Their product quality used to be very poor.

Please avoid such scams and also advise your friends and known ones the same. It is a way to throw out these fraudulent from the market.

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  1. I was scammed by this website. They provided Paypal a fake tracking number that said delivered to my city. UPS confirmed that it wasn’t to me or at my address. The weight of the tracking number was .5 lbs and my product was well over 10 lbs.

  2. I believe I was scammed in a similar manner. I was looking on line for a bicycle. While on Amazon, the bicycle I wanted popped up on this site. I know Amazon sometimes uses other merchants. I paid via Paypal feeling that was a safe method of payment. I did not receive any confirmation for my order, only a confirmation from Paypal that merchant was paid. I tried to contact the seller via e-mail but no response. I filed a claim with Paypal. They sent me a confirmation that the package was delivered. UPS confirmed that it wasn’t to me or my address but would not give me the address it was delivered to. The weight on the tracking number said 0.6 lbs and the product I ordered was a bicycle.

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