Peely Matcha Reviews {April 2020} Is It Scam or Not?

Peely Matcha Website Reviews

Peely Matcha Reviews {April 2020} Is It Scam or Not? >> This article is written for customers who want to know more about PeelyMatcha

At present many online websites are coming up with consumers based products on at the right amount of discount. The charges are lowered, whereas the items would be those needed for our daily living. The e-commerce world is not a scam, and there are few, indeed, good companies.

When it comes to your skin, its health is influenced by numerous factors such as tension, pollution, and sun damage. If you want smoother, brighter skin and a happier complexion, then you must try Peely Matcha products. Matcha is a powdered green tea that supports brain health and clears the skin. 

As per the Peely Matcha Reviews, this site is gaining immense importance in the United States and is believed to sell high-quality products at a very cheap price. 

In the below article, let’s check what Peely Matcha has to offer!

What is Peely Matcha?

Peely Matcha is like just like any other website that sells essential skin products delivered right at your doorsteps. The complete team of PeelyMatcha team shares the brand’s Fascination with the advantages of matcha, a portion of excellent food for your skin as well as body.

The Peely Matcha products help to lessen the dark spots and stains overpower irritation and exasperation while it guards you against the free skin irritants and radicals. By taking a customer-minded method to work daily, the team succeeds in designing meaningful relations with all the consumers.

The corporation has been serving the customers for several years of skin rejuvenation. You must try shopping on this website. The Peely Matcha Reviews are simply positive.

Benefits of Peely Matcha

  • All the packaging are done with recyclable materials.
  • Customers can reuse the packaging bottle and jars.
  • Users are very must satisfy with the products that they have purchased.
  • The items are sold at much lower prices as compare do the market value 
  • The skin products sold here energizes, invigorates, and uplifts the skin.
  • You will get a glowing, flawless skin.
  • Rich anti-pollution effects.
  • It lessens dark spots and marks.
  • Makes you look fairer and having no dark circles.
  • simple returns, exchanges, and refunds are applicable.

Specification of Peely Matcha

  • Type: Skincare product
  • Refunds: Processed within 3-5 business days
  • Mode of payment: All debit and credit cards
  • Email:
  • Contact: 858-480-6015
  • Buyers receive a gift credit for the value of your return
  • Regular priced items may be refunded
  • All of the products are packed properly

What do the customers say about Peely Matcha?

The store is designed correctly and does not look fake. It is attractive, and it is attracting many customers. There is not much direction-finding needed as the required product is displayed right in front of the eyes. Those who wish more of the masks and different face products are shown on the web page should purchase from The firm has been providing many countries with its best quality items. 

As per the Peely Matcha Reviews, many buyers are happy with the products and their rates. However, some of these items can be available on other sites, but over here, it will give you the most excellent deals, gifts, discounts, etc. Many customers have loved this product, and they have said that they loved the product as it leaves their face to feel tingly and refreshed. 

Some customers have seen drastic changes to their skin. They think the products have disinfected and cleaned their skin, genuinely making them feel clean and wide-awake. On the other hand, few customers used the product and found the mask a little chalky and dull. They also mentioned that the price was not worth it.

Overall, we could see that positive feedback is more than the negative ones, and ultimately customers are quite satisfied with Peely Matcha.

Final Verdict

We hope you are cleared in regards to specifications, benefits, shipping, and return/refund policy of the company. 

Till today, this company is very proud to mention that its community continually comes in the beginning and that they are happily committed to designing exceptional product for every other individual. It is not easy to comment is the website is legit or scam. 

Though, when the site is new, as a consumer, you must be definitely careful and must not get attracted to discounts and low prices. It is advised to shop carefully as at times it is difficult to get the money back. We can only say that if you wish a glowing skin at a minimal price, then go for it.

0 thoughts on “Peely Matcha Reviews {April 2020} Is It Scam or Not?

    1. I purchased this product over a month ago with no response from the company regarding a shipping date. As far as I am concerned it is a scam.

  1. I recently bought Peely matcha. It hasn’t come to me yet. But my credit card was compromised from this company. Everyone be careful and cautious.

    1. I placed my order on 4/20/20 and i received my order today 5/19, so yes it did take about 4 weeks. It comes from China and with the covid going on right now it’s no helping with the shipping. Be patient.

  2. I ordered this product on April 9th, received shipping confirmation on April 11th. As of today, May 2, I have still not received my product. I have contacted Peelymatcha 3 times. They keep saying that USPS tracking is lagging. USPS says a shipping label has been created but product has not been received by them. The customer service is poor and I cannot even review the product. I will be disputing this charge on my credit card. Don’t waste your time.

  3. I never received my order. I have reported them to my bank, on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. It is a scam!!

  4. This is a scam- product order months ago and they have yet to deliver- my credit card company is looking into their fraudulent charges.

  5. I ordered this product on April 12th, received the shipping confirmation on April 14th. It is now May 11th and haven’t received my package, I contacted them several times and they keep telling me that my package is in transit but it’s been in transit for almost a month. I would not buy from them.

  6. I also ordered in mid-April (4/14?) and have not received my product as of 5/12. When I emailed for an update, they just said its coming from overseas and they’re experiencing shipping delays. I don’t believe it.

  7. I ordered on April 17th and I received an email the 28th saying it was shipped. Well, it’s May 12th and I emailed them to get more information. They said it was shipped and on its way to me yet the tracking saying a label had been created and that was all. I’ve been selling, shipping and receiving items for years now and I’ve never had a problem. Also, unless I missed it somewhere, it doesn’t say anywhere that this product was being shipped from over seas first. When I ordered, it didn’t even say the wait would be this long originally. I am about to dispute these charges.

    1. I finally received my product after nearly 2 months. It isn’t the same product. It isn’t even called Peely Matcha. It’s called “Fair King Green Tea Cleansing Mask.” It’s so far off from the product they were advertising that I’m scared to even put it on my face. Scam

  8. I ordered over a month ago, haven’t received the package, the confirmation email nowhere to be found…

    Noticed that they turned off commenting on all social media, and the “most recent” review of the product on their website is from 2 months ago.

    Definitely a scam I’m sorry I fell for, but I’ll be disputing the charge to my credit card as I would recommend anyone who made an order on this website to do.

  9. I just received mine and tried it for the first time. It was great! It did take forever to arrive as the last shipping update was April 17th. It finally arrived today. I did email them yesterday for an update & got a quick response telling me it would be delivered the next day, which was today lol. I did my research & read nothing but positive reviews so I decided to be patient.

  10. What everybody is saying on here is exactly what I’m going through right now. It’s been a month since I placed an order yet no updates..
    I am reporting this to my bank.

    1. Mine took over a month to get here, but it’s here now! Seems to be the theme of very late delivery.

    2. I’ve been waiting for mine for over a month too, I checked usps and it finally is showing that it has been shipped and is in ohio, as of now. I think there has been a set back with shipments because of covid 19 and they got an abundance of orders. The website has a message up now about it. Have you checked the status lately? I sure hope we get them. Fingers crossed.

  11. Don’t waste your time or money. They charge you and your product never comes. Then they ignore you and disable comments.

  12. Ordered on April 15 and it is now May 21. Shipping hasn’t been updated. I will wait a few more days and then report to my bank

  13. I got mine on May 14, ordered it April 18. It’s not a scam, guys. I was reluctant at first, but just be patient. I emailed them too and they responded pretty quickly. I literally received it 2 days after I emailed them. It takes awhile because their shipments are overseas. Don’t worry guys, you will get it. Allow at least a month. It works great too. I feel it pulls out more stuff when you put a thicker layer of product. Just let it dry, then peel away. It’s awesome. Enjoy you all!

  14. I ordered on 4/28 and received the shipping confirmation on 4/30. It was being shipped from Shengzeng, CHINA (!!) even they are a company based in CA?! Anyways, received another update on 5/11 that it finally arrived in Hawthorne, CA by shipping partner (??) and USPS is awaiting item. It has been over a week now and no update. I’ve emailed them and FB messaged them; no response. I wish that I found these reviews first before deciding to purchase. Really considering to file a scam/fraud with paypal and report them to FB by the end of this month if I do not receive it by then.

  15. Did anybody receive the products yet? I posted comment on here a week ago to let everyone know that they’re fooling around, I had little status changed on their website (after I sent them emails to see where my product at) . It was on “in transit “ for a month but they changed to “not delivered” and now “airline is handling “. But here is the answer from USPS customer service..
    “Per the Track & Confirm website today, there have not been any scans made directly on this package. The only scan events listed are system generated type scans, which are not actually made on the package. Therefore, we are unable to confirm that the package has been tendered to the Postal Service. “
    I wanna see if anybody who posted here received the product after all this foolishness..

  16. So I got my product after waiting a month and a half, it was damaged and all the product inside leaked out. I emailed the company and a week later was told they’d send a new one. But I never heard from them again for two months I’d email and Facebook message them. They’ve created two Facebook pages and deleted each one everytime I’d message. I finally went to PayPal to report them and finally got a refund. This company is a scam.

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